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Collins ‘Keeps Right On’ Making It Nine Without Defeat

Birmingham my City Fan, Tommy ‘The Machine Gun’ Collins took his record to nine without defeat in his first eight-round contest. Collins was headlining the Black Country Boxing Promotions show ‘Crunch-time at Lunchtime’ at the H-Suite Edgbaston (01.10.23). The twenty-five-year-old was taking on a very tough and very game opponent in Polish Marian Wesolowski who at the young age of twenty-one has entered the ring thirteen times and has three knockouts to his name. In front of a massive following Collins and Wesolowski both weighed in ten stone four in this Welterweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

High paced the first round with Wesolowsk showing he was not just up here to make the numbers up, Collins boxed well on the back foot shooting out some eye-catching shots but did get caught with some heavy right hands that he took well. Collins continued to box well in the second on the back foot as Wesolowski pressured and pressed Collins who won the round with some great fast combinations but Wesolowski was still landing some big right hands. Collins was now in the groove in the third and was moving well and getting classy combinations together to the head and body, Wesolowski was still game and kept coming forward but Collins was now in full control.

Wesolowsk still had a fire in his belly in the fourth as he made Collins work for the whole of the round, Collins showed great movement and shot-picking and eventually pushing Wesolowski back. Collins continued to move well in the fifth and landing heavy combinations, with Wesolowski pressing forward and landing some nice right hands. Collins was in full control in the sixth picking nice combinations with great movement and defence against an opponent who still looked dangerous. Collins moved well around the ring in the seventh picking eye-catching combinations while Wesolowski continued to press forward, great round of boxing by Collins. Wesolowski went for it in the final round and made Collins work until the final bell, he pressed Collins who put together combinations after combinations moving well and dictating the fight until the bell rang.

Judge Chris Dean scored the contest 80 to 72 I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

What a fantastic performance by Collins in his first eight round contest against a very game and youth opponent. Massive credit to his opponent who did not come just to make the numbers up and really went for it which brought the best out of Collins. Collins showed great movement and shot picking and showed he can do eight rounds at a high pace and is definitely ready to fight over ten for a title. I did think that he was getting caught with the right hook a bit easy but he took them well but as he moves up the levels thus could become a problem. Collins has a massive following and would be perfect to fight on the bigger promotion shows, I am surprised he hasn’t challenged for the Midlands area Welterweight title and I think that has to be his next port of call. Collins is a very talented fighter and is on course to fight for titles very soon and I can see him at least contesting for the British title in the next few years. I look forward to seeing Tommy ‘The Machine Gun’ Collins in the ring again very soon.


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