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Saturdays Book Club - Fear No Foe Chapter 28/29 final chapters.

Saturdays Book Club

Fear No Foe Chapter 28/29 final chapters.

Here are the final chapters in my novel Fear no Foe i hope you have enjoyed the book and would love to hear you feed back.

CHAPTER 28 Dexter had organized a car to pick them up at half passed 9; by the time they had got there the show had just started. Shay knew he had a 2 hour wait before his fight and the nerves had started to kick in. Kelly wished him luck and then went and sat with his Mom at ringside, the whole section of the crowd around them were there to support Shay, but they all had, had any Irish flags or banners taken off them on the way into the stadium by the security. The stadium was only half full when the show started with a couple of Dexter’s up and coming lads against boxers from the Goldsten stables. There was less than an hour to go before the title fight the stadium had started to fill up, Shay had got changed and started warming up and then started to get his hands taped up. Shay cracked the joke that eased the tension in the room and everyone laughed. Paddy then said to Shay “Kid this is your big shot, you have beaten him before and you will beat him again tonight, just jump on him from the start and don’t let him settle”. Shay nodded his head and replied “Thanks for all you have done for me Pad”, and then he turned to Kenny and said “and thank you Ken for sticking by me all these years”. Kenny smiled and replied “No son thank you, you have let me live my dreams through your eyes”. The man came in to call them to the ring, Paddy stood up and said “Right the kid, let’s go and win the World titles”. Shay smiled as he stood up and replied “To fucking right Pad”. They walked towards the entrance of the stadium and waited for his music to start. As soon as the fields of Athenry came on the boos rang out around the stadium, Shay walked out and the booing got loader. Shay tried to block it out, but it was hard as he could hear people next to the walk way shouting things at him, one person shouted “Fuck off home you paddy bastard”, another one shouted “You fucking I.R.A scum”. Kenny could see Shay was getting riled and kept talking to him all the way down the walk way. When he got to the ring the boos rained out even louder, he slipped through the ropes and then looked over at Kelly his Mom and the rest of his supporters he had got tickets for. They clapped and cheered, but were drowned out by the rest of the 105 thousand capacity crowd at Wembley stadium. Shay stood in his corner and the ref checked his gloves, a young lady then came into the ring, she was handed a microphone and started to sing God Save the Queen. The capacity crowd rose to their feet and all started singing along as Gary "Great" Britain walked into the stadium, as he walked towards the ring fireworks went off in the midnight sky, there was also a film of Gary’s best knockout shown on the big screens around Wembley, they had a laser show as well with the lasers spelling out Gary’s name in the summer sky. It was truly an amazing ring entrance and the crowd roared as Britain got into the ring with the I.B.F belt around his waist and his corner men holding the W.B.C and W.B.A belts high in the air. Shay never took his eyes off Gary Britain; Gary was trying not to make any eye contact with Shay. Shay knew this would probably be his only chance of winning the World titles. After all the announcements were made they walked to the centre of the ring for their final instructions, they found it hard to hear want the ref was saying because of the noise the crowd was making. Shay stared hard at Britain, but Gary wouldn’t look him in the eyes, the ref made them touch gloves and they went back to their corners. Shay took a quick glance at Kelly and his Mom and gave them a wink. The referee called for the bell and the first round was under way. Shay flew across the ring at Britain and smashed him with a big straight right hand, this sent Britain reeling back into the corner. Shay moved in and crashed a big left hook and then a right hook to Gary’s head, Britain tried to hold and get out of the corner, but Shay wasn’t having it. He stepped back just enough to be out of Gary’s reach and unleashed 5 straight shot to Britain’s head with everyone catching Gary clean. Britain had nowhere to go and tried to cover up, Shay moved in again and hit him with a right hook to the body and quickly switched it in to an uppercut that nearly took Britain’s head off. Gary crumbled to the floor; the crowd fell silent as they saw the golden boy put on the canvas for the first time in his professional career. The only people you could hear were the 1000 supporters cheering Shay on at ringside. Shay walked to a neutral corner and looked down at Kelly and winked. Kelly who was up on her feet shouted at Shay “Concentrate Shay, you got him”. Britain got up at the count of 8 the ref asked him if he was o.k. he nodded his head and raised his gloves and walked towards the ref. The ref then told them to box on, Shay rushed across the ring