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Ball will bounce back from defeat in Norway

Black Country Boxing's female fughter Rachel Ball lost a majority decision against former European and WBC international champion Katharina Thanderz as chief support for Kai Robin Havnaa v Rad Rashid IBO international title fight in Arendal Norway. Both Ball and Thanderz were undefeated going into this fight with Ball record being 4-0 and Thanderz being 10-0.

This was a great match up “the boxer verses the brawler” with Ball showing great movement ring craft and shot selection as she boxed well on the back foot. Thanderz who had came in 1 kilogram heaver than the agreed weight pressured the whole 8 rounds and got some great combination off on the inside. When the final bell went Thanderz got a majority decision with the judges scoring it 79-73, 78-74 and 76-76. Rachel put this status up on her apical media soon after the fight, she wrote “Last night I was awesome and no score cards will make me feel any differently. I stepped up over half a stone heavier than I usually fight and my opponent was overweight at weigh in, she was drained and knew she’d be putting the pounds on to refuel. My first time wearing 8oz gloves, my first 8 round fight, my first pro fight away from home and on a big show and I held my own every round, I out worked her and I used my movement and I was fitter. I’ve only had good feedback, people have said they thought I should have won or should have been a draw I can’t change that now but last night was a win for me as a person and fighter. I’m proud of myself and so are my team and fans. Make up your own mind by watching the whole fight because the highlights weren’t complimentary of my performance. Thank you to Gav & Errol in my corner, my sponsors, TMA, BCB and Sauerlands for the opportunity. Your messages of support have been overwhelming, thank you so much”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This fight was always going to be a hard one for Rachel to win, away fights are always the same, how does the old saying goes “you got to knock them out to get a draw”. This was definitely in play on two of the judges score cards, I had Ball winning the fight 78-76 and yes you may think I am scoring in Ball's favour because she is a Midlands boxer but you would be wrong. Ball boxed fantastic on the back foot getting great one twos off covering up when needing to and standing her ground when she had to. Her movement was great as she lead the raging bull around the ring like a ginger matador. Now I can see how the one judge scored it a draw as it could be conceived as a pick um type fight if you like clean tidy boxing you picked Ball if you liked pressure and aggressive fighting you would pick Thanderz. But two of the judges score cards gave it very wide but these are the risks you take fighting away from home. Ball and her team can walk away from this fight with a lot of prided and I’m sure the “Ginger Boxer” will bounce back and be back to winning ways very soon.

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