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  • Dexter Hastings

Boxers in Lockdown (Part 2)

While professional boxing is taking in a standing eight count due to the Lockdown and all pro shows have been cancelled. The Column has contacted even more professional fighters to find out how they are coping with the Lockdown.

We contacted Kane Baker and asked him how he felt, he told the Column “I felt gutted mate, it was just before my English title fight and I’d had a great camp”. Baker was then asked about what he has been doing to keep fit in the Lockdown? The former Midlands area champ said “I have tried to tick over and did the first couple weeks but my Mrs diner (Knockout Diner) been busy the last few weeks with delivery so I have been busy in there and just doing odd bit of training now”.

When asked about if he had found any new training methods while at home and fight news? He told me “No new training just a new location my kitchen”.

Kane finished by saying “I’m still booked in for the English title, no news on dates. To be fair the way it is I would just like a date so tempted to take anything even behind close doors”.

Team GB amateur boxer Niall Farrell replied to the same questions with these answers. The hot prospect told the Column “It was quite a shock as nothing like this has happened before so it came as a shock. As everything is shut and there is not much to do however I’m helping my mom and dad build a bar in the garden so I’ve been grafting most days as well as doing sessions with GB and circuits that my dad has made up”.

Niall finished by saying “I haven't got no fight news at this moments in time, hopefully ill get a few fights before the end of the year”.

Midlands area contender Conah Walker had this to say about the lockdown, he said “It was a massive shock to my routine, but once I got used to it wasn’t too bad”. On his training he said “I’ve been doing a lot of running, and home body weight workouts”.

On fights he informed the Column “No news of fight dates as of yet, I’ll just keep ticking over and waiting for the phone to go with dates.

Female fighter Kirstie Bavington said this about the lockdown, she told the Column “I felt fine to be honest, I had a holiday booked to do Route 66 so had my fight in February and was looking forward to that (in Easter) and training in a few gyms in America. I’ve been training loads in my house, running and new exercise has been bike riding really. Did 6 hours today on the bike. Got a bag, weights etc at home. Training 4/5 hours a day so more time to work on my weaknesses in the ring. It’s just been like training like a full time athlete with getting paid so a dream really.” On fight news Kirstie said “no news of a fight. Still gutted about my last result of a draw so got loads of work to do. Hoping to come out of this lockdown fitter than ever, just doing shit with the dieting”.

English Welterweight challenge Kaisee Benjamin replied to the Column and inform us this. He said “When the lockdown happened I had not long boxed so for me it wasn’t a big deal as I could still train by doing runs. Since the lockdown has started I have brought a new bike to keep me more active. I have no news on my next fight yet but there will be lots of shows once the lockdown is over so I will continue training and keeping fit that way I will be ready for when the phone rings”.

Cogans Corner fighter Sean Davis told the Column this about the lockdown. Davis said “when the lockdown first happened I was gutted, I was due to fight that weekend in an 8 rounder against a good lad and was well on weight because of fighting the week before. Our gym also had to close so was devastated about that to because of not knowing when we will be back up an running. I’ve had to keep myself ticking over at home with plenty of running, shadow boxing, weight lifting , circuit training and bike riding . Also the misses has been getting involved and keeping fit to”. Onbfight news Sean said “I haven't got any news on another fight date just yet but will maintain the training until I do and it will be easier for me to get fight fit when the gyms reopen”. Davis ended with “Lockdown has been hard on a lot of people but having BCB and Cogans Corner always checking in on me has made it a lot easier and kept me on track”.

The ‘0’Taker' Ben Fields replied with this, he said “I was truly gutted because I was scheduled to fight for the Midlands title like the following weekend.

I’ve been doing a lot of running and circuits in the garden, my weight stays the same really I’m not one to go up in between fights

Cant wait to get back, I haven’t fought since Aappleyard in November so I want to get out asap and if its for the midlands still even better”.

On fight news Fields said “No news on any fights yet”.

Ben finished by saying “This lockdown has made me want to take even more challenges when all this is over, I never turn down a fight anyway and have took them on the day and won. But this whole situation has proven that nothing is guaranteed in life and even more so in a boxing career so you got to take the opportunities when they come”.

Dexter's Thoughts

Great to see all the pros keeping there fitness up and taking the positives out of the Lockdown. Haven’t got much to add to my last Dexter’s Thoughts on the last post about this. Just looking forward to attending a show very soon.