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BCB Promotions You Asked For It

Black Country Boxing Promotions

You Asked For It


BCB promotions presented a night of professional boxing at Walsall Town Hall on Saturday 30th October. The show consisted of 6 bouts of boxing with one female match of four 2 minute rounds, two four 3 minute rounders, two six rounder’s and the main event which was for the Midlands area middleweight title. With a packed out Walsall town hall the Birmingham Boxing Column was set to report on a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Lauren Johnson v Borislava Goranov

11-4 4x2 11-3


Johnson controlled the centre of the ring and got her jab working from the start. Goranova who has had over 60 bouts of boxing moved well but was out worked in the first. The second round was another round controlled by Johnson, the black widow seemed to be frustrated that Goranova wasn’t giving her a better fight. The third saw Goranova make a better account of herself having a go at Johnson. Johnson replied and again controlled the round. In the final round Goranova moved well around the ring but only to stay away from the Black Widow who staked her down and won the round easy.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-37

Johnson wins on points

Fight 2

Luke Caci v Curtis’s Garga

12-5 4x3 12.10

Light Heavyweight

Caci’s jab was solid and looked sharp, Garvan covered up well and got some good body shots off when he did attack. Caci won this just on his work rate. It was Caci’s jab again which was the telling punch in the second, Caci shit it out setting up some great combinations from it. The third saw Caci bang in some cracking body shots which seemed to wake Gargano up, Gargano started to taunt Caci which just made Caci hit him even more. In the final round Caci showed some great shot selection and movement, Gargano was always a danger with his big over hand rights, but the 3 and 0 fighter from Newcastle under Line controlled the round finishing strong and making it 4 without defeat.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 40-35

Caci wins on points

Fight 3

James Beech Jnr v Russ Midg

9-4 6x3 9-1


Midgley started brightly and looked like he was going to test the very talented Beech. As the round went on Beech banged in some cracking body shots that made Midgley think twice. Great speed and movement from Beech. Every combination Beech threw in the second ended with a hurtful body shot, Beech got his man down right at the end of this round with a arking right hand. Midgley took a 8 count off the ref after the bell rang. In the third Beech went out from the start with one intent to stop his opponent. The ref stopped the fight 40 seconds into the third round as Beech overwhelmed Midgley with a barrage of rights and lefts.


Beech wins

Ref stopped fight

Fight 4

Kyle Williams v Sergi Tasimov

8.5 6x3 8.2