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On Neutral Ground BcB promotions

BcB Promotions On Neutral Ground 4th May 2018

Black Country Boxing returned to Walsall Town hall for their latest show “On Neutral Ground” (4/5/18). With a great line up of boxing with four fights over 4 times 3 minute rounds, a female fight featuring the talented Rachel Ball over 4 times 2 minute rounds and a six rounder for Tyler Denny. The main event was over 12 times 3 minute rounds and was for the British Middleweight title with champion Tommy Langford taking on fellow West Bromwich Albion supporter Jason Welborn. The fight had been titles “The Battle of the Baggies” and the Walsall town hall was filled to capacity for this prestigious show. With Ben Walters comparing the show, Shaun Messer as ref and Fiona as ring girl the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Dave Allen v David Howe

19.6. 4x3. 18.9


Both fighters seemed to just feel each other out for the first part of the first round, Allen took control in the second part to win the round. In the second Allen banged in some decent shots but did seem like he was holding back. Round three saw Allen pick up the pace but still looked like he was holding back, Howe just wanted to hold when Allen came in on a attack. The final round saw Allen rough Howe up and started putting some pressure on, Howe touched down near the end of the round from the first proper shot Allen through, Howe didn’t make an effort to get up and the ref stopped the fight.


Allen wins 4th round stoppage

Fight 2

Shaka Thompson v Martin Kabrhel

11.2. 4x3. 11.9

Super Middleweight

Outstanding first round by Thompson, great combinations, shot selection and movement, credit to Kabrhel for staying in there and seeing out the round. The second was another clinical one with Thompson knocking his opponents gum shield out at the start of the round. Thompson in his south paw stance controlled the round and landed some eye catching uppercuts.Thompson dominated the third, smashing in heavy shots at will, how Kabrhel stayed in there is a miracle. At the start of the final round the ref had the doctor look at a lump that had appeared on Kabrhel's fore head. The doctor let him continue and Thompson continued his domination of the fight and some how Kabrhel got to hear the final bell.


Dexter – 4O-36

Ref – 40-36

Thompson wins on points

Fight 3

Rachel Ball v Monica Atonik

9.5. 4x2. 9.6


Nice fast start by Ball with some nice tidy boxing with some sharp fast combinations. The second saw some class shots from Ball, Atonik had a go back in this round but Balls workfare was just to much. In the third Ball really started to bang the shots home as blood poured from Atonik's nose, fantastic work rate by Ball again. Ball banged in some heavy shots in the final round, Atonik battled well to see the final bell, but Ball had won fight with great movement, combinations and shot selections.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 40-36

Ball wins on points​

Fight 4

Ross Hollis v Kevin McCauley

11 4x3. 11 Middleweight

Fight 4

Ross Hollis v Kevin McCauley

11 4x3. 11


Hollis banged in some good shots in the first round, McCauley battled hard and asked some questions but Hollis won the round. The second saw McCauley continue to ask Hollis questions, messing him about, calling him on and talking to him. Hollis banged in some good shots to win the round.

In the third McCauley continued to talk to Hollis and play him up, he also out some good shots together. Hollis continued to boxes smart and won the round with the better shots and work rate. McCauley was a bit more curious in the final round as Hollis worked hard to secure victory. McCauley made Hollis work to the final bell for him to get his second victory in his second fight.


Dexter – 40-37

Ref – 40-37

Hollis wins on points Fight 5 Tyler Denny v Raymond Sniede 11.10. 6x3. 11.13 Super Middleweight

Denny worked well behind his south paw jab in the first round, working Sniede body and head with someone notice combinations. In the second Denny really put the hurt on Sniede banging in some cracking combinations to Sniedes head and body. His lead jab then turning into a heavy hook which was the eye catching shots of the round. Round three saw Denny bang in some great combinations all starting with the lead right hand jab working the head and the body. In the forth Denny continued his excellent work and looked like he may get Sniede out of there as he rocked hem several times in this round. Denny controlled the fifth, Sniede got some good shots off and managed to cut Denny above the left eye. The final round Denny got his shots off well and cruised to victory winning every round.


