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  • Dexter Hastings

Ex Boxer Turn Author Andy Flute

Ex Professional boxer Andy Flute has put pen to paper and published his first book “Jesus in my Corner”.

The book chronicles his struggle to overcome a myriad of life-long challenges with violence and alcohol. For over 30 years, violence and alcohol were Andy's daily bread until one day by the power of prayer he managed to achieve what no amount of alcohol or prison incarceration could ever achieve. When he was at the point of death, intoxicated with alcohol following a ten day binging session his good friend John Crampton went to see his old mate and prayed for him with Pastor Steve. Andy was fighting the demon of alcohol he was on the ropes down for the count, Andy was a former caption of the English boxing team and a British Middleweight title challenger along sparring partner Chris Eubank and other World class fighters, knew what brutal fighting was all about. This fight was different, one he couldn’t win on his own strength. Andy felt an intense grip and destructive downwards spiral alcohol had on his life. Battered and bleeding with no more strength he called out to Jesus.

This is a truly inspiring book and shows that how ever bad life gets with faith and determination you can get though it. To get your own copy of Andy’s book “Jesus in my corner” you can contact Andy direct on 07702044266 or from Amazon books, paperbacks £9.99.  

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