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Polished Proformance By Pitters As he is Crowned British Champion

Birmingham's Shakan Pitters has claimed the British Light Heavyweight title in a near perfect performance live on channel five. Pitters (31) was taking on Chad Sugden (27) as the main event on the Hennessy Sports Promotion show for the prestigious Lonsdale belt. Both fighters weighed in 12 stone 6 and both were confident of winning the title.

In the first round both fighters had success with Sugden getting some good right hands off and Pitters getting some cracking one, two's in. In the second Pitters moved well and controlled the round with great counters and one, two's. Great uppercut by Pitters right at the end of the round which caused a bad cut to Sugden's lip. At the start of the third the ref asked the doctor to look at Sugden's lip the doctor said he was OK for him to continue. Pitters again controlled the round but Sugden did get some good shots off, but the eye catching shots were coming from Pitters especially the step back uppercut.

Pitters was in total control using his jab well with some great movement and fantastic shot picking to win rounds 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 with ease. Sugden continued to press and pressure Pitters but he was in total control. Sugden started to really have a go in the tenth but Pitters just kept it long with a nice jab, Sugden did have some joy catching Pitters with some cracking left hooks. In the championship rounds Sugden started the 11th strong but Pitters was still controlling the pace and seemed to rock Sugden a few times in this round. Sugden put it all out there in the final round and pressed and pressured Pitters all the way to the final bell, Pitters used great movement and his jab to get a share of the round in a great performance.

The three judges had it like this Phil Edwards and Marcus McDonnell had it 118 to 111 Pitters and Terry O’Connor had it 119 to 110 to Pitters. I had it 120 to 112 Pitters.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great performance by Shakan Pitters, himself and his team had a game plan and he stuck to it. Sugden showed loads of heart and proved he is at this level but Pitters was not going to be denied. Shakan stayed claim picked his shots well and used his jab to produce a near perfect performance. I loved the step back uppercut that he could not seem to miss with which did a lot of damage to Sugden. I have followed Shakan's career from his very first pro fight and was the first to interview him and state that I thought he had the goods to go far in his boxing career. Shakan and his team can be very proud of themselves as he has done so much in such a short time. I can see Pitters going as far as he wants to in boxing the only thing against him is time as at 31 I think he may have two or three good years in him. He will definitely win more titles before he is over and may be the Commonwealth could be next. If things continue like they are for Shak I can definitely see a world title challenge in his future.

Shakan may have just won the British title but he has won something even bigger, a place in the BBcolumn's Hall of Fame, well done Shak.

The Column hopes to talk to the newly crowned champ very soon.


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