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Marcus Carter Unlicensed Boxer

Marcus Carter

Unlicensed Boxer

Marcus carter is a unlicensed heavyweight boxer from Yardley Birmingham, the 6 foot 1 orthodox fighters unlicensed record stands at 4 fights with 4 wins with 2 of them coming by the way of knockout. Carter has also dabbled into the world of MMA/cage-fighting and has had 2 amateur fights winning 1 and drawing 1, he has also had a professional cage match which he won.

When I asked Marcus what gyms he has trained a? He informed me "I've trained at Stevie bs, Art of motion, the original Fightden at Wilcare for mma. For boxing I trained at Fightden Digbeth where I am trained by Shaun Cogan and Gilmores Steve Brumonts Sheldon gym".

We then got on to the question of who is your favorite

fighter and why? He told me "my favorite fighter is Mike Tyson, after reading what he had to go through, the hardships as a child and how hard hard he worked as a boxer. I don’t think he gets enough credit and his style was always just exciting when he was at his peak he was faultless with great knock power, movement and counter punching. He had everything and was also a just outright savage". Marcus then talked about the best fight he had seen, the big man said "my favorite fight is Micky Ward against Arturo Gatti 1, just for the pure war an heart shown in the fight, neither giving in just standing and trading, they are my kind of fight".

Cater has been boxing for 7 years and when I asked him about how he got into the noble art he explained. "I actually started boxing due to a knee injury sustained from martial arts meaning I couldn’t do the ground work and kicking aspects of it".

My final question was, what has been your hardest fight? Marcus replied "my hardest fight was against a a journey man I forget his name he was a late replacement too! I feel I’m quiet heavy handed an felt sharp on the night and I hit this guy with everything but he just ate them an keep smiling, theirs nothing more scary than that".

Cater finished by saying "I’m on my 3rd knee op now and its really hindrance on my training, but I hope to back in the ring by the summer. I have been training a few boxers and working corners etc and i can definitely see me going down that route".

Dexter's Thoughts

Marcus has only had a few fights but shows great experience and knowledge about the noble art when he is in the ring and when he is out of the ring. I have spared Marcus on a number of occasions and was very impressed. Injury has kept him out of the ring, but he holds great power and skill for such a big man. Hopefully He will be back in the ring soon so he can display his talent, I look forward to sparing him for my up and coming fight and reporting on his progress.

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