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Cunningham loses on points UK vrs Africa

Cunningham loses on points UK vrs Africa 10/11/2017

Birmingham’s Craig Cunningham lost on a close points decision in Manchester last night (10/11/17) on the Africa Vrs UK show. Cunningham who has had a very flustering 2017 after beating Anthony Ogogo in 2016, winning the WBC international middleweight title. In the fight Cunningham started slow which let his African counterpart Lukas Ndafoluma get a early lead. The Olympian slayer had his own joy in the fight as Ndafoluma started to tier but lost 97 - 94 on the score card.

In a interview after the fight with Craig said “it was a good fight, I was going to say I started slow but I didn’t start at all, but it is what it is I just weren’t on it tonight, I’m not going to start making excuses”. Cunningham's trainer/manager Jon Pegg then said “Craig wasn’t at his best and he lost by a couple of rounds, some people had it as a draw, we knew it was close but you weren’t at your best, that wasn’t your best performance”. Jon finished by staying “we won't turn down a fight and now maybe some of the fighters will fancy fighting him, we will just work on to the next one”.

Craig took also put this status up on social media - Well not the result we obviously wanted fought a tough tall opponent. I'm obviously gutted with that poor performance but I was just flat going from my best year to my worst, very frustrating and inactive. I'd like to thank the team for the hrs in the gym always grafting, Jon Pegg Des TeamDes Witter Paul Soggy Counihan Louie Counihan Elliot Browne Spencer Mccracken. Big thanks to my sponsors for the support for yet again Optimum Physio, Rite-Fix TeamDesfitness Witter and NK Fencing all a massive help so thank you

Thanks to all the fans that made the trip to Manchester I know it was a mess about with work commitments ect. Now we just move onto the next and a better 2018.

Dexter's Thoughts

Truly gutted for Craig and his Eastside team as I know how hard they have trained for this fight. Craig has had a very flustering year so far with his British title fight being cancelled and then being left out of the big Matchroom Homecoming show. The Africa Vrs UK was his big fight this year and his opponent Ndafoluma came to win, like Craig said he started slow and makes no excuses and result did not go his way. This could very well be a blessing in disguise, now Cunningham has been beaten, some of the opponents who have been steering clear of him might very well think they can take him now. I have a funny feeling that 2018 is going to see Craig Cunningham in some big fights again and also see the Olympian slayer rocking the apple cart once again.

The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to seeing what their 2016 Boxer of the year will do in 2018.

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