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Nominate Birmingham's WBC for Award

A status from Jason Lowe caught my eye today about the Birmingham sport awards 2016 and he was asking people to nominate the WBC women's boxing club for club of the year. After seeing this I messaged Jason and asked him to given me the details to vote so the BBcolumn readers could nominate the WBC.

Jason wrote

Hey guys, Can you if possible when you get a chance would you nominate WBC for the award. Not only will it high-light WBC more in The Midlands but it will also help boost numbers and the gym. Since WBC Women's Boxing Club has been set up many of you have been involved in different ways from attending sessions, boxing on shows, attending events and so on. It's time for nominations for Birmingham Sports Awards 2016. This is one hell of a strong team, and WBC should definitely be up for this. Please take a couple of minutes to click the link below and nominate WBC as Club of the Year. The nominee name would be WBC Womens Boxing Club

Email either mine or Mavs Number either mine or Mavs 07813186301 or 07545871020 Let's do this! #THETEAM Thanks

Jason & Mav

Dexter's Thoughts

.Jason and Mav have done a great job of introducing women to the noble art of boxing, whether it is for weight loss self defense or just to gain confidence. I have only heard good thing coming from the WBC, they have had several all female boxing events at the Irish centre (Hopfully BBcoulmn is invited to the next one) and have done a lot for charity. The Women's Boxing Club would be a great Nominee For the Birmingham sports awards club of the year.

For the sake of equilibrium if any other clubs would like to put there case forward for club of the wear please feel free to get in contact

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