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Manny Zaber unbeaten Pro Boxer

Manny Zaber unbeaten Pro Boxer

Manny Zaber is a 21 year old orthodox lightweight Boxer from Birmingham. The 5 foot 6 fighter known as the Pac Man has been boxing since he was 13 but never really stuck at it as a kid so had no amateur fights.

When Manny did start to take it serous he had 16 Unlicensed fights winning all 16 of them. He boxed out of Wednesbury boxing club under the tutelage of Errol Johnson and Paul Mann, Manny has a impressive Pro record of 7 fights and 7 wins.

I asked Manny who his favourite boxer is? He informed me “My favorite boxer is probably Mike Tyson, because of the way he would just come and knock his opponent out”.

When I asked him what’s the best fight he has seen the Pac man told me “the best fight l have seen has too be Gatti vs Ward”.

Manny told me “I just love boxing and the buzz on fight night seeing all the crowd, the training is more of the hard part and fighting is the easy part, train hard fight easy”.

I finally asked Manny about a peace in paper he had done in a local paper about a wanting a fight against Les Byfield, Manny informed me "It's just that I wanted to step up as its a good local fight what everyone wants to see and before when were fighting white collar he offered me out to fight then but now I'm offering it him in no way I'm been disrespectful i just believe its a good 50.50 local scrap what a lot of people want to see".

Press release from UKO promotions

Zaber Still Eying Byfield As He Prepares For Latest Outing

Manny Zaber has already written his Christmas Wish List. It has just one item on it....a showdown with local rival, Les Byfield.

The undefeated Old Hill boxer is chasing a fight with his Dudley rival and, after calling him out last month, is determined to pursue his adversary in the hope of locking horns with him in December.

Zaber is set to appear on Black Country Boxing’s ‘High Stakes’ show at Walsall Town Hall, sponsored by Grosvenor Casino Walsall, in September and hopes that will act as an aperitif for the main course of a local derby showdown with Byfield this side of Christmas.

“I want Les Byfield because it’s a good fight between two local lads,” explained Zaber. “I called him out last month because I want the fight.

“I know Les and respect him as a fighter but I want to get in the ring and prove that I’m the better man.

“Our paths almost crossed boxed white collar but I broke my leg in a car accident and the fight just never happened so I really want to make sure it does this time around.

“I’d love to fight him in December, it would be the perfect Christmas present for me and Midlands fight fans. I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen.”

Zaber ticks over at Walsall Town Hall and features on the undercard of a fight he, and by all accounts Byfield, were hoping to secure – the Midlands Area Super Featherweight Title. Birmingham’s Paul Holt and Tamworth’s Louis Fielding contests the strap vacated by Coventry’s Troy James.

Although Zaber was hoping to face Byfield for that title if the Dudley man feels his future lies at featherweight or doesn’t fancy the Zaber showdown, ‘Pac Man’ insists he would be happy to fight the winner.

“First and foremost I’d like to fight Les,” he added. “If it was for a title; great but I’m not too bothered.

“I’ve heard he’d only want to fight for a title and there’s some talk he may be moving down to featherweight. That’s not where I see myself and, if that was the case, I’d happily fight the winner of Holt versus Fielding. But he can fight me and then move down can’t he?

“I want to be involved in some big local fights. It’s just a shame not everyone thinks like that. Some fighters are happy protecting their ‘0’, never testing themselves and avoiding decent fights. That’s not me.”

Dexter's Thoughts

Manny is yet another fighter who has gone on the unlicensed route to become a pro, he is unbeaten and extremely confident young man. There was a peace in a local newspaper about Manny wanting to get it on with Lee Byfield, this would potentially be a cracking fight but weight difference might pose a problem. Manny is back in the ring on 24th September at Walsall town hall on the Holt v Fielding under-card which the Birmingham boxing column hope to be reporting from.

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