looking to keep the pressure on, Britain kept his guard up well and tried to stay out of danger. Shay bashed Gary all over the ring for the first 2 minutes of the round, but in the last minute Gary got his jab going and finished the round well. This got the crowd going again and the whole of Wembley was rocking. Shay sat down in his corner and Paddy told him to keesp going, but try and bob and weave a bit more as he was coming in. Shay looked relaxed in his corner; he knew he could stop Britain if he got the chance again. He stood up ready for the 2nd round. The bell went and Shay moved in, but this time Britain was more prepared and moved out of his corner, with some sweet sharp jabs. Shay bobbed and weaved trying to get on the inside, but Britain was moving well and his jab was catching Shay every time. Shay used his head and stopped trying to charge in, then got on his jab as well. Shay’s jab was far superior to Britain’s and Shay started picking him off with some great one, two’s. By the end of the 2nd round Shay had shown the world just how much better a boxer he was than Britain, he had started to embarrass Gary by making him make amateurish mistakes. Britain went back to his corner fuming at being made to look silly, Shay trotted back to his corner feeling pretty good about himself. Paddy sat him down and said “Very good kid, but you got to stick to the plan, rough him up kid, work his body, get nasty”. Shay replied “Paddy he couldn’t get near me when I boxed him”, Paddy then said “Kid, stick to the plan, listen to me”. Shay nodded his head and got up for the 3rd round very confident. The bell rang and Shay went straight to work dancing around shooting out his sharp jabs and right hands. Britain was moving well and blocking a lot of Shay’s shots, near the end of the 3rd round Shay got through with a stiff jab and an evil body shot that put Britain on the ropes. Shay went for the famous Casey special to finish Britain off, he smashed in a left hook to the body, but Britain brought his arm down to block it, Shay then turned in a left hook to the head, Britain slipped out of the way and crashed in a destructive right hook to Shay’s jaw. The right hook took Shay clean off his feet and Shay crashed to the floor. Britain raised his hands in victory as he walked to a neutral corner and the ref started to count. Shay was more shocked than hurt and stood up straight away; he could feel blood pouring down his face from above his left eye. The ref got to the count of 8 and took a good long look at Shay’s eye, he asked Shay if he wanted to continue and Shay nodded his head. The ref told them to box on, but before they got to each other the bell rang to end the 3rd round. Shay sat down in his corner and Kenny went straight to work on his cut, Paddy looked up at Kenny who said “It’s the cut from the last fight, he’s opened it back up”. Paddy asked “Is it fixable?” Kenny looked down at Paddy shook his head and mouthed the words “2 rounds maybe”. Paddy looked Shay deep in the eyes and said “Look kid, I aint going to lie to you, the cut is bad, you got 1 may be 2 rounds before the ref stops the fight”. Kenny then said to Shay still holding gorse to his cut “You can do this Shay come on son Fear No Foe”. Shay took a deep breath and nodded his head and got up for the 4th round. Britain came out strong and opened Shay’s eye back up with a cracking jab and a straight right, Shay winced as pain shot down the side of his face, Shay took a step back to get out of trouble, but this just spurred Britain on. He got Shay on the ropes and smashed him to the body with rights and lefts, Shay looked like he was finished and the ref seemed to be just waiting for the right time to jump in and stop the fight. The Wembley crowds were going crazy as they could sense that Britain was going to be victorious. Shay bobbed and weaved on the ropes, blocking as many shots as he could and then from out of nowhere he took a step to the side dipped down and brought up a tremendous uppercut that caught Britain clean on the chin. Britain stumbled back Shay followed it up with a big straight right which sent Britain sprawling across the floor. Shay walked to a neutral corner, blood was now gushing out of his cut and he watched on as Gary Britain tried to get back to his feet. The ref got to 5 and Gary had managed to get to his feet by pulling himself up with the ropes, he stood up, but as soon as he did his legs gave way and he fell to the floor again. The ref had no choice, but to wave the fight over. Shay collapsed in the corner from the shear emotion that he was feeling, his supporters went wild Shay was Champion of the World! Kenny and Paddy rushed over to him and picked him up off the floor. The ref came over and handed him the 3 belts, Shay’s eye was still pumping out blood and Kenny did his best to stem the bleeding. Shay saw Kelly as she got into the ring and went over to her. He took her in his arms and kissed, Kelly then said “Shay I have got something to tell you”. Shay stopped her and said “Well Kell, I have got something to ask you”. He then got down on one knee and said “Kelly will you