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  • Dexter Hastings

Title hopeful Kyle Unitt

Title hopeful Kyle Unitt

Kyle is a 21 year old light heavy/ super middleweight boxer from Birmingham, Kyle fights in an orthodox stance but will turn southpaw if he needs to. The 6 foot tall boxer has had 7 amateur fights winning 4 of them. As an amateur he boxed out of Heartlands ABC under the tutelage of Billy Smith as his main coach, it then became Michael Smith John Paul and a fighter many people know Peter Buckley.

Kyle told me “ I stopped boxing when I was 16 and took it back up when I was 18 when I became close friends with Jake Burridge. No body trains me now I've been involved in sports since I was 9, I know what the do’s and don’t are in preparing for a fight. I have struggled in the past few years with motivation, but my motivation is at an all time high now and I'm training hard.

Jake Burridge and I help each other out, pad work wise and sparring every now and then and there is no one better to spar he is the best around and I would put my money where my mouth is.

Kyle’s favorite fighter is Roy Jones Jr Kyle says “ He’s a very flamboyant

fighter with so much speed and power at his finger tips. Everything he does is explosive and his knockout speak for themselves”. Kyle told me his favorite fight he has seen was Hagler v Hearns he said “ it was before I was born but I like to watch the best fights back and that was some serious war”.

I then asked Kyle what had inspired him to take up the noble art? Kyle informed me “ I started boxing when I was 9 but got serious when I was 11, the honest answer I got into boxing is I was picked on at a young age, being a little chubby kid so I wanted to lose weight and learn defend myself. Now I am 6 foot tall and around 13 stone boxer and I'm proud of what I have done. I needed that motivation back for coming fights as I was a very hard worker”.

When I asked Kyle what his hardest fights was he told me “I have made all my fights hard because I have not been fully committed and not been in the right frame of mind, but my favorite fight was the one against Juran Jones. We work at the same place on the same shift, it was all about bragging rights, I wanted that the most but unfortunately he got it but now he has got a belt it is about time I trained hard as I want his title”.

I asked Kyle about his forthcoming Showdown title fight against Juran Jones, Kyle said “ I am looking forward to taking his title away from him, I am confident. In our last fight I was called upon half an hour before the prizefighter show started, I didn't have any real training at all and won my first bout and then it was Juran and I. I boxed comfortably but we both gave a good fight. I thought I had edged it so did many people as I got out of the ring, but Credit where it due he got the win and I'm looking forward to avenging that defeat and taking his title”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I have Refereed Kyle several times, he is a very awkward fighter who has a

good go. I reffed his match against Juran Jones and as it was close I did give it Jones. As for the title shot I think it will be a great fight and if Kyle brings his A game we could very well see a new champion.

As a lot of young people who are bullied because of there weight or because they are not as strong as the other kids, Kyle took up boxing. I would recommend this to any young person as it offers fitness, weight loss, boosted confidence, learns respect and discipline.

I was bullied when I was kid and my mom sent me down to see Paddy Martin at the Holte gym Aston (not there anymore) I was taught the noble art from the age of 11 and now pass on my knowledge at Paddy’s Gym Erdington for the same man who mentored me Mr Paddy Martin and his son and my former trainer Dean Martin.

at the Holte gym Aston (not there anymore) I was taught the noble art from the age of 11 and now pass on my knowledge at Paddy’s Gym Erdington for the same man who mentored me Mr Paddy Martin.

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