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  • James Deen, Dexter Hastings

Rebellion TOPromotions

Rebellion TOPromotions Holte Suite Villa park 24/03/18 Tommy Owens Promotions held their latest show “Rebellion” at Villa Parks Holte Suite last week. Showcasing some of Birmingham and the black country’s brightest up and coming talent and veterans and with unbeaten D&A fighter Ishmael Ellis fighting for his first pro title the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Report by James Deen

Ellis ‘The Assassin’ Blake (Debut @ 10st4) vs Daniel Bazo (11st1)


The first round was pretty even with both fighters coming out strong and looking to take control. Ellis (Black shorts) settles in in rounds 2 and 3 as Bazo from Czech Republic tires trying to defend some heavy attacks. A clearly tired Daniel started to get frustrated during the fourth, but Ellis (Tamworth) looked solid searching for a knockout. A promising debut from Ellis.

Deen score: 40-36 Blake

Ref score: 40-36 Blake

Result Blake wins on ponts Jordan Shaka Thompson (2-0 @ 11st6) vs Liam Griffith (5-76-1 @ 11st12)


The undefeated Shaka shows his dominance straight away while Liam fighting out of Bognor Regis stays composed. Jordan in the distinctive leopard and black shorts is light on his feet and keeps his opponent guessing. Shaka owned the first round and continued to stay light utilising his long jab throughout the second round. Round 3 and Griffith has swelling under his right eye and had a warning from the ref for punching after a break. At this point Shaka is clearly showing his class in the forth as his tired opponent is only punching air. Shaka showing why he is undefeated.

Deen- 40-36 Thompson

Ref score 39-37 Thompson

Result Thompson wins on points

Idris Virgo (Debut @ 12st) vs Iain Jackson (11st13)


Idris from Birmingham takes his time sizing up the boxing out of Brighton as he hops about the ring. Idris in the white, blue and black shorts is boxing well, using 1-2’s to rattle Jackson. Round 2 and Jackson hits the deck after showing control over a quiet Virgo. A wobbly Ian continues to own the round. Idris comes into round 3 knowing he didn’t do too well in the last round despite knocking his opponent down, displaying great foot speed and rocking Ian with a big left hook. Virgo controls the 4th from the back foot in what was a good even fight.

Deen score 39-36

Ref score 40-37

Result Virgo wins on points Shaun Cooper (Undefeated @ 10st1) vs Liam Richards (10st1)


In the opening round Richards gets straight in to the mix but a switch on Cooper controls from the centre. Cooper continues to dictate the pace from the centre as cooper defends well with Cooper not really able to find a sure way through in the all the way through to the end of the 3rd. Shaun is showing good movement in the 4th timing some good punches after a few exchanges. A solid win for Cooper.

Deen score 40-36 Cooper

Ref score 40-36 Cooper

Result Cooper wins on points Kaisee Benjamin (3-0 @ 10st11) vs Rudolf Durica (1-16 @ 10st9)


Rudolf in the black trunks comes straight out looking for big shots but Kaisee stays composed clear the stronger fighter. Round rounds continue with scrappy boxing from Durica, looking for big strikes with nothing landing and pretty much blowing himself out by the end of the second. The fight only really picks up for Kaisee towards the end of the forth as he picks up the tempo. Another convincing win for Kaisee.

Deen score 40-36 Benjamin

Ref score 40-36 Benjamin

Result Benjamin wins on points Karl Wiggins (10-2 @ 11st2) vs Kevin McCauley (15-162-12 @ 11st1)


McCuley from Stourbridge comes straight in knocking down Wiggins (White shorts) stunning the crowd and Wiggins himself. Karl’s hand speed was not reduced but looks worried by Kevin. In round 2 the exchanges come thick and fast as Kevin’s experience shows but Karl is clearly the stronger fighter and starts to settle in to the round. Open the 3rd round with exchanges with a nice jab from Karl slowing McCauley’s fight. Karl is looking good now. The last round continued to entertain with excellent boxing from both. There were quite a few defensive mistakes up until the fourth round from both boxers, but this is my fight of the night.

Deen score 37-37

Ref score 38-37 Wiggins

Result Wiggins wins on points

Ishmael Ellis v Dean Evens British Challenge Belt 8x3 Ishmael Ellis (6-0 @ 9st9) vs Dean Evans (6-19-2 @ 9st10)

Vacant British Challenge Belt

8 x 3 minutes

Time is taken by both fighters sizing up one another before exchanges start. Evans in the green and black shorts seems to be over-reaching as Ellis picks his shots. Plenty of strikes landing between both fighters with the points leaning on Ishmael after the second round. In the 3rd Ellis leaves himself exposed on the offensive as Evans capitalizes. Good round for Evans. The boxing continues from both fighters in round 4 with Evans landing a big right hand for Ellis to answer right back ending in Evans being saved by the bell. Evans applies pressure in round 5 but not really phasing Ellis. Both continuing to show good boxing with plenty of fight let in both. As they begin the 6th, both remained focused boxers till Evans goaded Ellis and took a shot for his cheek. They both come out punching in the 7th. Ish takes a big uppercut causing a nose bleed and Evans starts to find a second wind after seeing blood. Ellis ending the round on the back foot. In the final round both fighters leave their seats punching having their points to prove. Great boxing from both as some big shots are landed with a right cross rocking Ellis. Ellis continues to fight as both look to finish. A good even contest as the final bell rings with the decision going to Ellis.

Deen score 77-75

Ref score 78-76

Result Ellis wins on points

Overall another entertaining evening of boxing with a huge well done to everyone involved. James Deen

Dexter’s Thoughts

Gutted I could not make this show, Tommy Owens Promotions are always great shows in a very good venue at Villa park. The show was a blue corner shut out with all the home boxers getting the wins. With Thompson, Cooper and Benjamin keeping there unbeaten records and Virgo and Blake winning on their debut it was already looking like a good night. The veteran Karl Wiggins set the stage with his win for the main event a British Challenge belt title fight. Unbeaten boxer Ishmael Ellis who trains out of D&A under the tutelage of trainer Anthony Hull won his first title on points. I am chuffed to bits for Ellis, he has had to do it the hard way coming from the unlicensed/white collar scene and is showing everyone it can be done. I hope to catch up with Ishmael very soon and see what he has planned next. The Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to attending the next TOPromotions show at Villa park on the May 5th.

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