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‘All The Lights’ Round Up TOP Boxing

Tommy Owens Promotions held their TOP Boxing tournament semi-finals at Planet Ice Solihull (9.9.23). We have reported on two of the semi-finals which are available to read in the links below. In this report, we will be focusing on the contests between Ryan Griffiths and Stefan Vincent and DJ Tollerton against Danny Williams. Both contests were scheduled for four three-minute rounds with Ryan Churchill reffing both of them.


Ryan Griffiths v Stefan Vincent     

9.10                  9.11

Good start by both fighters with Griffiths winning the round with the cleaner shots. The second was controlled by Griffiths who took the centre of the ring and controlled the pace. Vincent got some good shots off at the end with Griffiths touching down just at the end of the round and took an eight count. Vincent grew in confidence in the third and worked hard getting off some eye-catching shots to win the round. Both fighters went for it in the final round with Vincent just edging it.

Judge Kevin Parker scored the contest 39 to 38 Griffiths I had it 38 to 37 Vincent. Griffiths goes through to the semi-finals

DJ Tollerton v Danny Williams

 9.9                  9.10

Fast pace first round with Williams letting his hands go and landing some good shots, Tollerton came back with some good shots of his own but Williams won the round. Great second round as Tollerton came out firing landing big shots, Williams returned fire and Tollerton sustained a nick next to his right eye. Tollerton poured on the pressure landing a nice right hook dropping Williams, Williams got up and carried on with Tollerton landing some big shots but Williams fought back hard to see the round out. Williams looked spent in the third round as Tollerton banged in some big shots, Williams showed a lot of heart and fought back hard. Williams showed a lot of heart in the final round as he battled hard against the onslaught from Tollerton who won the round and a great fight.

Judge Chris Dean scored the contest 39 to 36 Tollerton I had it the same. Tollerton goes though to the semi-finals.


Final Four





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