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The Hammer’ Paige Goodyear

‘The Hammer’ Paige Goodyear notched up her fourth professional victory at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham scoring a third-round stoppage in her second six-round contest at the end of July 2023.  The Twenty-two-year-old from Dudley has so far fought at welter and super welterweight in the pro ranks and had a Steller Amateur career. Goodyear had thirty-two Amateur contests winning twenty-four of them. Goodyear as an amateur won four National titles, two Haslev Boxcup gold medals, and a Bronze in the youth world championships and boxed for England for five years.

Goodyear is trained by Steve O’Rouke and Darren McDermott at Wodensborough gym and took up the noble art at the age of ten. Goodyear told me “I actually started boxing for self-defense and to lose a bit of weight as a kid from doing kickboxing for a couple of years as a child with my brother, but once I got the bug for it I never looked back”.

I then asked Paige who is her favorite boxer and why? She said, “It would have to be Tyson Fury, with everything he has gone through in mental health wise to come back and do what he has done is unbelievable”. I then asked this talented boxer what had been the best fight she had saw. Paige informed me “Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron was absolutely amazing, loved every second just none stop, showed how class women’s boxing actually is”.

My final question to this unbeaten hot prospect was what is the most challenging fight you have had so far? Goodyear said, “My hardest fight was probably in the world semi-finals against the Canadian which I thought I won, but you have those decisions that’s amateur boxing and it’s what makes you the fighter you are”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Paige Goodyear looks like a woman on a mission, taking her professional record to four without defeat. At the age of twenty-two, she has scored her first stoppage in her second six-round contest and looks like another female boxer from the Black Country being fast-tracked up the ranks. Goodyear has all the skills and attributes to contest for titles at Light welterweight and welter and I’m sure it will only be a few more fights before she gets a shot at one. I look forward to reporting on this hot prospect again very soon.




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