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Showy The smallest Professional in the UK

Showy The smallest Professional in the U.K

Reiss Taylor is a 26 year old flyweight who is in the process of acquiring his professional licence. Fighting under the name of Showy the showman this 4 foot 11(no this is not a typo) switch-hitter from Handsworth Birmingham will be the smallest pro boxer in the U.K.

The former Aston Villa youth team striker/midfielder who played for them from 8 year of age to 16 turned to boxing when he was 20.

As an amateur Showy won 2 Midlands championships and a National title at York Hall while fighting for Aston ABC.

He now boxes out of Eastside boxing club and is trained and managed by Jon Pegg.

I asked Reiss what the best fight he has seen was he informed me “The best fight I have seen is Mayweather vs Arturo Gatti”. When asked who his favourite boxer is he told me “Floyd Mayweather and Sweet pea Pernel Whittaker for defensive skills and wizardry”.

Showy has been boxing for just over 5 years and was inspired to take up the noble art after watching David Haye V Klitchko.

Showy ended the interview by saying “I love boxing because I can control my own destiny and become a champion”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I watched Showy spar at Eastside gym while doing interviews with the Pros, I was very impressed by the skills he had and proved size does not matter. After chatting with him I could tell that he is a very confident young fighter and thinks he can go all the way. Showy will start his career with the tag of the smallest boxer in the U.K and under the tutelage of Jon Pegg I am sure they will use this tag to there advantage. Showy will be an inspiration to every one showing that if you believe in yourself you can do anything. The Bbcolumn will be looking forward to Showy’s Pro debut.

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