Dexter 60-54 Ref – 60-54 Denny wins on points Fight 6 Kane Baker v Ibrar Riyaz 10.4. 4x3. 10.4 Welterweight

Nice tidy start by Kane getting some nice fast combinations off to head and body. The second was another round controlled by Kane, Riyaz did get some good shots off but Jane won the round with his work rate. Round three saw Jane stick to his game plan and box tidy behind his jab, Riyaz continue to apply pressure but Kane boxed well. The final round saw Kane take the centre of the ring and controlled the fight with great movement and tidy boxing.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref -40-36 Jane wins on points. Fight 7 Main Event British Middleweight title fight Tommy Langford v Jason Welborn 11.6. 12x3. 11 4

Great start to this British title fight with both fighters coming out strong and getting good shots off, Langford nicked the round with the cleaner shots. What a second round, Langford started well getting his jab going, Welborn then caught him with a viscous folly of left and right hooks which rocked Langford to his boots. The ref then gave Langford a standing 8 count, Langford seemed to have recovered but had lost the round.

Langford had seemed to have recovered at the start of the third and started the round well. Welborn pressed the Champ all the way and won the round on work rate, Welborn had also opened a cut above Langfords left eye.

Welborn continued to press and pressure Langford in the forth catching him with some big left and right hooks to win the round. Great battling fifth round with Welborn taking Langford to the trenches, both fighters gave it their all, even round. Round six’s saw Langford get his jab going again and started to box’s behind it, Welborn continued to pressure the champ but Langford got this round.


In the seventh Langford got back to boxing and controlled the round with sharp have and some nice combinations. Welborn was still pressing and getting good shots off but Langford won the round. What a round, Langford was controlling the start of the eighth then Welborn came back with some cracking hooks. Langford came back strong near the end of the round to nick it. Langford had worked his way back into the fight and in round nine he worked well behind his jab and started to pick his shots. Welborn pressed and pressured but Langfords movement and boxing won him this round.

Welborn had joy at the start of the tenth and seemed to be drawing Langford back into a war again. Langford got back to his boxing but I could not split them. Another tough round to call Langford work behind his jab well in round eleven and when he did he looked another level. Welborn continued pressing and pressuring the champ and again had joy as Langford got drawn into a war. The final round saw Langford start strong but Welborn coming back just as strong to give this British title fight a grandstand finish.


Dexter – 116-115- Langford Judges Judge 1 -113-114- Welborn Judge 2- 115-113- Langford Judge 3- 113-114- Welborn

Jason Welborn crowned the new British Middleweight Champion.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing at the Walsall town hall, the atmosphere was electric for the British title fight and the two fighters did not disappoint. But before I talk about the main event I have to talk about the great under-card, Dave Allen got the night off with a stoppage win against Howe.

Shaka Thompson put a great display of technical boxing to win a convincing victory and take his record to four wins and no defeats. I will give Thompson’s opponent credit for staying the four round distance as at times it did look like Shaka would get him out of there early. Thompson’s work rate and shot selection were fantastic and the column will be definitely be keeping a eye on this young boxer.

Rachel Ball was really impressive tonight showing great boxing skills and control of the ring, I think she is destined to go far in female boxing and should be picking up titles very soon.

Ross Hollis showed great skills against a trick opponent in Kevin McCauley, he didn’t get drawn in when McCauley attempted to draw him in. It was a very impressive performance.

It was great to see Tyler Denny back in the ring and in great form, he showcased his talents in a great six rounder and showed why he won the Midlands area title last time out. His shot selection, combinations and movement were on point and he should now be moving up to contest for more titles.

Kane Baker put on a great display, with nice tidy boxing and great combinations. With two wins in a row he is back to winning ways and with his 3 defeats being against unbeaten fighter and now being signed to Black Country Boxing Jane Baker's future is looking bright.

Now for the main event, what a battle, what a performance by both fighters. It was a fight of ​​two half’s with Welborn drawing Langford into a war for the first five rounds and Langford coming back in the second part of the fight to make this fight a close one. The last three rounds were pick um rounds where it was what style you liked promoted who won the rounds. Myself I could not split them in the final three but when I added up my score card I had Langford winning by one point.

The fight was won on a split decision and it honestly could have gone either way, the judges picked Welborn who has now won the title on his third attempt. There will have to be a rematch as it was such a great and close fight, hopefully the rematch will get the TV coverage the first one deserved.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing for having us there and we look forward to there next show.

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