marry me?” Kelly looked at him in shock and said “Are you serious?” Shay smiled and said “I’ve never been more serious in my life, Kelly will you marry me?” Kelly smiled and replied “Yes of course I’ll marry you”. Shay then stood up and hugged her; he then asked her what she wanted to tell him? Kelly smiled and said “Shay I’m pregnant”. Shay looked gobbed smacked. Kelly then said “So do you still want to marry me?” Shay smiled and hugged Kelly and replied “More than ever Kell, this is the happiest day of my life”. The M.C then announced the result to the title fight he said “Ladies and gentlemen you’re new super middleweight undisputed champion of the world Irish Shay Dempsey”. Shay’s Supporters went crazy as his hand was raised; even the rest of the hostile crowd had to applaud a great victory for Shay. He walked out of the ring with the I.B.F title around his waist and Paddy and Kenny holding the other 2 belts high in the air. Shay got his Mom and Sparky and some of the lads to come back to the changing room. Kenny cleaned up the cut above his eye and then the doctor stitched it up. Shay got up on the table in the changing room and announced to everyone that it was a triple celebration, Sparky shouted “You won the title and your getting married, what else we celebrating?” Shay looked down at Kelly and she nodded her head to say he could tell them. Shay then said “after I proposed to Kelly, she told me that she is pregnant, I’m going to be a Dad”. Sparky and the rest of the people in the room cheered the news. Shay looked down at his Mom and said “You ready to be a Grandmother Mom?” His Mom smiled and replied “It’s about time son, I’m so proud of you, you and Kelly are going to be great parents”. Shay got down and hugged his Mom and said” I just wish Dad was still here to see all this”. His Mom replied “He would be so proud of you son”.

CHAPTER 29 There was then a knock on the changing room door, Sparky answered it and was shocked to see Gary Britain who asked if he could talk to Shay. Sparky told Shay who it was at the door; the whole room went quiet as Shay told Sparky to let him in. Gary walked in and went over to Shay and said “I didn’t get to say it before you got out of the ring, well done, you beat me fair and square, and you deserve to be Champion”. Gary then put his hand out to shake Shay’s hand. Shay looked at Gary and could see he was sincere and that what he was saying was from the heart. Shay took his hand and shook it and thanked Gary for a great fight. Shay then told Gary that him and Kelly were getting married and having a baby. Gary congratulated him and Kelly and wished them all good health and happiness. As he was about to go Shay asked him “So Gary when are you and Emma getting married? That o.k. magazine are covering it aint they?” Gary turned around and said to Shay “There’s not going to be any wedding, I was told about her going to see you today and found out she had been stealing money out of my bank accounts, that’s why she wasn’t at the fight. I made her pack her bags and she has gone back to her Mom and Dad’s”. Shay shook his head and said “I’m sorry to hear that Gary, but trust me your better off without her”. Gary nodded his head and left. Shay never left Kelly’s side all night; he wouldn’t let her do anything and was being very protective over his fiancé. Shay left the celebrations early with Kelly and his Mom; he had booked his Mom a room at the same hotel as they were staying at. Shay got her booked in and made sure she was o.k., and then took Kelly and his 3 World titles up to their room. When they got into bed, Shay kissed Kelly and then said “Do you know what, even if I had lost the fight tonight, this still would have been the happiest day of my life, I can’t believe it we are having a baby Kell”. Kelly smiled and gave Shay a kiss and said “Well Shay you won the titles as well, so it’s an even better day, I’m so proud of you and I love you so much”. Shay replied with a big smile on his face “I love you as well Kell, now get some sleep, you need to keep your strength up”. They got up the next day and when they came down to the lobby of the hotel Dexter was there with his driver ready to take them home. He apologized for not being around at the end of the fight, but one of his other boxers had been taken to hospital after his fight, so he had spent all night with him. Shay told him not to worry about it and asked how the lad was doing? Dexter told him he was fine now, and would be out of hospital tomorrow. Dexter then said to him “I hear congratulations are in order, I’m made up for both of you. Getting married and having a baby Son, you don’t mess around do you”. Shay laughed and replied “We are not getting married because of the baby, I asked her before I knew”. Dexter then said “Well it’s all good Son, it will be the making of you, now we going to get out of here and get back to Birmingham”. They got back to Birmingham later that day; Dexter dropped Shay’s Mom off first and then Shay and Kelly. Dexter told them that he had organized a celebration party for him tomorrow night at The Squared Circle and he expected both