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Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury Pro's Predictions

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have finally agreed to fight each other in a 2 fight deal next year with the first fight expected in the summer. Joshua who regained his WBA, IBF, IBO and WBO world titles in his last fight beating Andy Ruiz jr will be putting them all on the line with Fury putting his WBC, and Ring Magazine titles on the line. A date or venue has yet to be announced and there are still a few hurdles to go before the fight can actually happen. Fury has still got to fight Wilder to conclude there 3 fight deal and Dillian Whyte is supposed to be the Mandatory challenger for Fury’s WBC belt and was scheduled to fight Fury in February 2021. Joshua will also have to have a Mandatory defence before he take of Fury with his mandatory challenger being Kubrat Pulev.

This is going to be by far one of the biggest fights Britain and the world have ever seen and as it is between two Brits England would be the obvious choice of country to have it in. This will probably not be the case as I think the fight will go to the highest bidder with the Column thinking Saudi Arabia or Dubai being the front runners.

The Column has contacted some of Birmingham and the Black Country’s Professional fighters and Trainer to get there predictions on this mouth watering contest.

The first pro to give us there verdict was Midlands welterweight challenger Conah Walker, he told the Column “I think Fury beats any heavyweight in this era. I think Fury will win on points or late stoppage, I think Fury’s unpredictability will shock Joshua and he won’t know how to deal with it”.

Next to reply was the “Bandit” Josh Hodgins, he told the Column “Fury KO in the later rounds he is just a better, taller boxer, Joshua will struggle in the later rounds”.

Dan Mole who is part of the Black Country Boxing Promotions gave his verdict, he said, “I think Fury wins. He’s reinvented himself both in and out of the ring and has gone from anti-hero, comic book villain, to an inspiration and hero to many. He’s come back from the brink - mentally in his battle against depression, and physically with his super human rising against Wilder - and has won the hearts of the public along the way”.

Dan continued “During lockdown his daily fitness videos with his wife Paris have further added to his popularity. In the ring his boxing brain and heart are second to none. He shown in his Wilder rematch that he carries more power than many, myself included, gave him credit for. AJ will be bang up for it too and will come into the fight leaving no stone unturned. He will be in the best shape physically and mentally but, if the same can be said for Fury, I can’t see past a Tyson win. The real winners though will be us fight fans. Two British Heavyweights, sharing all the belts, going head to head for the undisputed Heavyweight Titles. The biggest fight of our lifetimes and I can’t wait!”

Dan finished by saying "I think Fury wins with a late stoppage. I think he will outbox AJ who will look to land early. I can see Tyson breaking AJ down and the fight getting waved off in the latter stages, possibly slightly controversially from the AJ camps point of view to add a bit of spice to the rematch!”

“The Savage” Sam Eggington was next to give his prediction, he said “Tyson Fury beats everyone at this point in my opinion, against Joshua it’s hard to say how but I think he’ll come out with a unanimous points win”.

Pro fighter Harry Fiaz had this to say about the fight, he told the Column “I’m going for Fury on this one and by KO. He has shown he can get back up from taking a punch from arguably, the most powerful puncher in history. He’s shown he’s got power himself and for a guy his size to be so agile, will cause Joshua problems. He has a very good boxing brain on him too”.

‘The Machine Gun' Tommy Colins simple replied with this, he said “Fury to win via late stoppage”.

Female fighter Kristie Bavington made thus prediction, she said “I’m going with AJ on points, I Just think he is naturally fitter and since the last Ruiz fight he has technically improved over the rounds, he us stronger and I don’t think Fury will do enough”.

Midlands area Welterweight challenger Nathan Bendon replied with this prediction, he told me “I think Fury will win on points and will be too active for Joshua to be honest”.

The ‘Pocket Rocket’ female boxer Dani Hodges said this about the fight, she said “I'm a huge Fury fan so I'd have my money on Fury all day long . I can see it going to the later rounds or the distance with Fury out smarting AJ, but you can't disregarded AJ has the ability to hurt Fury and both have been put on their arse before but Fury has shown he has got that heart and grit which I don't think AJ has the same”.

