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Women's Boxing Club Fire in the Ring

Women's Boxing Club

JaM Promotions

Fire in the Ring

The WBC and JaM promotions set the Irish Centre Digbeth on fire last weekend with there all female boxing show “Fire in the Ring”. The Birmingham boxing column was there to report on the WBC’s all female show. All bouts of boxing were over 3 x 2 minute rounds.

Fight 1

Diana “Dynamite Di” Collins (WBC)


Lady Luck (Fitzpatrick's gym)

Diana moved around the ring well but Lady Luck who looked physically bigger and stronger, controlled the ring and the fight. Diana boxed well but Lady Luck used some good jabbing and caught Diana with some good right hands. In the final round Lady Luck walked Diana down but Diana worked hard and saw out the round.


Lady Luck

Fight 2

Amazing Annie (WBC)


Spider (WBC)

The first round started off slow but both boxers got there shots off when they threw them, Annie showed why she is nick named “Amazing” with some good combos at the end of the round.

Corner pulled Spider out of the fight at the end of the first.


“Amazing” Annie

Fight 3

Laura “Lights Out” Watkins

(Northampton boxing club)


Chaotic Claire

Both boxers started well and went for it from the start, Watkins took control later in the first round and showed she was the better boxer. In the second round Claire was given a 8 count after she was caught by a good shot, Claire’s corner called the fight off after Claire was caught again later in the round.


Laura Watkins

Fight 4

Jenny “The Cobra” Collins (WBC)


Aman “The Redbull” (WBC)

Aman was given loads of encouragement by her corner in the first round, Jenny boxed really well and caught Aman with some good shots notably some cracking right hands. Aman was given a standing 8 in the second and Jenny couldn't seemed to miss with her right hand sometimes doubling them.


Jenny “The Cobra” Collins

Fight 5

Abbie Solan (WBC)


Junior (WBC)

Cracking fight and a candidate for fight of the night, both boxers went for it from the start, throwing good shots and battling well. The fight went back and forth with both boxers working hard, in the final round Abbie took the first part of the round but Junior came back strong and both boxers finished well.



Fight 6

Hannah “The Hammer” Gaudsen

(Northampton boxing club)


Scary Carey

Another contender for fight of the night, the first round started fast and was a complete tear up, both boxers went for it with Hannah having the better boxing skills, but Carey was relentless. In the second Hannah Came out swinging, Hannah matched her and caught Carey with some good shots. The third was another great round with Carey fighting fearlessly but Hannah’s boxing skills shone threw.


Hannah “The Hammer” Gaudsen

Fight 7

Alina “The Warrior” Lawrenson

(Northampton boxing club)


Demon Di Barton


After a scrappy start Alina started to take over the first round with her work rate, Di kept coming forward but the better boxing was from Alina. In the last round Di kept the pressure on and began to over power Alina. Alina was given a standing 8 count in the third, Di dominated this round.

I had the fight a draw


Demon Di Barton

Fight 8

The Jacko (WBC)


Paula “Polish pit bull”

Jacko came out strong and used her size to her advantage, Paula boxed well and and The Jacko did not seem to like it when Paula put the pressure on. In the second Paula came out strong and had the better start of the round, the Jacko came back and Paula was given a standing 8 count by the ref. In the third Jacko came out swinging both boxers looked tired, Paula was given another standing 8 count.


The Jacko

Fight 9

Sarah “Stretch” Coleman

(Northampton boxing club)



Sarah started the round well and looked sharp, LB came back well and caught Sarah with some big right hands. In the second Sarah used her jab well but L.B piled on the pressure and threw loads of shots, the ref stepped in and gave Sarah a standing 8, L.B finished the round strong. In the third L.B piled on the pressure from the start and pushed Sarah around the ring. Sarah was given another standing 8 count just at the end of the round.



Fight 10

Rosie (WBC)


Miss Clova (WBC)

Clova came out strong but Rosie matched her punch for punch and pushed her back knocking off Clova’s head guard off twice in the first round. The second round was a non stop battle as both boxers went for it. Rosie had her gum shield knocked out but then managed to give Clova a standing 8 count. The final round was an all out war, both fighters gave it there all, Rosie boxed better and won the round.



Fight 11

Louise “The Lioness” Gibbs (WBC)


Rachel “The Drum Dog” (WBC)

Rachel tried to boxes clever in the first round and kept it at a distance. Louise kept moving in close and getting her shots off but Rachel matched her. The second round was controlled by Louise pushing Rachel back, the second part of the round Rachel came back but Louise won the round. The third round Louise came forward and was relentless, Rachel fought back but Louise just had to much left.


Louise “The Lioness” Gibbs

Fight 12

Gee (Micky's boxing gym)


Nadine (WBC)

Gee showed some good boxing skills in the first 2 rounds, with some sharp and stylish boxing catching Nadine with some good shots. The final round Nadine took control of the round Gee stayed strong and got threw the round.



I contacted Jason Lowe one of the promoters of the show and asked him how he thought it went?

Jason informed me “WBCs FIRE IN THE RING

What a fantastic display of both boxing & fighting by all 24 women on the show.

After winning the Birmingham Sports Awards in September for club of the year, the club had been buzzing and looking forward to this event.

The show showed some great grit and determination by all the females who boxed.

JAM promotions is so happy with the level each fighter reached and achieved.

Some even breaking personal goals.

Having 3 visiting female clubs attend is also now showing how strong and productive women's boxing is getting.

The feed back we are getting is fab and constructive. We are growing slowly and gracefully.

The WBC branding is getting more recognition and reaching a wider audience.

This was our 3rd show and it's followed the line of good solid entertainment in this sport.

From Ex-professional boxers to medics at ringside. Ticket holders to the venue manger, all have fed back how much they thought the show was fantastic and positive.

We now look forward to keeping the brand even more fresh and stronger to attract a larger number of participants.

Enquiries came in the following day about signing up and training with WBC.

We look forward to helping and getting our next venture penciled up and in the making.


Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing, the WBC and JaM promotions really put on a great show, well done to all female boxers who fought on the show you really did make “FIRE in the Ring”. All the fights were fought with a lot of heart and some of the boxing on show was better than some of there male counter parts. Boxers who caught my eye for there boxing skills were Jenny Collins with some cracking right hands sometime even doubling them, Hannah Gaudsen had great ring craft and Gee who looked nice and sharp, moved well and when things got tough held in there. There was also the big hitters like Jacko, L.B and Paula who seemed to have a good dig on them. All in all it was a great show and I am looking forward to the next WBC show early next year.

WBC Fire in the Ring Clips