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  • Dexter Hastings

Leo "The Lion" Singh

Leo 'The Lion' Singh

Leo 'The Lion' Singh is a 28 year old Lightweight boxer from Birmingham. The 5 foot 9 orthodox boxers record is 23 bouts winning 19, Leo has boxed in the Reddich box cup and has boxed out of several gyms, Warley, Birmingham city, Al Malcolm's gym, Rj's abc, Wednesbury boxing club and Eastside and has been trained by Al Malcolm, Paul Mann and Jon Pegg.

Leo’s favorite boxers is Mike Tyson as he grew up watching him, Leo informed me “he was a talented boxer and blew opponents away he was always a pleasure to watch and from a young age I wanted to box like that. There was also Carl Froch, he was another of my favourites he would always be the underdog and show you great fights”. Danny Garcia is another great boxer,

excellent skill and very humble I would also say David Haye for what he has done and achieved in his career is big, he never ducked anybody. And Floyd Mayweather for being undisputed king and haters are gonna hate. The list goes on but these are just a few”.

I then talked to Leo about what inspired him to take up the noble art, he informed me “what inspired me to take on boxing it was watching boxing from a young age and fighting a lot.I Was taken down to a boxing gym when I was younger. I was getting into a lot of fights and ever since then it became a part of me”.

I then asked Leo what his hardest fight had been so far?” Leo said “all can be hard and

never under estimate your opponent just got to give it your best always and learn from mistakes go harder from the losses”.

We then talked about the best fight he had seen,

Leo told me “. to be short and simple Tyson v Berbick, who would of expected that? The one I’ve saw live would have to be Garcia v Judah what a terrific fight it was”.

Leo added at the end “ The Bbboc take the mick, I've been messed around a lot. I'm looking to get into the ring in action asap, Ive always been working hard giving it 100% but I've been let down along the way by the board and a few people, no names being mentioned. Ive experienced all kinds of racism you can never take it out of sport it will always be there”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Leo has had some good trainers from around Birmingham and the Black Country, he has informed the bbcolumn that the BBBoc have messed him around and he has been let down by people along the way. There is always going to be racism and favouritism in all sports it would be great if it could be stamped out completely but over the years it has got better,

Hopefully Leo keeps giving 100% and reaches his goals the Birmingham boxing column will look forward to reporting on this young boxer.

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