of them there. Shay smiled and replied “Well we will see how Kelly feels Dext”. Kelly then said to Dexter “Don’t worry Dext, he’ll be there”. Dexter smiled and gave Kelly a wink and replied “Nice one Kell, I’ll see both of you tomorrow” Then got back in his car and drove off. As soon as they got into their house the phone never stopped ringing with people wanting to interview Shay, even some of the papers that had slatted him wanted to have a piece of him. After a few hours Shay decided to turn the phones off so they wouldn’t be disturbed. Shay waited on Kelly all night, and he wouldn’t let her do anything. He even got Marc De Paul to bring Kelly her favorite meal round. The next day, Shay asked Kelly if she wanted to come to the cemetery with him to visit his Dads and her Moms graves. Kelly smiled and said “Yes Shay that would be good, it’s been a while since we paid our respects”. They got to the cemetery around midday; they went and laid flowers on Kelly’s Moms grave first. Kelly started to talk to her Mom like she was standing in front of here, she told her about Shay winning the titles and that they were having a baby and were getting married and that she could not be anymore happier. Shay then told her Mom how much he loved her daughter and that he would always look after her. They then made the short walk on this hot summer’s day to Shay’s Dads grave. Shay looked down at the grave and said “Well Dad I did it, I proved you right, I’m Champion of the World. I wish you were here to see it, but I know you’re looking down on me and I really hope that you are proud”. Kelly then put her arm around him to comfort him, Shay then said “See Dad you were right there as well, you always said I should be with Kelly and now we are getting married and having a baby”. Shay fought back the tears that were building up in his eyes. He looked at Kelly and said “Kell I really I couldn’t be happier”, Kelly hugged Shay tightly and then said “I’ll give you some time alone with your Dad; I’ll just be over at my Mom’s grave”. Kelly walked over to her Mom’s grave and Shay bowed his head in prayer. The grave yard was quiet, Shay thought him and Kelly were the only people in there, but he was wrong. Shay’s silent prayer was broken by someone shouting at him “Ohh Dempsey your dead”. Shay turned around to see who had shouted at him and saw this scruffy looking bloke in a hoody standing just a few feet away from him. Shay said to the man “What’s your problem mate? Show some respect”. He then turned back towards his Dad’s grave. The man then said “What don’t you remember me Dempsey? You fucking ruined my life”. Shay turned around again and looked at this scruffy man, who to Shay looked nothing more than a bag head. Shay replied to the man “Sorry mate, do I know you then?” The man then pulled off his hood so Shay could see the whole of his face and replied “Take a good look Dempsey, it will come to you”. Shay looked deep into the man’s eyes and as soon as he did, he realized who he was. Shay said “Chav is that you? Fuck me you look rough, what’s your problem now?” Chav looked completely different, he had lost lots of weight and his face looked gaunt and drawn and his clothes looked ragged and worn. Chav replied snarling “My problem is you Dempsey, everywhere I look your there, on telly in the papers, you fucking ruined my life”. Shay shook his head and said “How the fuck have I ruined your life Chav? Did I make you take drugs? No I didn’t. Now do me a favor and fuck off”. Chav snarled and replied “Oh what you going to do Dempsey hit me, I forgot you’re the Champion of the World aint you”. Shay looked at Chav and shook his head and said “Chav, go back to the rock you just crawled out from underneath”. Chav stood there his face bright red with rage, he shouted “Dempsey I’m going to kill you”. Shay laughed at Chav and said “Do we have to go through all this again, you couldn’t beat me when you had your boys around you, so you got no chance now, now do me a favor and go away”. Kelly then came walking back over and asked Shay who his friend was? Shay smiled and replied “You remember Chav don’t you Kell”. Kelly looked at Chav and couldn’t believe it was him, she could see in Chav’s eyes that he had nothing but hatred for Shay and said to Shay “Come on let’s get out of here”. Shay nodded at Kelly and they started to walk towards the exit, but as they went to take their first step towards it Chav reached into his track suit top and pulled out a gun. He pointed it at Shay and said “Don’t fucking walk away from me Dempsey” When Shay saw the gun he moved in front of Kelly and said “What the fuck you doing Chav? There’s no need for all this, put the gun away and get out of here while you still can”. Chav moved towards Shay still pointing the gun at his head, he stood in front of him with the barrel of the revolver just inches away from his head, Chav smiled and said “Well this has evened the odds up a bit, hasn’t it Dempsey, you might be able to dodge a punch, but do you think you can dodge a bullet?” Kelly who was behind Shay petrified and said to Chav “All this is in the past Chav, just leave us