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Ex Professional Boxer Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor Ex Professional Boxer

Karl Taylor (51) is an ex Professional boxer from Birmingham who fought over 165 times as a pro. Karl was a true Journeyman losing 142 of his fights drawing 7 and winning 16, and accumulating over 820 rounds of boxing. Taylor a Midlands title as a pro and had over 50 fights as an amateur for Dave Tully (RIP) at Ladywood ABC. As an amateur the 5 foot 5 orthodox super lightweight/ welterweight won a senior Birmingham title and was a semi-finalist for the Midlands title.

Karl’s best victory came at welterweight against Dinga Tobella who went on to beat Glen

Cantley at super Middleweight to become a 3 Weight world Champion.

Karl’s favorite fighter is Julio Caesar Chavez and his hardest fight was against Michael Ayres, Karl told me “I drew with him then he stopped me on cuts in the 8 round for the British title”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Karl is one of the great journey men of British boxing taking on all comers with little or no notice. Karl didn't win many fights but has been in with some of the best boxers from around his era like a young Kell Brook and from the Birmingham area Malcolm Malvin and Shaun Cogan he may have lost these fights but all of these fighters went on to fight for Area, British and World titles. Karl still has a go in the white collar unlicensed scene and still trains and teaches at Narna’s Gym Bartley Green, Birmingham. Karl has a great wealth of knowledge about boxing and with a pro career of 23 year stretching back from 1987 to 2010 he could show the new up and coming boxers a thing or too. Like I have always said Karl and Journey men like him are the back bone of British boxing and bring on the up and coming boxers and will step in to a fight at late notice. If it wasn’t for the likes of Karl and his fellow journeymen boxing would have died years ago at a local level.

Colin Lynes vs Karl Taylor

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