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Retribution - Show review

Redemption GGG Promotions

GGG Promotions held there first boxing show at the Irish Centre Digbeth Friday 26th November. With 5 titles on the line including the Birmingham Boxing Column first bbcolumn Challenge belt, the column were there to report on the show. Fight 1 Ethan v Shaun Pitchford 3 x 2 This was a scrappy start to the night, the first and second round were very messy Pitchford landed the better shots. In the third Ethan looked tired Pitchford won the round with better shots. Result Pitchford wins points

Fight 23 x 2Result The first round was frantic with both boxers touching down an receiving 8 counts. In the second Davis came out strong and put it on Wood, Wood seemed to fall apart and got caught with some decent shots. The ref gave Wood a standing 8 but then stopped the fight as Wood didn't seem to want to continue.Ricky Wood v Creiss DaviesDavies won 2nd round stoppage

Fight 3 Jamie Gelder v Jemiah Corbin Bbcolumn Challenge belt Light Heavyweight title 4 x 2

Jemaih came out strong and just over powered Gelder catching him with some cracking shots putting Gelder down the ref countered Gelder out. Result Jemiah first round stoppage

Advil v Dexan Jones

4 x 2

GGG Super featherweight title Jones dominated from the start. the ref gave Advil a 8 count early on then stopped the fight after only 1 minute dew to Advil being completely out matched.Dean Jones wins Fight 4 1 st round stoppage.


Jones Wins

Fight 5GGG Cruiser-weight title Result1st round stoppageDanny Richards v a Nathaniel HenryHenry caught Richards with 3 cracking shots putting Richards down, the ref counted Richards out as he made no attempt to get up.4 x 2Henry wins

Fight 6 Micky Carpenter v Jamie Murray 3 x 2 In the first round Murray came out strong throwing loads of shots, Carpenter covered up well and countered Murray’s shots. In the second Carpenter done more, but Murray kept throwing loads of shots. The third was a good round for Carpenter he showed his boxing skills and controlled this round. Result Draw

Fight 7 Tony Deakin v Anton Peterkin 3 x 2 Perterkin controlled the first round, Deakin worked hard as always, in the second and third Deakin put a shift in but Peterkin continued to control the fight and won the fight. Result Perterkin wins points

Fight 8 GGG Lightweight title Nathan Nash v Stefan Dorin 4 x 2 The first round was fast and frantic both fighter got there shots off well, the second was close but Nash took over the round near the end. Nash took over in the third round and caught Dorin with a cracking body shot put him down for an 8 count. In the forth round Nash caught Dorin with some good shots dropping Dorin again with another good body shot, Dorin got up from the count but could not continue. Result Nathan Nash wins Forth round stoppage

Fight 9 GGG Heavyweight title Danial Podmore v Sam Brooks 4 x 2 The first two rounds Podmore bullied Brooks around the ring getting some good body shots in, Brooks done better in the second but just didn't seem to be able to handle the pressure. The third was the same with Podmore pushing Brooks around the ring, Brooks never got the space to work. The forth Podmore just lowed forward he looked tired but continued to push Brooks to the ropes. Brooks just didn't seem to get started in this fight. Result Podmore wins 40 – 37

Fight 10 Liam Palmor v Matt Kirby 3 x 2 Kirby came out like a steam train and threw wild shots, Palmor covered up and the ref gave him a standing 8 because of the wild on slaughter. Kirby continued his wild shots but Palmor did better in the later part of the round. The second Palmor came out swinging and caught Kirby with some good shots, the ref stepped in and gave Kirby a standing 8, Kirby retired from the bout. Result Palmor won 4th round stoppage

Dexter’s Thoughts

GGG Promotions put on a good show at the Irish centre on Friday boasting 10 fights on the card and delivering 10 fights. In the 10 fights there were 5 title fights including the first bbcolumn Challenge belt contested by Jamie Gelder and Jemiah Corbin, a big congratulations to Jemiah Corbin becoming the first bbcolumn Challenge belt champion. Hopefully we will get more titles on the line a cross the unlicensed Promotions.Big well done to all the fighters on the show ad GGG Promotions for putting on a good show as the first promotionFight of the night was Nathan Nash v Stefan Dorin it was a great battle finished by some cracking body shots from Nash. Congratulations to Nathan Nash for finally getting a belt it was well deserved.

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