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Showdown Night of Champions Show Review


Night of Champions

Show Review

Showdown Entertainment had their summer boxing event a the newly opened Pryzm is night club Broad street Birmingham city centre. With 5 titles on the line, a great under-card and the Showdown team keeping there high standards this was always going to be a great


Here is a fight by fight round by round review of the matches.

Fight 1

3 x 2 minute rounds

Stuart Taylor v Stefan Alcock

Round 1- Taylor dominated the first round controlled everything.

10 – 9

Round 2 – Taylor yet again dominated putting Alcock down, Alcock got back to his feet and finished the round.

10 – 8

Round 3 – Alcock came out strong but Taylor took control again putting Alcock down for the second time I n the fight. Alcock got up and saw the round out.

10 – 8

Verdict – Taylor wins 30 – 25

Fight 2

3 x 2 minute rounds

Lee Benkins v Tyson O’Daniel

Round 1 – Tyson controlled the first round Benkins didn't really get started and took a lot of shots.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Fight stopped by the ref in the second round Benkins was taking to many hits to the head and looked his age.

Verdict – O’Daniel wins TKO

Fight 3

3 x 2 minute rounds

Josh Taylor v Scott Clark

Round 1 – close first round Taylor warned for going in low with his head, good work by both but Taylor just edged it.

10 – 9

Round 2 – Taylor took control in this round and dominated winning the round easy.

10 – 9

Fight 3 – Taylor again dominated the round Clark was lucky not to be stopped and saw the round out.

10 – 9

Verdict – Taylor wins 30 – 27

Fight 4

3 x 2 minute rounds

Miller v Keay

Round 1 – Good start by both boxers both worked hard Keay just nicked this round.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Keay worked well on the inside and the out side and took control in this round.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Miller had a really good go in this round and gave it his all but was no match for Keay.

9 – 10

Verdict – Keay wins 30 – 27

Fight 5

3 x 2 minute rounds

John Connor v Ben Drinkwater

Round 1 – Drinkwater was by far the better boxer, Connor didn’t seem to show up and seemed to freeze. Connor’s corner shouted advice and encouragement to there boxer all the way threw the round but it fell on deaf ears.

9 – 10

Round 2 – After his corner had had a word with him he started off this round strong but after 20 second he had gone back into his shell and was eating right hands all threw the round.

9 – 10

Round 3 - Connor took some hard shots in this round but did attempt to fight back in this round but was just not good enough to match Drinkwater.

9 – 10

Verdict- Drinkwater wins 30 – 27

Fight 6

3 x 2 minute rounds

Brummie Ash v Thomas Murphy

Round 1 – Good start to the round by both boxers Ash in his southpaw stance Murphy dealt with that well even round.

10 – 10

Round 2 – Another good round by both boxers both worked hard, but Murphy edged it with his work rate.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Another good round, Ash moved well but took Murphy control and ended the fight with some good flurries.

9 – 10

Verdict – wins Murphy - 28 – 30

Fight 7

4 x 2 minute rounds

Light Heavyweight Title

Gimi Duran v Hasan Guzel

Round 1- Duran came out with a jumping right hook which caught Guzel, Duran started fast

and was very aggressive at the start of the round. Guzel boxed well as the round calmed down but Duran edged the round.

10 – 9

Round 2 – Duran came out strong in this round but seemed to fade in the middle. Guzel boxed well threw out the round, Duran had a good spurt at the end to edge the round.

10 – 9

Round 3 – Both boxers showed there skills in this round both having success with some

good boxing, even round.

10 – 10

Round 4 – Duran came out quick in this round and battled hard, Guzel maintained his composure and kept boxing. Both boxer were wobbled in this round and Duran seemed to fade. Guzel caught Duran with a big right hook near the end of the round putting him to the canvas, Duran got straight back up and took an 8 count. Duran saw out the round but looked shaken.

