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  • Dexter Hastings

Bragging Rights Review

Bragging Rights


Bragging Rights has definitely put boxing in Birmingham firmly on the map, with Midlands, English and WBC international belts on the line and a lot of the show being live on Sky sports Bragging Rights Show cased boxing in Birmingham.

The Birmingham boxing column were there and watched all of the 13 bouts of boxing as how can you give a honest review it if you weren't there!

Late fights

After live show

Lennox Clarke v Adam Jones

6 x 3 min

Super Middleweight

Clarke boxed well against a tough opponent in Jones who seem to come to win. Jones had little moments in the fight but Clarke controlled the fight and I thought won all 4 rounds.

Dexter verdict

40 – 36

Refs verdict

40 – 37

Clarke wins

Jordan Cooke v Andy Keates

10 x 3 mins

Midlands area Super Lightweight title

Keates showed he was the champ in this Midlands area title, he won 5 out of the first 6 rounds and drew one of them on my card. Cooke fought valiantly but just could not match Keates, in the 8th round Jordon got some joy when Keates went over and it was classed as a knockdown. In the 9th Cooke had a point taken off for a low blow and lost the round 10 – 8. Both fighters went for it in the last round and it ended even.

Dexter's verdict

93 – 98

Refs verdict

93 – 96

Keates retains title

Marcus Ffrench v Robbie Barrett

10 x 3 min

English lightweight title

Barrett boxed a slick and clever fight boxing from range and using the ring well. It seemed to be a frustrating night for Ffrench as he chased Barrett around the ring to land his shots. Ffrench did have some joy in the later rounds but that allusive knockout punch never came.

Dexter's verdict

93 – 99

Barrett wins title

Undercard Before Live Show

Corri Gibbs v Michael Mooney

4 x 3

Super Lightweight

Both boxers were busy in the first round Gibbs edged the round with the better ring work. Gibbs caught Mooney with some good shot in the second but slowed in the third round but still controlled the round. In the 4th Mooney stepped it up but Gibbs controlled the round even with all of Mooney’s showboating.

Dexter's verdict

40 – 36

Refs verdict

40 – 36

Gibbs wins

Brian Rose v Stiliyan Kostov

8 x 3

Super welterweight

The first 3 rounds of this fight were very even with Rose just edging 2 of them on ring work. Rounds 4,5 and 6 saw Rose control the ring and use his jab well and let off some nice 1, 2’s winning all 3 rounds on my card.

In the 7th Rose left hand was in Kostov’s face all the way threw this round and started banging in hard shots in the final round but Kostov stood firm and saw out the round.

Dexter's verdict

80 – 72

Refs verdict

79 – 73

Rose wins pionts

Joe Sheriff v Tzveozar Iliev

6 x 3

Super middleweight

Sheriff started strong and controlled the fight banging in some good hard shots in the first and second rounds winning both of them, in the third he used Iliev as a punch bag and did what every he liked to his Bulgarian opponent. In the forth Iliev was put out of his misery by some cracking shot from Sheriff who caught him with a nice right hand putting him down. The ref counted but then stopped the fight 2 minutes and 44 seconds into the forth round.


Sheriff wins by stoppage in 4th

Don Broadhurst v Louis Norman

10 x 3

English Super Flyweight title

This was a very even fight with both boxers showing there skills for the 6 round as it went back and forth with not much to split them, at the end of the 6th I had Don 1 round up. In the 7th and 8th rounds Don took over and got some great shots off while Norman seemed to fade, highlight of the round was Broadhurst’s 3 left hooks in a row. In the 9th both fighters looked tired but both battled hard, in the final round Norman went for it and caught Don with some good shots. Broadhurst stayed composed and saw the round out.

Dexter’s verdict

99 – 97

Judges verdict

94 – 94