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Unlicensed Fighter Brummie Ash

Boxer Unlicensed

Brummie Ash

Ashley Doveston is a 25 year old unlicensed boxer original from Birmingham Erdington, but now living in the Lancashire region. Nicked named Brummie Ash and now fighting at welterweight he has had 7 Unlicensed fights and has won 5 of them. The 5 foot 5 southpaw, informed me “I won the light middleweight area champion title on the Zakk the Ripper promotion but I have now dropped weight and I'm fighting at Welterweight”.

Ash boxes out of a gym called Wachria gym in Lancashire he is trained by Craig Mac.

His favorite boxer is Mike Tyson from back in the day, but he told me “there are a so many

good boxers to choose from, but I like a few so to many to choose from”. The best fight he has seen he said “ there are to many to choose from”.

Ash has been boxing for under 11 months and was inspired to take up the noble art by hitting a punch machine and being called a puncher.

Ash then informed me “I now take my boxing serious and train 7 days a week”. When asked about his hardest fight he told me “I haven't been tested yet, I'm still still waiting for the hard fights”.

Ash added at the end “when I first started boxing I was 14 stone 4 I have dropped 4 stone to be were I am now.

I believe I will be unbeaten in the unlicensed at my new weight I’m ready to fight anyone in the country to get my name out there”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I have reffed Ash on a Showdown Entertainment show this year and he looked like a decent fighter, he didn't get the decision that time but was Impressive. Ash seems to be desiccated to his boxing and has dropped a lot of weight, the column will be looking forward to seeing Ash on future shows.

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