8 – 10

Verdict – Split Decision Dexter – 38 – 38 Draw, J.Lowe – 37 – 38 Guzel, S.Toddoff – 37 – 38 Guzel.

Hasan Guzel

New Light Heavyweight


Fight 8

4 x 2 minute rounds

Middleweight Title

Kyle Unitt v Ricky Grimshaw

Round 1 – Both boxers came out strong Grimshaw got on his jab well, he caught Unitt with a good right hook putting him down. Kyle got to his feet and took a 8 count and managed the see the round out, Grimshaw finished the round strong.

8 – 10

Round 2 – Kyle done better in this round and it was a close round but Grimshaw got the better shots off and just edged the round.

9 – 10

Round 3 – This was a very even round both boxers had there moments in this round but no one came out on top.

10 – 10

Round 4 – Both boxers battled hard in this round Ricky seen the round out well and edged the final round.

9 – 10

Verdict – Unanimous Decision- Dexter – 36 – 40, J.Lowe – 37 – 40, S.Toddoff – 36 – 40.

New Middleweight


Ricky Grimshaw

Fight 9

Akbar Fiaz v Lenny Coley

3 x 2 minute rounds

Round 1 – Coley came of his corner and went to work on Fiaz with sharp jab and good 1, 2’s.

Fiaz had no answer for Coley’s speed and power and was given a standing 8 count by the ref to give him a rest. Coley then took Fiaz apart until the ref jumped in to stop the fight.

Verdict- Coley wins Ref stops fight.

Fight 10

Jake Burridge v Alan Lysaght

3 x 2 minute rounds

Round 1 – Burridge came out and destroyed Lysaght with some hurtful body shots which put Alan down. Lysaght got up at the count of 8 but was put back down by Jake, the ref stopped the fight with only 48 seconds on the clock.

Verdict – Ref stops fight Burridge wins

Fight 11

Light welterweight title

Shamrez Fiaz v Nico Ogbeide

4 x 2 minute Rounds

Round 1 – Nico dominated the first round Fiaz had no answer for Nico’s speed and skill.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Ogbeide controlled the round again Fiaz had a bit of joy but Nico hit him in lefts and rights at will.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Nico’s corner cheered him on as he seemed to do what he liked, Nico talked to

his corner while in clinches with Fiaz and seemed to think he already had the fight won. Fiaz had some success but only in spurts.

9 – 10

Round 4 – Nico again controlled the round and taughted Fiaz supporters the atmosphere was amazing as Nico fans cheered him on to victory.

10 – 10

Verdict – unanimous decision – Dexter 37 – 40 J.Lowe 37– 39, S.Toddoff 37 – 39

And still Light Welterweight


Nico Ogbeide

Fight 12

Interim Heavyweight Title

Dan Podmore v David Galil

4 x 2 minute rounds

Round 1 – Galil came out quick and looked good, he out move Podmore, but Dan then came

back strong by using his power, Even round.

10 – 10

Round 2 – Galil came out well again, but as Podmore started to cut the ring down Galil got caught with some good shots. There was then an accidental clash of heads which resulted in Galil lip being split open. Galil ended the round but could not continue due to the damage to his lip.

Verdict – Corner stops fight, Dan Podmore wins

New interim Heavyweight


Dan Podmore

Fight 13

Welterweight title

Sher Fiaz v Brandon Short

4 x 2 minute rounds

Round 1 – Great atmosphere for this last fight, both fighters had there moments but it was an even round.

10 – 10

Round 2 – Another close round not much to split them, Short did get in some good clean shots near the end of the round to nick it.

9 – 10

Round 3 – This round caught fire great atmosphere both boxer went at it, Short just edged it


9 – 10

Round 4 – Brilliant round of boxing Fiaz put everything into this round, both boxers got caught and both looked like they could go down. Both fighter finished strong but Fiaz got this one on his determination.

