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March Madness

Overhand Right Promotions TOPROMOTIONS pictures by James Deen

The Column was back at the H-Suite Edgbaston for Overhand Right promotions in association with Tommy Owens Promotions March show March Madness. The show consisted of 7 contests with all of the fights being over four three-minute rounds. Fighting over in the home corner from DnA gym you had Elliot Sowe, Sam Pikire, Jagdeep Purewal, Umar Anjum, and Mike Tyler. Also on the card, you had Cogans Corner Ben Fields and from second city gym, you had making his debut Brad Coley. Reffing on the night you had Pete McCormick with the ring girls Katie, Maria, and Abbie from Limitless Benefits.

The first fight on the card was a Welterweight contest between DnA’s gym Elliot Sowe taking on Harley Marginson. Sowe weighed in at 10 stone 8 with Marginson coming in 10 stone 1 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Good head movement by Marginson with Sowe finding it hard to hit him at the start of the first. When Sowe settled down, he got some good shots off and won the round on work rate. Sowe started the second round better and got his jab going, Marginson goaded Sowe when he missed a shot but got repaid with interest when he landed heavy shots. Marginson kept the fight competitive but Sowe was now in his groove and picked his shots well. Marginson had some joy in the final round but Sowe piled on the pressure getting good combinations off, Marginson did catch Sowe with some nice uppercuts popping his nose but Sowe won the round.

The judge had it 39 to 37 Sowe I had it 40 to 36 Sowe.

Next up we had the debut of the highly talented amateur fighter now turned to the pro ranks Brad Coley. Coley from Erdington Birmingham was taking on Nabil Armed in a four-round contest. Both fighters weighed in 8 stone 7 for this super Bantamweight contest.

The first round for Coley as he let his hands go from the start, Coley picked his shots well with nice combinations not giving Armed a chance. Armed got some decent shots off in the second which just seemed to fuel Coley who picked up the pace and got nice clean shots in. The ref had a word with Coley’s corner for shouting instructions or something but Coley won the round with ease. Coley had settled down by the third round, he picked his shots well with great movement making Amred miss and look like a fighter who had 10 pro fights under his belt. Armed had some joy in the final round getting some good shots off, Coley slipped a lot of them and returned fire with some stylish combinations to win an entertaining debut.

The ref had it 40 to 37 Coley I had it 40 to 36 Coley.

The third fight of the night was DnA’s gym with Sam Pikire taking on John Spencer in a lightweight contest. Pikire was coming off a shock defeat last time he was out and was looking to set the record straight with win. Pikire weighed in 9 stone 3 with Spencer coming in 9 stone 6 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Pikire got in his flow from the first bell and shot out some flashy and stylish combinations winning the round. Spencer got some shots off in the second but Pikire was popping eye-catching combinations out to win the round. Some good shot again by Spencer at the start of the third, but Pikire soon landed some nice combinations with Spencer starting to goad Pikire which raised the noise in the room and Pikire’s punch output. Spencer let a big right ho at the start of the final round catching Pikire clean on the jaw, Pikire wobbled slightly but took it like a champ and returned fire with a nice combination. Spencer continued to goad Pikire who stuck to his boxing to win the round and the fight.

The judge had it 40 to 36 Pikire I had it the same.

Fight number four was another DnA gym fighter coming off their first defeat, Jagdeep Purewal was taking on veteran Journeyman Michael Mooney who has had over 100 professional fights. Purewal weighed in 10 stone 6 with Mooney coming in 10 stone 1 in a four-round welterweight contest.

Both fighters seemed to be feeling each other out at the start of the first, Purewal was the first to land anything significant with Mooney returning fire but Purewal just edged the round. Purewal got his jab going in the second but spoiled his own work by getting too close. When Purewal kept it long he got nice combinations off winning the round. Purewal started to really let his hands go in the third with some nice combinations and slipping Mooney’s shots well and showing great movement to win the round. Money put it on Purewal in the final round but the DnA fight returned fire and moved well and finished the round strong.

The ref had it 40 to 36 Purewal, I had it the same.

