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Battling Effort As Baker Stopped For English Title

Birmingham’s Kane Baker gave a battling performance when taking on Michael Gomez jr for the English Super Featherweight title at the Manchester Arena (13.04.24). Thirty three year old Baker was making his second attempt at claiming at English title which was part of the Matchroom promotions show streaming live on DAZN. Baker came into the contest with a record of nineteen wins two draws out of thirty-one contests with his opponent Gomez jr (29) record being twenty wins in twenty-one fights. Both fighters weighed in nine stone three with the fight scheduled for ten three-minute rounds with Mark Lyson reffing.

Cracking start of the first round as both fighters met each other in the centre of the ring and went toe to toe. Both boxers had joy with Gomez jr going to the body well and Baker landing several over hand rights which just edged him the round. Both fighters continued to go toe to toe in the second with Gomez jr getting the better of the exchanges going to the body well, Baker did land some good shots but Gomez won this round. Baker turned it up in the third pushing Gomez jr back landing some cracking overhand rights and worked the body well. Gomez jr sustained a cut due to a clash of heads and came back strong at the end of the round but Baker got this one for me.

Baker started the fourth strong working Gomez Jr on the ropes going head and body well, Gomez jr countered well and landed some big shots of his own winning him the round. The fifth was another toe to toe round with both fighters having joy, both fighters went punch for punch in a entertaining contest but would having to give the round to Gomez jr with the more eye catching shots.

Gomez jr came out in the sixth fast and landed a cracking combination which ended with a sweet that rocked Baker who as he bent forward was caught with another uppercut which put him to the floor. Baker got to his feet while the ref counted. Baker got to his feet and was allowed to carry on, Gomez jr came straight out and landed a cracking one two with the back hand dropping Baker with the ref Mark Lyson jumping in and stopping the fight thirty-six seconds into the sixth.

Gomez jr wins sixth round stoppage


Dexter’s Thoughts

I was gutted as I watched Kane being stopped by Gomez, it was plain to see how much work he had put into his training and preparation for this fight. It was still a great performance by Baker who if he had the power could have ended it several times as he landed multiple overhand rights on Gomez jr head. Baker lived up to his nick name ’MexiKane’ as he went toe to toe with one of Matchroom’s top super featherweights and gad a lot of joy. I would have loved to have seen Kane win this title he us one of the nicest fighters in boxing and if anyone deserved the rub of the green Kane does. Baker can come again and challenge for a title if he wants to, but at the age of thirty-three he has had a stellar career and has etched his story in British Boxing. I doubt very much that this is the last time Baker steps into the ring and I can see him having a few local fights before Matchroom call again to give ‘MexiKane’ a shot. I always enjoy watching Kane fight and look forward to seeing in the ring again.


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