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Pro Boxer Sammy Tales

Pro fighter Sammy Tales

Sammy Ait-Tales is a 26 year old Super Welterweight from Bicester Oxfordshire.

The 6 foot 1 fighter made his pro debut on the MTK Birmingham show at Tudor Grange Solihull (Saturday 11th February) winning after being put down in the second round with a flash knock down on points in a 4 x 3 minute round bout.

Sammy did not fight as an amateur but had 5 years on the unlicensed scene before turning to the professional ranks.

Tales trains at Bicester boxing club and is trained by Daza Usher.

Sammy informed me he has a degree in electronic engineering and his favorite boxer is Guillermo Rigonduex.

Tales finish the interview by saying “I have always been into combat sports, I used to kickboxing when I was a lot younger and when I was at uni I changed over to boxing, I just thought it was so much more intense, the training and the fighting. I think it also teaches you that you get nothing without putting in the work.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Sammy started his debut strong and looked good, he did suffer a flash knock down in the 2nd round but shook it off and continued to control the fight and win on points. Tales who didn't have an amateur career and turned pro after 5 years on the unlicensed scene. I love to hear about boxers from the unlicensed scene coming threw and getting the chance to turn pro and Tales looks like he is ready for the challenge a head of him as he has already overcome being knockdown and went on to win. The Birmingham boxing column will look forward to seeing Sammy fight again.

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