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The Sting Returns to the Ring

The Sting Returns To The Ring

Dexter Hastings puts the gloves back on

Myself, Dexter "The Sting" Hastings a 4 time 2 weight unlicensed champ announced last week that I intend to put the gloves back on at the age of 46 and enter the squared circle for the 19th time. I have been in talks with Fightden and D&A Promotions to fight on there summer show Fists of Fury 3 "the Trilogy" on the 15th July 2017. I have agreed the fight on the show for the Semi-Professional boxing federation Midlands area Heavyweight title currently held by Damion Gardener in a 4 times 2 minute round fight in 10 ounce gloves.

The show will be held at he H-Suite Edgebaston and if Its Is anything like Its predecessors It will be a packed out show with a great line up of unlicensed boxing talent. Gardener is a the current SPBF Midlands Heavyweight Champion and has only lost once in 9 fights, he will be a very credible opponent and at the age of 29 he very much has youth on his side.

I refereed Gardeners last fight against multiple promotion belt holder Dan Podmore, which saw Gardener get a good hard fought win on points. I was impressed at what I saw but did see somethings that may work in my favour and it will be up to me to make them work. Gardener has got youth (29), power and speed on his side, but in return I have experience, reach, height, movement and a "Fear no Foe" mentality, with all these elements this has the potential to be an explosive fight.

People have asked me "don’t you think at the age of 46 you are to old to be fighting?" To this I say "Maybe, but I'm like a fine wine, I get better with age", I also drop my old quote of "there has been many a good tune played on a old fiddle, and I'm a Stradivarius".This fight is going to a tough one for me there is no doubt in my mind about that, but I still have the winning mentality and the desire It takes to win titles. I set up a 8 week camp for my last fight against the Unlicensed Legend Malcolm Stowe at Fightden last year and this worked really well for me as I won my 4th unlicensed title. I intend to do the same again and train even harder for this fight to attempt to role back the years and win yet another title.

Tickets for Fists of Fury 3 "The Trilogy" will be on sale from the fighters closer to the show.

Ticket prices are VIP - with a seat and table near the ring, waitress service and food £35

Standard tickets £25

This Is going to be a boxing event not to be missed and it will also be raising money for a very good cause (TBA)

I look forward to your support.

Dexter's Last Fight

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