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Unlicensed Female Boxer  Becky Brough

Unlicensed Female Boxer

Becky Brough

Becky Brough is a young 22 year old female boxer from Birmingham, the slender 5 foot 9 orthodox light middleweight has had 5 unlicensed fights and has won 2 and drew 1.

Becky boxes out of the Golden Gloves Gym in Cradley Heath and is trained by David Halloran.

Becky informed me “I have been boxing for only 12 months, I had my first fight on September 2015 for a charity fight with Showdown promotions. I've always enjoyed combat sports, I used to train in Kickboxing when I was younger, I earning a 1st Dan Black Belt under Darren Langston at Langston Martial Arts Academy. This is where I got the taste for fighting while competing in small kickboxing tournaments where I always did well. When I was asked to fight and take part for charity, I thought i'd give it a go. I won that bout against Cecillia Madden which you reffed, I never expected that I would of carried on but I loved it so I’ve kept it up for the past year”.

I asked Becky what her toughest fight has been to date? she told me “My toughest fight so far was my last fight in Lambourn for Tank Promotions. It was against a very fit opponent Michelle Nash from Swindon. This was for a title, unfortunately I didn't get the win, she was a very fit girl however she wasn't at all a technical fighter but she was non stop so I wasn't able to fight my fight and get my shots off”.

Becky added at the end “At the moment, I’m having a rest from competing but I'm still training. I will be fighting in the future hopefully with some more independent and better quality training I’ll be ready to go for the titles”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I remember reffing Becky on the Showdown promotions show in September of 2015, I recall this young female getting into the ring and me thinking, I hope this girl can boxes, it would be a shame to see that face get messed up. Becky proved that night the old saying looks can be deceiving as she put on a class act and totally dominated her opponent. Her work rate, boxing skills and choice of combinations at the right times would have put most of the male boxers on the show to shame. I was very impressed and presently shocked with her display and from the response from the crowd at Gatecrasher that night I was not the only one.

Becky may be taking a rest from boxing at the moment, but I look forward on reporting on her future success in her new chosen sport of boxing.

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