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March Madness

Overhand Right Promotions TOPROMOTIONS pictures by James Deen

The Column was back at the H-Suite Edgbaston for Overhand Right promotions in association with Tommy Owens Promotions March show March Madness. The show consisted of 7 contests with all of the fights being over four three-minute rounds. Fighting over in the home corner from DnA gym you had Elliot Sowe, Sam Pikire, Jagdeep Purewal, Umar Anjum, and Mike Tyler. Also on the card, you had Cogans Corner Ben Fields and from second city gym, you had making his debut Brad Coley. Reffing on the night you had Pete McCormick with the ring girls Katie, Maria, and Abbie from Limitless Benefits.

The first fight on the card was a Welterweight contest between DnA’s gym Elliot Sowe taking on Harley Marginson. Sowe weighed in at 10 stone 8 with Marginson coming in 10 stone 1 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Good head movement by Marginson with Sowe finding it hard to hit him at the start of the first. When Sowe settled down, he got some good shots off and won the round on work rate. Sowe started the second round better and got his jab going, Marginson goaded Sowe when he missed a shot but got repaid with interest when he landed heavy shots. Marginson kept the fight competitive but Sowe was now in his groove and picked his shots well. Marginson had some joy in the final round but Sowe piled on the pressure getting good combinations off, Marginson did catch Sowe with some nice uppercuts popping his nose but Sowe won the round.

The judge had it 39 to 37 Sowe I had it 40 to 36 Sowe.

Next up we had the debut of the highly talented amateur fighter now turned to the pro ranks Brad Coley. Coley from Erdington Birmingham was taking on Nabil Armed in a four-round contest. Both fighters weighed in 8 stone 7 for this super Bantamweight contest.

The first round for Coley as he let his hands go from the start, Coley picked his shots well with nice combinations not giving Armed a chance. Armed got some decent shots off in the second which just seemed to fuel Coley who picked up the pace and got nice clean shots in. The ref had a word with Coley’s corner for shouting instructions or something but Coley won the round with ease. Coley had settled down by the third round, he picked his shots well with great movement making Amred miss and look like a fighter who had 10 pro fights under his belt. Armed had some joy in the final round getting some good shots off, Coley slipped a lot of them and returned fire with some stylish combinations to win an entertaining debut.