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Showdown's New Interim Heavyweight champion Dan Podmore

Showdown's New Interim Heavyweight champion

Dan Podmore

Daniel Podmore is a 6 foot tall unlicensed orthodox Heavyweight boxer. The 28 year old has a good record having 17 fights, winning 13 and drawing 2. Daniel fights out of the Golden Gloves gym in Cradley Heath and is trained by Lee 'Jeavo' Jeavon and Dave Halloran and is the current GCO ring sport heavyweight champion and the Showdown Entertainment interim heavyweight champion.

I asked Dan who his favorite fighter was an why? He informed me “my favorite boxers are Tyson and Nigel Benn, both just for being forces to be reckoned with in the ring with unbelievable knock out power”.

When asked what is the best fight he has ever seen was? He informed me “the best fight I've seen is probably Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward.

I asked Daniel how long he had been boxing for and what inspired him to take up the noble art? Daniel said “I've been boxing on and off since I was 11 or 12 but I got involved with other disciplines, but came back to boxing. I have been taking it serious for the last 2 or 3 years and have been training properly. I was inspired to boxes by the Rocky films after watching them I wanted to fight”.

His hardest fight to date was against a guy named Kent Kaupinnen from Chippenham, Dan

informed me “we fought at the Oasis leisure centre in Swindon for I am promotions. Kent was a well named guy round that area and had great Knock out power, we battled for 3 rounds I knocked him down in the first and I thought I won the fight but the verdict was a draw, I wasn't to happy”.

I then asked Dan about his pending fight on December 2nd on Showdown "Catching Fire" Show, he told me "Yes I feel good! Now I know that myself and other people wanted to see me fight Shaun and the opponent changed at the last minute but I train to fight anybody and not many can withstand the power I have! Props to David for stepping in but it would've been the same outcome whoever they put in there I'm just excited now to get in there with Shaun December and finally see who really is on top! And the better man! It's gonna be one not to be missed".

Dan finished by saying “My boxing goals are to clean up the heavyweight division and take all the belts then possibly turn pro in the near future, see what that brings”.

Dexter's Thoughts

Dan is a hard hitting heavyweight who has got a goal of taking over the unlicensed heavyweight division. He is now in line to take on the newly crowned Showdown heavyweight champion Shaun Duffy. I have reffed Dan twice and was not really impressed the first time I watch him, but in his interim title fight he cut the ring down well and showed true heavyweight power. If he can beat Shaun Duffy to become the real Showdown champion he will be one step closer to taking over the heavyweight division.

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