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3DI Promotions  12 Bouts of Christmas

3DI Promotions

12 Bouts of Christmas

The 9th December saw the “Home of Boxing” the Irish Centre Digbeth hold 3DI Promotions Christmas show “12 Bouts of Boxing”. It was the 3rd show this new promotion has held showcasing a lot of unlicensed fighters the column have not came across before. The Birmingham Boxing Column was there to review the show and the fighters.

Fight 1

Shaun Pitchford v Ayran Khan

Khan looked the more powerful in the first but seemed to wait around for to long and just looked for the big shots in the first round. In the second Khan’s power started to shine threw. Pitchford battled back well but Khan won this round. The third round Khan’s size and power really came out as he went looking for the knockout. Pitchford as put down twice in this round but managed to see the round out.


Khan Wins

36 – 40

Fight 2

Josh Latimer v Daniel Bailey

Latimer moved around the ring for the first 30 seconds and stayed on his feet for the first attack by Bailey. Bailey then caught Latimer with a jab which wobbled him into a corner, Latimer stood in the corner and refused to continue.

I have reffed Latimer twice and watched him another 2 times and this is how all his fights end. I am all for a journey men they are the backbone of boxing but Latimer takes the piss and promoters should not even contemplate having him on there show.


Bailey wins

1st round stoppage

Fight 3

Arron Newel v James Dunn

Both fighters got wobbled in the first round as they both went for it, Newel in his southpaw stance controlled the second with the better shots. Dunn came on strong at the end of the round but it wasn't enough to win the round. The third was another round controlled by Newel but Dunn battled well and got some good shots off.


Newel wins

30 – 28

Fight 4

Andre Smith v Micheal Fitzpatrick

Both fighters just seemed to feel each other out, but both had there spurts, Smith did get wobbled but it was an even round. The second saw Smith take control of the fight and won it by being the busier fighter. In the third both fights went for it and was an even round.

Smith wins

30 – 29

Fight 5

Charity bout for

Marie Curie

Daniel Knight v Dean Ketley

Knight dressed as an elf and Ketley dressed as Santa went threw the motions in this exhibition bout for the Marie Curie charity. As the rounds went on the punches got harder but both fighters saw the match out in the spirit it was intended.




Entertainment by

J.P. Entertainment

The 3DI ring girls put on a entertaining fire eating/breathing display in the middle of the ring wowing the boxing fans during the interval.

Fight 6

Dan Ward v Idris Virgo

Virgo controlled the first round and just seemed to be teeing Ward up for a knockout shot. In the second Ward put it on Virgo at the start of this round, Virgo weathered the storm and got some good shots off and caught award with a cracking right hand putting Ward down, Ward got up just as the bell went. In the third Virgo put the pressure on and dominated the round, great credit to Ward for taking some good shots and even coming back with some of his own.

There was a call by Ward for an extra round which was accepted by Virgo who bashed Ward around the ring. Ward fought with the heart of a lion but Virgo was to powerful and to strong.


Virgo wins

36 – 40

3DI’s fight of the night

Fight 7

Clive Whittingham v Chris Rilla

A frantic start to the fight with both boxers going for it. Rilla settled the better in the later part and won the first round. In the second Rilla rushed in and Whithingham retreated to the ropes and grabbed, hardly any real boxing in this round. The third was another frantic round with Rilla rushing his opponent, Whittington came back with good shots of his own, Rilla won the round on punches thrown.


Rilla wins

28 – 30

Fight 8

Jack Godfrey v Marc Bonozbei

Bonozbei went to work on Godfreys body and controlled the round, Godfrey took some great body shots in the round. In the second round Bonozbei came out strong, Godfrey tried to fight back but Bonozbei went to the body again. Godfrey’s corner threw in the towel to stop the onslaught.


Bonozbei wins

2nd round stoppage

Fight 9

Hassan Gurishy v Chey Meynard

Meynard controlled the first round with his jab and looked the sharper, Gurishy hung in there and got some good shots off. The second was controlled by Maynard again, he used his jab well and looked the part, Gurishy had no answer in this round. In the start of the third Gurishy came out strong but Maynard got back on his jab and controlled the final round as well.


Maynard wins

37 - 40

Fight 10

Tariq Al-Qahtani v Joe Hupfield

Hupfield controlled the round with some good ring work, Tariq was walking him down looking for the big shots. In the second Tariq bashed the hell out of Hupfield to the point both boxers virtually stopped fighting. Hupfield’s corner pulled him out at the end of the second.

Result Al-Qahtani wins

Hupfield retired end of second.

Dexter’s Thoughts

3DI Christmas show 12 bouts of Christmas was a great success, the boxing was a decent standard and all the people who came to see the show seemed to have a good time. 3DI Promotions are on there 3rd show at the Irish centre and seemed to have a good stable of boxers from there own gym and with the assistance of the 3DI ring girls (J.P. Entertainment) with there Fire show at the interval I enjoyed the show and I am looking forward to what this new promotion will do next year.

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