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Future Champions TOPromtions (22.4.23

Tommy Owens Promotions held its April show at the Holiday Inn Coventry Road on Saturday (22.4.23). The consisted of five contests with four being over four three-minute rounds and the main event being over six. Doing the four-rounders’ coming out of the home corner you had Ryan Whelan who was making his pro debut, Bret Egan who was having his sixth fight, and the talented Lewis Coley and Jackson Osugie. In the Main event of the night, you had DnA boxing gym Bermuda-born fighter Mike Tyler, Tyler was having his seventh contest of his unbeaten pro career against veteran journeyman Justin Menzies. Unfortunately, I was not at the show but matchmaker and manager Jon Pegg gave me a brief rundown of the fights.

The first fight of the night was Ryan Whelan who was making his debut taking on Darryl Sharpe. Whelan kept on the move and threw lots of fast jabs against the very tough Darryl Sharpe. Sharpe landed some good body shots but Whelan kept it busy to take a 39 to 37 win.

I caught up with Ryan the day after his fight and asked him how he fought it went. He told me "I'm quite happy with the way I boxed, especially considering it being my first bout back out in over 4 years, I thought I kept it quite calm and composed and boxed well behind the jab for the most part, but I definitely know there's more to give, and in coming fights, I'll be prepared to show it. Glad to have fought the sort of opposition I did for my professional debut, as it definitely provided me with invaluable experience and allowed me to get a solid four rounds in the bank, which is probably just as important as anything else".

Brett Egan who was coming off a defeat in the TOP Boxer tournament earlier this year was in no mood to mess around against Liam Fox. Egan dominated Liam Fox with his jab and although Fox tried to hook in close Egan’s uppercuts and long rights bloodied his nose and hurt him enough times for a 40-36 win.

The talented hot prospect Lewis Coley showed why so many people rate him in the boxing community when he took on the tough veteran journeyman Liam Richards. Coley was way too sharp and big for Liam Richards and only Richards experience stopped it from becoming a really painful night. Coley worked the body really well winning a shutout 40 to 36.

I caught u with this talented fighter and asked his how he thought the fight went. He told me "I thought I was composed kept it at my pace was sitting on my shots it’s hard to knock some one out when they don’t wanna throw he was just running away from me really".

Jackson Osugie and Rob Connor was fight of the night. Both winging away with big shots and Jackson was hurt in the first.

Rounds 2 and 3 were really close and the last was just more big hooks being thrown.

Jackson got it 39.37 but lots in the room thought it could have gone either way.

Headlining the show you had the ever-impressive Mike Tyler who was looking to make a statement against Justin Menzies in his seventh contest in his unbeaten pro career.

Tyler was all over Menzies and landed on the body and head before a sharp uppercut sent him down. Menzies beat the count but retired at the end of the second with eye damage from the knockdown. Tyler looked sharp and spiteful.

I caught up with Mike a few days after his fight and asked him how he thought it went. He told me “I’m a bit frustrated, Jon and my coach and I wanted to go through the rounds. We wanted to show the board I’m capable of going the distance. My game plan was not to stop him. But if I decided to turn on the pressure do it on the back end of the “.

Even though my opponent was a southpaw I didn’t have a problem with landing my punches. I got caught with probably two jabs. If that. I had better skills. My reactions were faster. As the fight went on I had answers for everything he had. So he began taunting me and provoking me after I missed”.

“I was trying to punch him with a left hook to the head but kept missing each time. So my coach said to put the left hook downstairs. So I jabbed and immediately sent a left hook downstairs that connected with his eye as he tried to duck the left hook he thought was coming for his head”.

“I sent him flying through the ropes. He got up at 8 he should’ve been waved off. But the ref let it continue and he held on for the remainder of the round. Then retired in the corner at the end of the second”.


Dexter’s Thoughts

I was gutted I couldn’t get to this show as I enjoy watching the up-and-coming fighter progress. It sounded like Ryan Whelan had a very good debut and won three out of the four rounds against a tough journeyman like Darryl Sharpe. I look forward to seeing Whelan fight in the flesh very soon.

Brett Egan got back to winning ways with what I was told was a dominant performance.

I was gutted I missed Lewis Coley coming back after over a year out of the ring. He has been one of the most talked about boxers by people who are in the know saying what a talented fighter he is and has a big career in front of him. I have seen him fight a few times and can say they are not wrong with great shot-picking and movement he is a credit to 2nd City Gym where he trained as an amateur. He has only fought 5 time since making his debut back in 2019.  I honestly would have expected this talented fighter to have had double-digit fights winning them all and at least a Midlands area or an English title around his waist. But he still has time and if he dedicates himself to the noble art I can see big things for Lewis  Coley in the future.

I think Mike Tyler said it all when I talked to him a few days after the fight, he is in the hunt for titles, and with seven good wins under his belt he should really get a crack at the Midlands area title. There is no doubt he is a talented fighter with an array of shots in his arsenal and I think he is destined to go far in boxing.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Jon Pegg for his input into the write-up.



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