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Bragging Rights Press Conference

Bragging Rights

Gavin v Eggington

Press Conference

The press conference for Frainkie Gavin and Sam Eggington at the Barclay card arena Birmingham’s on Tuesday 27th. The Birmingham Boxing Column had there people there to get the main news on the fights.

Schedule and Quotes from fighters


12 x 3 mins vacant WBC International

Frankie - “it's an important fight for us both, it's a long road back for the loser. I've got to prove it on the night I'm the better man”.

Eggington – “Frankie has took a back step in this press conference, he says more in interviews! There's no need for personal comments from him”.

Frankie – It’s going to come down to who wants it most. I'm a nastier fighter now. I'm ready to swim in deep waters against Sam”.

Eggington – “My main goal is to beat Frankie and I will. I got to big for my boots against Skeets, my mindset is completely different”.

Gavin – “It's won't go the distance. I'm levels above him”.

Jon Pegg – “It's going to be a Savage ending for Frankie”.

Jon Pegg – It’s great that Matchroom have come back here. In our gym we ever turn fights down, we aren't afraid of losing”.


12 x 3 mins Commonwealth Super Bantamweight Championship

Yafai - I've sparred Davis and that means nothing. I've got the talent I just need more experience”.

Davis - It's a massive opportunity against Gamal Yafai. I believe I'm one of the better super Bantamweights out there. Tickets are flying out”.


10 x 3 mins Midlands Area Super Lightweight Championship

Cooke – Keates is a good fighter and mixed with some good names. Andy Keates hasn't bothered to turn up, it's easy work for me.


10 x 3 mins vacant English Super Flyweight Championship

Norman - I've been sparring some top lads, Kal Yafal, Stuart Hall. I'm really confident ahead of the fight with Don Broadhurst”.


Light Middleweight contest

Rose - I'm excited and my family are excited for me. I'm a diehard Birmingham city fan. I'm back at light middle where I can reign.


10 x 3 mins Middleweight contest

Cunningham- Huge opportunity for me against Anthony Ogogo. Ogogo is a massive talented but this is the pro game and ill take it to him!


10 x 3 mins vacant English Lightweight Championship

Ffrench - Don't go for a drink while I'm fighting. I'm going to take Barrett’s head off!!


6/8 x 3 mins Super Middleweight Contest

Clarke – “I'm happy to be on a packed card full of talent. I'm ready to showcase my skills”.


6 x 3 mins Super Featherweight Contest

No Quote


4 x 3 mins Super Lightweight Contest

Gibbs – “Excited to be on the bill and to push on”.


4 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

Kelly – “Thanks again Eddie for the opportunity, I’m going to bring my army of fans on 22nd”.

Professional boxer Jordan Lynch who is making his debut the day before Bragging Rights at Rising Tides at the HolteSuite Villa park on the 21st October gave me his view on how he thought the press conference went.

Jordan told me “I thought the press conference was really good, there is going to be some great fights on this show, one that really sparked my interest was Sean Davis v Gamal Yafai. This will be a cracking fight and I can see Sean Davis stepping up and taking the win for this one. He is a relentless fighter with great heart and determination. I've never seen anyone train as hard as Sean does in and out of the gym. As far as the main event goes, you could definitely see the tension on the stage between Gavin and Eggington. It's going to be a massive fight for Birmingham. I have got great respect for both boxers that being said as I see every day the amount of work Sam puts in at the gym and training and sparring with him I can only see him taking this win. Obviously I can't comment on Frankie's preparation for the fight but this is definitely going to be a treat for the fans! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the Eastside lads put on a great show there are too many brilliant fighters to mention but I can tell you this is a great card and cannot wait for this one”.

I put the question to people on social media here are some of the comments.

Birmingham Pugilist – it's a 50/50 fight.

John Franklin - Frankie Gavin wins his boxing skills are to slick for Sam Eggington. Sam is strong but Frankie can handle him I'm going for Frankie on points.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a night of boxing, no scrub that what a weekend of boxing it is going to be in Birmingham. With arising Tides on the 21st then Bragging rights on the 22nd I honestly can't wait for this weekend. Gavin, Eggington has the potential to eat a great fight and it could go ether way. There are other great fights on the bill with Cunningham v Ogogo, Broadhurst v Norman, Ffrench v Barret and the mouth watering fight Davis v Yafai. This has all the ingredients for a great show and will show Birmingham is a boxing city with some of the best in the country/the world and with the magnificent 7 from the Eastside gym on the card I can't wait for this show.

Press Conferece in full

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