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Eastside’s Magnificent Seven

Eastside’s Magnificent Seven

Ready for War

Battle of Brum

With the announcement of the biggest fight Birmingham has seen in years, Eastside gym has the privilege to have seven of there fighters boxing on the Battle of Brum show. With the main event being contested between Eastside’s Sam “The Savage” Eggington and “Fun Time” Frankie Gavin the show was already looking good.

As the undercard has been put together for this massive show that is being held at the Barkley card arena Birmingham (old NIA) on the 22nd October (date dropped on the column back it August by Jon Pegg) the show which already was a must see is now a got to see if you are in are interested in boxing or not. Eastside have got a number of fighters on the show and they have been nicknamed “The Magnificent Seven” the boxers are Sam Eggington, Craig Cunningham, Marcus Ffrench, Don Broadhurst, Ryan Kelly, Jordan Cooke and last but not least Cori Gibbs.

This is going to be an amazing show and will put Birmingham and especially Eastside on the map stacking Birmingham’s claim to ring a boxing city.

Dexter’s Thoughts

It is an exciting time to be around boxing in Birmingham, October is going to be a great month with TOP pro boxing show at The Holte suite Villa park on the 21st with Charlie Lee William’s topping the bill and the Birmingham Boxing Column’s boxer to watch Jordan Lynch making his pro debut. Then on the 22nd The Battle of Brum Eggington v Gavin and the rest of the Magnificent seven and also English champ Sean Davis. This shows are st to be cracking events and after chatting to people in the boxing game and looking at some more footage I am back on the fence with the Eggington v Gavin fight I just can't split them. The Birmingham Boxing Column have already got press passes for the TOM promotions show and hopefully we'll can get some for the Battle of Brum.

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