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Havoc at the Hangar V Round Up

Black Country Boxing Promotions then there first show in August called Havoc at the Hangar v which was held at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton (14.7.23). The show consisted of seven fights with three of them over six three-minute rounds and four being four rounder’s. Headlining the show, you had Gully Powar who was taking on veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in his first six round contest. The other two six rounder’s on the show were unbeaten Oli Cassidy who took on Martin Shaw and Lewis Roberts from Swindon taking on Nabil Ahmed. In the four round contests you had unbeaten Bradley Goldsmith who took on Egidijus Zukas, we also had Trian Toudasache who had drawn his first three fights was taking on Naheem Ali. There were also two debutants on this BcB card with Jay Griffiths taking on MJ Hall and Fin Cooper taking on Kitspas Zukas.  Powar’s, Cassidy’s, and Goldsmith have already been reported; the links can be found at the bottom of the page. Referees on the night were Ryan Churchill and ‘A’ Star referee Kevin Parker.


We start off either the six-round contest between in the home corner from Swindon the unbeaten Lewis Roberts who had won all of his previous seven fights. He would be taking on Nabil Ahmed in a featherweight contest. Roberts weighed in nine stone with Ahmed coming in right stone eleven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Roberts controlled the center of the ring in the first round and kept Ahmed on the back foot, Ahmed asked some questions getting some good shots off but it was Roberts round. Ahmed got some good shots off at the start of the second and kept the fight competitive, Roberts used his jab well winning the round with the cleaner shots and his work rate. Roberts started to take control in the third putting in some nice combinations together with everything coming off a heavy jab.

Ahmed had a go in the fourth and banged in some heavy shots, Roberts replied with some big shots of his own just edging the round. Ahmed kept the contest competitive and got some nice shots off, Roberts replied well but I would have to give this one to Ahmed. Ahmed continued to work hard and get good shots off, Roberts stayed calm and let some nice combinations go to win the round and the fight.

Scoring ref Kevin Parker scored it 60 to 55 Roberts, I had it 59 to 55 Roberts.


The first four-rounderItalian-born of the night coming out of the home corner was Italian born twenty-one-year-old welterweight Trian Toudasache. Now based in Wolverhampton Toudasache had drawn all of his first three fights and he would be taking on Naheem Ali who was entering the for one hundredth and tenth time. This fight was in the super Welterweight division with Toudasache weighing in ten stone six and Ali coming in ten stone twelve with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Scrappy first round with Toudasache nickingbthe round on work rate. Toudasache stepped it up in the second letting some nice jabs and hooks go with Ali moving well but Toudasache just nicked it.

Ali continued to show great movement in the third but Toudasache poured on the pressure getting some heavy shots off to the head and body to win the round. Toudasache continued to pressure as Ali tried to fight off the work rate back foot, Toudasache won’t he round on his work-rate.

Judge Kevin Parker scored the fight 40 to 36, I had it the same.


Next up was the first debutant of the night, Middleweight Jay Griffiths was making his first appearance as pro and was taking on the experience Journeyman MJ Hall. The fight was in the Super Middleweight division with Griffiths weighing in eleven stone seven with Hall coming in eleven stone three with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Griffiths started on the front foot in the first round and pushed Hall back with some great combinations winning the round. Great shot picking from Griffiths in the second as he put some cracking combinations together with controlled pressure winning the round.

More controlled aggression from Griffiths as he continued to put heavy combinations together bulling Hall around the ring. Hall came forward in the final round and let some good shots off Griffiths returned fire with some big shots of his own making Hall hold on and return to journeyman mode and see the fight out.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 Griffiths, I had it the same.


Also making his debut was Wolverhampton’s Fin Cooper who was taking on Kitspas Zulgis in a Super Middleweight contest. Copper weighed in eleven stone nine with Zulgis coming in eleven stone eleven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Cooper started the first round strong with some sweet combinations pushing Zulgis back, Zulgis came back with his own shots, but Cooper won the round. Cooper continued his good work in the second and landed some cracking shots with Zulgis looking like he didn’t want to be there.

Cooper pushed Zulgis around the ring and was smashing in some good combinations to the joy of his fans. Cooper kept up his high-tempo boxing and let his hands go with some evil body shots, Zulgis tried to box on the back foot but Cooper won the round and the fight.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

A fantastic night of boxing at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton with all the home boxers getting the wins. Lewis Roberts had to work hard against a very game journeyman who came to have a go. Ahmed asks a lot of questions of Roberts but he had all the answers taking his record to eight without defeat,

Trian Toudasache has finally got his first win in four fights, he was unbeaten going into this contest with three draws in his first three fights. He was made to work hard for his victory but came out on top, a great battling performance.

Jay Griffiths showed great promise in his debut fight as he bashed the veteran Journeyman MJ Hall around to win convincingly. Great performance and a great following I look forward to seeing him fight again soon.

Fin Cooper looked very impressive on his debut banging in great combinations and fought at a very high tempo. He is definitely one to watch out for and like Griffiths has a big following, I look forward to seeing him box again.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing Promotions for having the Column there.


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