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Frankie Gavin Ringside Boxing Gyms ABC Show

Frankie Gavin Ringside Boxing Gyms ABC Boxing Show 23/3/19

The Column were invited to the Ivy Leaf social club Sheldon to watch Frankie Gavin’s Ringside boxing clubs amateur show. There were 10 amateur fights on the cards which included two skills bouts and two senior bouts. The boxers came from Frankie Gavin’s gym, Aston ABC, Sherrington ABC, Capitol ABC, Donnington ABC, Newdigate ABC, Solihull ABC and Spire boxing academy. Comparing on the night was Darren Burridge as we were set for an entertaining night of amateur boxing.

Bout 1 Female Evie Kempson v Charlotte Challenger 3x1 Skills

Nice start to the night, nice tidy boxing by both fighters, Evie had a nice jab great bout with none stop boxing.

Bout 2 Taylor Spence v Kieran Everett Skills 3 X 1 and a half

Some nice tidy boxing by both fighters, Spence got some nice combinations off but so did Everett.

Bout 3 Max McCracken v Liam Wheeler 3 X 1 and a half Head guards

Lovely boxing in the first by McCracken who pressured the whole round with nice combinations. Wheeler was forced to box on the back foot in the second as McCracken pressured and came forward for the whole of the round with nice shots. In the final round Wheeler boxed well on the back foot turning McCracken a few times in the round, McCracken piled on the pressure winning the round and the fight.

Results Dexter – McCracken Judges – McCracken unanimous decision

Bout 4 Rian Turner v Luca Strong 3 X 1 and a half Head guards

Nice movement by both fighters with Turner just edging the first round with the cleaner shots. In the second Turner really started to put the pressure on but Strong fought back hard, Turner won the round with the better work rate. In the final round Turner caught Strong with some lovely back hand shots with some nice tidy boxing.

Results Dexter – Turner Judges – Turner unanimous decision

Bout 5 Jacob Turner v Jack Forward 3 X 1 and a half Head guards

Forward got some lovely right hands off in the first round against the southpaw Turner, Forward won the round with the cleaner punches. In the second Turner pressed and pressured but Forward could not miss with the right hand, Turner was given a standing 8 count by the ref due to one of theses right hands. Turner came out Strong in the final round and worked hard, Forward continued to box we’ll but have to give this round to Turner.

Result – Forward Judges – Forward unanimous decision

Bout 6 Dylan Clift v Finley Davies 3x2 Head guards

Clift pressured Davies all the way through the first round with Davies boxing well on the back foot, Davies won the round on work rate. The second saw none stop controlled pressure from Clift who picked his shots well, Davies continued to box we’ll on the back foot but was not doing enough to win this round. The final round was another high paced one by Clift, Davies popped out the jab but Clift won the round with great pressure and high work rate.

Result Dexter – Clift Judges – Clift unanimous decision

Bout 7 Christopher Dixon v Jacob Roberts 3x2 Head guards

Dixon came out fast in the first and got some nice combinations off, Roberts came back with Dixon showing great movement edging the round. There was lots of pressure by Dixon at the start of the second but Roberts boxed well on the back foot getting some nice one twos off. The final round saw relentless pressure from Dixon with Roberts still boxing well on the back foot, Dixon's work rate just nicked him this round.

Result Dexter – Dixon Judges – Dixon unanimous

Bout 8 Mike Murphy v Billy Gayles 3x2 Senior

Frantic start by both fighters as they tried to dominate the round, as it settled down and they started getting there shots off you would have to give it to Gayles with the cleaner shots. Good second round for both fighters as they both got good shots off, close round but would have to go for Gayle’s again. The third started as a full on tare up with Gayle’s gum shield getting knocked out twice. Murphy really put it on Gayles to win the final round.

Result Dexter – Gayle’s Judges – Murphy Split decision

Bout 9 Jay Turner v Richman Lassa 3x2 Head guards

Scrappy first round with the ref having to talk to both fighters about holding, when they did box Turner got some eye catching body shots off to win the round. Turner seemed to struggle with Lessa's brawling holding, style, Lessa worked hard getting some good shots off with Turner getting a share of the round when he was allowed to box. Turner was definitely not liking Lessa’s Ragamuffin style of boxing but got to showcase some of his boxing skills in the last round as Lassa tired.

Result Dexter – Turner Judges – Turner Split decision

Bout 10 Raphael McDowell v Negus Fraser 3x2 Senior

Both fighters came out strong trying to get there big shots off, Fraser then caught McDowell with a cracking left hook dropping McDowell who struggled to his feet but the ref stopped the fight.

Result Fraser wins first round stoppage.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Really enjoyed this amateur show, there was a very high level of boxing on display. There was a stoppage in the final fight with Fraser stopping McDowell, this was a heavyweight fight and from the first bell you could see this fight would end in a stoppage. Great shot by Fraser who had a Tyson like style, as for McDowell in the heavyweight division this can happen it’s just how you deal with it. If McDowell learns from this he can come back a better boxer.

Jay Turner struggled tonight with his opponents Ragamuffin style, he over come it and got the win but as his corner said to him after you will have fights like this. I have saw Turner box before and know how good he is, this was definitely a good test for him and he will learn from it.

Dylan Clift boxed really well tonight with some great controlled pressure boxing, I had watch Clift box before on the England select show and have been criticised for giving him a bad write up. I only write what I see and tonight Clift looked great, with controlled pressure great combinations and shot selection.

Max McCracken impressed me tonight, he is a proper little pressure fighter, who picks his shots well and get some nice combinations off. Following in his family’s traditional I can see young Max going all the way.​ Everyone else on the show boxed really well and I can honestly say I was impressed with the skills levels especially of some of the younger fighters. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Frankie Ringside Boxing gym for have me at there show.

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