Cruiserweight Anthony Woolery see's the fight going like this, he said “In my opinion I'd go with AJ, I think his youth, athleticism, speed and power will or should be enough to get him the victory in this fight and think he will win via KO”.

Woolery continued “But if I'm totally honest on the other hand I never doubt the gypsy king as he proves the doubters wrong over and over again, it really could go either way with Fury giving AJ a boxing lesson, but my money is going on a AJ stoppage but I sure won’t be a lot of money as I'm not confident plus a bit skint” .

Former British title challenger Ricky Summers saw it going like this, he told the Column “I think Fury will win going off there last performances he is the man in the heavyweight division. I went out to Vagas for his fight with Wilder and he was on fire, my only concern is that he suffers with mental health and if he doesn’t turn up 100% AJ is a very big puncher with a lot better ability than Wilder so there’s a chance if he is not 100% on the night, A.J could catch him, I think Fury out boxes him and stops him late on”.

Hard hitting English Welterweight challenger Kaisee Benjamin thinks the fight will go like this, he said “I think Tyson fury will win the first fight on points and AJ will then win the rematch on points then they will have a third and AJ will win by knocking him out in the 12th round but I want AJ to win this fight”.

Pro fighter David Seymour had this to say about the mega fight he told the Column “For me it’s a Fury win, either a mid fight KO or wide points win for Fury. Fury is to skilled and his movement is to much for Joshua, he can fight on the inside and on the back foot. I have only ever seen Joshua effective on the back foot against pressure fighters and only performs at his best against the smaller guys. If he doesn’t turn up against Fury the taller and in my opinion more talented fighter will have a easy nights work. Fury to win".

Wolverhampton’s Cruiserweight Matt Sen gave the Column his in depth view. He told me “The AJ Vs Fury fight is set to be a huge one. In my opinion these two have done for Boxing what Conor McGregor has done for MMA. I feel these have really played a critical role in publicizing the sport. (Not taking anything away from others who have done similar). Despite both being arguably exceptional at their craft, I only really see one winner and I'd go for Fury. I feel his style is too awkward and after seeing how he dismantled Wilder, I just don't see what AJ brings to the table to beat him”.

Sen finish by saying “I know a few who have sparred Fury and after hearing stories from their sessions about how awkward he is paired with what I saw in the Wilder rematch I find it difficult to believe AJ will beat him. It's one of those where I'd like AJ to win but can't see it happening”.

TOP boxer Tommy Owens saw the fight going like this, he told the Column “Fury to win on points. Fury is a more rounded durable fighter with more variety than AJ. I think AJ will be in the fight for the first few rounds but then fury will just run away with it as AJ tires”.

Unbeaten Pro fighter Ryan Hatton had this to say, he told the Column "I think Fury will break him down and win by TKO in the championship rounds after after a tough fight".

Dexter’s Thoughts

Its is great news to hear that the deal for this mega fight has been done, a two fight deal that should eclipse the Fury, Wilder trilogy. A lot of the professional fighter and promoters I asked have tipped Fury to win. But before these fights can happen there are a few stumbling blocks that could take the edge off them. To start off with Tyson Fury has to take on Wilder one last time and even though he destroyed him in there last encounter this does not guarantee him victory in there next fight. Also Dillian Whyte is mandatory for Fury’s WBC world title and was scheduled to fight for it in February. So Fury has two big hurdles to get over before he shares the ring with AJ, Joshua will also have to defend his titles before he faces Fury against mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev.

Fingers crossed they get though these fights so when they do meet it will be for the undisputed Heavyweight title.

So what is my prediction? Well, I have a feeling that Fury will win the first fight on points as I don’t think AJ will be able to handle Fury’s movement and his unpredictably. I then think AJ wins the rematch on points which will set up a cracking third encounter that could go either way. Who would I like to win? I’d have to say Fury, I have followed his journey from the start and can honestly say I was not a fan as I thought he was a bit of a joke in his early fights (upper cutting himself in his face). But after he beat Klitschko you had to show him the respect he was due, he then came back from some severe mental health issues to inspire a new generation of fight fans and had two epic fights against Wilder. So I think Fury will be victorious over the two or three fights it takes.

The real winners are Boxing fans from around the world as I can see these fight going down in history.


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