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Lee Gunter Pro Debutante Boxer

Lee Gunter

Pro Debutante Boxer

Lee Gunter is a professional Welterweight boxer from Staffordshire. The 21 year old Orthodox fighter made his debut at Villa park on the Tommy Owens Promotions “Divided We Fall” show on the 16th October. Gunter had a great start to his pro career growing in confidence as the rounds went on winning convincingly on points 40 – 37.

Lee has been boxing for 7 years and trains at B78 boxing gym Tamworth under the tutelage of coach Karl Williams. Gunter had 33 fights as an amateur winning 19 of them, he told me he started boxing just because he fancied it and after trying it he never looked back.

When asked about his hardest fight he told me “It was Myron Mills for the East Midland title as it's the only fight I've ever lost because of ability”.

Gunter then told me his favorite boxer was Canelo Alvarez and the best fight he has seen was Gatti V Ward.

We then talked about his first professional fight, I asked Lee how he thought the went and how did he feel? The young debutante informed me ”yeah it went well their was a lot of nerves as it was my first fight which drained my energy, however I thought once I settled Into the match my skill level was to much and I landed the cleaner more accurate shots. He was a game wild opponent who came to win so I had to perform with a 1-1 record I knew it wasn't going to be easy but that was better for me as it was a tough test which I came through”.

My next question was how he felt after his hand was raised? He told me “When I won I was buzzing, it was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I sold a lot of tickets for the fight and trained very hard and after that win I cannot wait to do it all again and put on another show”.

I then asked Lee who he would like to fight in the future? He thought for a second and said “If given the chance I would like to box Connor Benn as I think I'm tough enough and skilful enough with more experience to get the win over him”.


My final question was what do you think your strengths are? Gunter inform me “My strength is when I box I can bring people into lovely Sharp counters, but I can box going back or going forward I can also dig deep and slug it out with anyone if need be”.

Gunter finished by saying, “I would also like to say a massive thanks to my sponsors, Steel Processing Midlands, Almar cabs, my coach Karl Williams at b78 boxing gym and my amazing supporters as none of this is possible without them”.

Dexter Thoughts

I was at the Tommy Owens show at Villa park when Lee made his debut and I was very impressed in the 21 year old from Staffordshire. The young fighter grew into his debut and as the fight went on you saw his conference grow, Gunter brought a good support with him and I think he is one to watch. He is trained by Karl Williams who has got a great stable of boxers at his gym so is in good hands. Gunter has informed me he is looking to get another fight in before Christmas maybe November’s 18th at Villa park, the Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to reporting on Lee's next fight.

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