alone”. Chav shouted at Kelly “Shut up you slag before I blow you’re fucking head off as well”. Shay who inside was scared stiff, but on the outside didn’t look like he had a care in the world said to Chav “Don’t fucking talk to her like that; it’s me you got the problem with”. Chav looked directly into Shay’s eyes and replied “Yeah you’re right, fuck off now bitch before I put a bullet in your head as well”. Shay told Kelly to go, but she refused to leave Shay. Shay could see in Chav’s eyes he was scared and thought to himself that he didn’t have the bottle to use the gun. He then said to Chav “Come on then, do it, here’s your big moment, shoot me”. Shay then moved forward and placed his head on the barrel of the revolver Chav had pointed at him. This seemed to unnerve Chav, who then said “Get on your fucking knees Dempsey and beg”. Shay smiled at Chav and replied very calmly “No Chav, I think I’ll stay as I am, now come on big man shoot me”. Kelly who was now crying her eyes out shouted at Shay “What you doing Shay he’s got a gun”. Shay calmly told Kelly to go again, but Kelly replied “No I’m only leaving when you leave”. Chav shouted at Shay again telling him to get to his knees. Shay replied “No” again and then said to Chav “so you going to shoot me or what?” Chav pulled back the hammer on the revolver with his thumb, as he done this Kelly let out a scream. This distracted Chav just enough for Shay to knock the gun away from his head. The gun went off, the bullet hitting a nearby grave stone; Shay tackled Chav to the ground desperately trying to get the gun out of his grip. They franticly wrestled on the floor, and then there was a muffled bang. For a second nether of them moved, then Chav pushed Shay off him. When he realized what he had done he got up, Kelly screamed and ran over to Shay, Chav looked down with complete fear in his eyes and ran out of the cemetery. Kelly turned Shay on to his back and rested his head on her chest; she called 999 and told them that Shay had been shot. The operator got the details and told her an ambulance and the police were on their way, Kelly got off the phone and tried to tend to Shay. Blood was pumping out of the bullet hole in his chest every time he took a breath. Kelly tried to comfort him, telling him the ambulance was on its way. Kelly could hear the sirens of the ambulance getting closer and said to Shay “Hold on baby, there nearly here”. With all the strength Shay had left, he lifted his hand and stroked Kelly’s face and in a very weak voice said “Kelly make sure our kid doesn’t grow up like me, make sure he gets the best”. Kelly smiled at the sound of his voice and replied “We will do it together Shay, you’re going to be o.k.”. Shay stroked her face again and with his very last breath said “Tell my Mom I love her and please look after her for me. Kelly I love you so much”. Shay’s hand then slumped down to the side of his motionless body, his eyes slowly closed and his head tilted to the side. The paramedics arrived soon after, but they could not revive him. Kelly was inconsolable, when they told her he had gone, the police took her away to get a statement and because of how upset she was. Shay was buried 2 weeks later at Witton cemetery in one of the biggest funerals Birmingham had ever seen. Shay was laid to rest next to his Dad. Chav was found dead 3 weeks after the shooting in a squat in Kingstanding after overdosing on heroin. 6 months after Shay’s death, Kelly gave birth to a baby boy and called him Michael Shay Dempsey who weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds. Kelly and Shay’s Mom moved into the new house Shay had brought and Brenda help raise her grandson. Kelly never promoted another boxer and put all here efforts into raising their child and building Marc De Paul’s into one of the best restaurants in the country. Over a year after Shay’s death Gary Britain won the vacant World titles back by beating Mason Mathews in a hard fought contest. Britain now promoted by Dexter Hastings humbly dedicated his win to Irish Shay Dempsey, the greatest boxer he had ever fought. Kenny Case closed Case’s gym and with the help of Dexter brought the run down Mohamed Ali centre just down the road from the old gym. They renamed the place Dempsey’s School of Boxing in honor of Shay and turned it in to one of the best amateur gyms in the country. They kept the Case’s gym motto Fear No Foe and dedicated a whole wall in the gym in memory of Shay Dempsey. THE END I hope you enjoyed the book, if you did make sure you read my first one Dexter – Have I Told You Yet the true story of my life in boxing. It is available at or by messaging me via e-mail to I am starting work on another book Dexter - What I Done Next the follow up to Have I Told You Yet; I am also going to be working on a book of short stories based on the fictional book Fear No Foe, taking characters from the book and seeing the story from their point of view. Thank you for reading and please feel free to send me your thoughts on any of my books at or by facebook – Dexter Hastings. Thank You

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