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Unbeaten fighter Brad Foster

6 and 0 Brad Foster

Brad Foster is a 19 year old professional super Flyweight from Lichfield who has a unbeaten record of 6 wins out of 6 fights stopping his last opponent in the first round of his match. The 5 foot 7 orthodox fight told me he has trained at many gyms around the Birmingham area in Northfields, Kings Heath and the Jewellery quarter. His coaches and trainers are Richard Waller , Paul Collins , Simon Akufo and Martin Foster.

I asked Brad who his favorite boxer is? He informed me “my favorite boxer is Johnny Tapia because of his style of fighting and his story, he was inspirational to watch what he had been through and then to become a world champion”. Foster added “Another favorite fighter of mine at the moment is Vasyl Lomachenko, he is always a great fighter to watch and learn from with amazing skills and angles when he fights”.

I then asked the young fighter, what is the best fight you have ever seen? Brad told me “I think one of the best fights I’ve watched would have to be Hagler v Hearns, they were straight at it from the first bell. It was just a real entertaining fight and a real classic boxing match, very entertaining for the people”.

Brad has been boxing for about 14 months but before that he was a kickboxer from the age of 9, where he won 9 world titles, 5 European titles, 2 British titles and 2, 5 nations titles.

Brad informed me “when I was kickboxing people always said I was more of a boxer, so once I turned 18 I decided to turn pro and here I am now 6 fights on, I am always learning and progressing everyday”. Brad continued “It was a new challenge for me as I felt I achieved a lot in kickboxing”.

I then ask Foster what his hardest fight has been, he informed me “I think all my fights so far in boxing have all been different, I have fought many different styles of fighters which is good because that enables me to learn more and gain the experience of fighting a different styles while I’m in there. I look at every fight as if its going to be my hardest fight, you have to go in there 100% because its boxing, anything can happen that is why you have to put that hard work in everyday to ensure your in top shape come fight night”.

Brad ended the interview by saying “I have lots of Support from my sponsors and my army of people from all over the Midlands and Staffordshire such as Lichfield where I’m from, Rugeley, Northfield, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall and from all over Birmingham as well. I’d just like to thank everyone who comes to support.

My Sponsors are:

S.Hutchings Hire & GroundWorks (Lichfield) , Fosters Of Lichfield , Tyres R Us(Eddington) M&B Build & Demolition and Peak Supps.

Dexter's Thoughts

Brad is another kickboxer who has turned to the noble art of boxing and has hit the ground running winning his first 6 fights and getting his first stoppage in his last match. I was there for his last fight and have got to say I was very impressed. Brad shot selection was excellent and he switched from body to head like a veteran. There has been talk of Brad being matched up against another kickboxer turned boxer namely Kyle Williams. Kyle has also got a stoppage stopping his opponent with like Brad a great shot selection. This would be a great match up and test for both fighters in the near future especially if the both keep there unbeaten records, who probably have to be for a title like a challenge belt but at the moment it is just all talk. Brad is a very exciting fighter who could go far, the Birmingham boxing column looks forward to seeing how this young fighter progresses.

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