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  • Dexter Hastings

Unlicensed Boxer Nathan Nash

Unlicensed Boxer Nathan Nash

Nathan Nash is a 30 year old switch hitter from Birmingham, the 5 foot 5 welterweight who has had 5 amateur fights and has won 3 of them. Nathan fought out of Heatlands ABC when he was 14 then switched to Pat Benson’s gym Smallheath ABC and was trained by Billy Smith and Michael Smith.

Nathan has had 13 unlicensed fights and has won 7 of them and drew 1, he has contested for 2 promotion titles but has been unsuccessful in both of them. Nathan now trains at Fightden and is coached by Shaun Cogan, he told me he started back up again last year, his first fight was on the Showdown promotion show.

Nathan informed me that his favorite boxer is Roy Jones Jr, because of his movement, foot work, hand speed and that his techniques in the ring was amazing his confidence was at a high.

The best fight Nathan has seen is Oscar De la Hoya vs Mayweather. Hoya showed the heart of a warrior and the desire and passion, knowing that he was against a younger opponent that had beat everyone he’d face.

We then got on the subject of what inspired him to take up boxing, Nathan told me “I got inspired when I use to go my friends house when I was young, we use to watch boxing video’s with the likes of Gatti, Hagler, Duran, Sugar Ray, Floyd Patterson, Ali and all the other greats. I have a big interest in boxing. I always wanted to do it from then so I started watching more getting even more inspired until I got to the point of I need too do this. I've had a long break since them years, how I got back into it? I remember my friend Michael Barker who I use too play five a side football with, he got into it and then asked me to come along. He had heard I was decent before so I gave it a chance again and I haven't looked back so gotta thank him really for getting me back involved in a sport I loved to do".

My final question was, what his hardest fight has been to date? Nathan informed me “I don't really have a hardest fight I just see it as we are all human we are both capable of inflecting pain, its just who's got the heart to go threw it".

Dexter’s Thoughts

Nathan is a slick unlicensed boxer who I have reffed and watched on a number of occasions. I was the ref for one of his title fights and he fought really well but his opponent just edged it, but I think it is only a matter of time before he gets a promotional belt around his waist. He fought on the "Lets go Champ" show promoted by Fightden and DNA and got fight of the night for a very thrilling 3 round contest where both boxers went for it and gave it there all. The bout finished in a very well deserved draw. I wish Nathan all the best in his career and hope to be there to report on him when he does win a title.

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