10 – 9

Verdict – Split decision Dexter – 37- 39, J.Lowe – 39 – 39, S.Toddoff 37 – 39.

New welterweight champion

Brandon Short.

Dexter’s fight of the night

There were some amazing fights on this show and there were 3 or 4 stand out bout that on

another show may have got fight of the night. The one I have picked in my opinion was by far the best Gimi Duran v Hasan Guzel. This fight had everything in it both boxed extremely well both were wobbled both had there good and bad moments and with the twist at the end with Duran being put down in the last 30 seconds of the fight which changed the result it could of very easily came out of a movie.

I contacted some of the Champions after the show to see how they feel after there wins. The

first one I contacted was Nico Ogbeide, he informed me “because of all the talk from the other side going on before the fight its the best feeling I’ve had from a win yet, even better than when I won the title. I'm just happy myself Brandon and Lenny’s hard work paid off and we all got the wins”.

I then contacted newly crowned champ Dan Podmore and ask him how he felt and his scheduled bout in December with Shaun Duffy. Dan informed me “Now I know that myself and other people wanted to see me fight Shaun and the opponent changed at the last minute but I train to fight anybody and not many can withstand the power I have! Props to David for stepping in but it would've been the same outcome whoever they put in there I'm just excited now to get in there with Shaun December and finally see who really is on top”.

My next port of call was Brandon Short he said “I'm not to sure how to explain the way I feel about the win, I feel like I had a lot to prove going into this fight because everyone was expecting Shar to come out on top due to his amateur experience, but I knew I had the tools to beat him. I said that from the first time I saw him fight also leading up to the fight a lot of things were said by Shar over social media but I'm not into putting things about your opponents on social media just in case you get beat, it makes you look silly so I stay humble and let the fighting do the talking and that is exactly what I did on the night”.

I then contacted Hasan Guzel and asked him about how he was feeling

and a possible rematch in December? Hasan told me “Obviously its a great feeling to become a showdown light heavyweight champion I worked hard and put a lot of hours in. Talking about the fight, it was a good fight I believe I could have done better against Gimi, He is someone who has a lot of experience than me but I still went in there I was a better fighter and my hard work and dedication paid off.

Talking about rematch with Gimi, of course why not, but this time I don't think he will last that long and if he goes down I don't think he will get back up. Before that I have got 3 more fights lined up for me this year and after that why not I will get in to that ring and fight any one out there wants to fight me”.

I also talked to Promoter Keith Webb asking him how he thought the show went? He informed me “I thought it went extremely well all the fighters put on a great show, and the title fights were excellent. It has been by far the best show we have put on and we and going to keep the high standard with our Show in December. Pryzm is a great venue for a boxing show and is now the home for showdown. We have already got some great fights lined up and some rematches in December, I really can't wait”. I then asked Keith what was his favorite fight of the night? Keith agreed with me he said “ it has to be Hasan and Gimi’s fight it had it all, one of the best bouts I have ever seen”.

Dexter Thoughts

What a great night of boxing showdown have raised the bar and are setting or unlicensed boxing shows not just in Birmingham but the country. The boxing was at a high standard and even the novices showed grit and determination . Promotor Keith and his Wife Michelle Webb have continually put on a high standard of shows for the last 5 years and are still striving to give the best promotion they can. They have got some portentously great fights for the December show with the Heavyweight title fight between Duffy and Podmore, and all the rematches from this show the fighter have asked for it is already going to be a cracker.

Pryzm is a top event and with the Showdown team consisting of myself refereeing, Jason Lowe Comparing, the stunning Showdown ring girls Ellesse and Libby (T.O. Girls) are own Paramedics and SJS Security Showdown is going from strength to strength.

I will also be having my final bout of boxing at the age of 45 it is time for Dexter “The Sting” Hastings the 3 times 2 weight CBU Birmingham and WestMidlands Champion is hanging his gloves up for the last time.

I look forward to see you all there.


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