Next up was a light Heavyweight contest with the unbeaten Umar Anjum taking on Zani Clarke in a four-round contest, referee for this one was Pete McCormick.

Anjum started the first round well but Clarke matched him both landed good shots even round. Clarke got some good shots off at the start of the second round that woke Anjum up, he returned fire with good combinations, a close round but Anjum just nicked it. Clarke started the third round fast but Anjum came back with a massive barrage of shots to Clarke’s body and head. Clarke covered up well and Anjum looked tired after expelling so much energy, Clarke then took full advantage banging in dome eye-catching shots, Anjum then mustered another rally and unleashed another barrage of shots with the ref jumping in and stopping the fight at two minutes and 42 seconds into the third round.

Anjum win third round stoppage 2 minutes 42.

The sixth fight of the night was a super Welterweight fight between two stable mates from Cogans Corner with ‘The 0-Taker’ Ben Fields taking on Logan Paling over four rounds. Fields weighed in 10 stone 5 with Paling coming in 10 stone 11.

Fields seemed to be trying a new technic of instead of relentless pressure he just danced away and stayed out of trouble weighing up Paling who seemed to be doing the same. In the second Fields went back to his come-forward style letting his hands go, Paling got some shots off when he could but it was Fields round. Fields continued to press and pressure in the third and let some shots go, Paling covered up but Fields shots didn’t seem to have the normal venom behind them but there was enough to keep his stable mate at bay and win the round. Fields continued his high-pressure fighting and was pressing Paling all the way. Paling was showing good movement and tried to keep out of trouble to see the final round out.

The ref had it 40 to 36 Fields, I had it the same.

The main event was a super Welterweight contest over four three-minute rounds with Bermuda-born DnA gym fighter Mike Tyler who was taking on Luke Middleton. Tyler who was unbeaten in five fights weighed in 10 stone 13 with Middleton coming in the same.

Great shot picking from Tyler with some explosive combinations that shook Middleton to his boots, Tyler seemed to be having fun in there. Middleton was just being used as a heavy bag in the second as Tyler showcased a variety of combinations with some explosive power. Tyler picked his shots well in the third as he took his time as there was not much coming back from Middleton. Middleton was in survival mode as he tried to keep away from Tyler, Tyler continued to let Slick combinations go winning the round and the fight.

The ref had it 40 to 36 Tyler, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Seven home corner wins tonight with some impressive performances by these talented fighters. Elliot Sowe got back to winning ways and was impressed with great movement and everything coming off the jab. Sowe’s record is now 5 wins in six and will be eyeing a Midlands area title shot very soon, I’m sure.

Brad Coley looked really impressive on his debut in front of a massive following that cheered him all the way. After he had settled into the fight he boxed like a veteran pro who had many fights which is a big nod to his amateur career. I can see already that if this young fighter focuses on the noble art he can go far.

Sam Pikire put his last fight behind him and put on a very entertaining performance against John Spencer. Pikire showcased his talents well picking great combinations and stylish single shots with great movement. Pikire did get caught a few times in the match but he took them well and he gas left his last fight behind him.

Jagdeep Purewal also put a defeat behind him by beating a potential banana skin in Michael Mooney, as this fight went on Purewal got better and better and didn’t give Mooney a chance to upset the apple cart. Purewal has a very slick style that can leave him open but tonight he used sharp reflexes and kept his hand up to take his record to five wins out of six.

Umar Anjum showed stopping power quality in his fight tonight, he worked his way into the fight tonight and exploded in the third with a barrage of punches. I honestly thought he had blown himself out but he mustered another barrage later on the get the fight stopped by the ref. Excellent performance from a talented fighter.

Ben Fields secured a win against his stablemate Logan Paling in a contest that never took fire. This win will set the ‘0-Taker’ up for bigger fights in the future and move him up the ranks. Mike Tyler shined tonight as he seemed to enjoy himself as he showcased his talents against Luke Middleton. He has moved his unbeaten record to six without defeat and is looking like a really hot prospect and must be in line for a shot at a Midlands area title, he is definitely one to watch. The Birmingham Boxing Column thanks


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