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Essomba Loses Title Fight

BcB's Thomas Essomba took on Sunny Edwards for his IBF International super Flyweight title live on BT sports (29,8,20). Edwards (24) is also the British Super Flyweight champ and is the younger brother of WBC World Flyweight champ Charlie Edwards. Essomba (32) who is a former Olympian was born in Cameroon and now resides in Wolverhampton had won 10 out of his 15 fights and was looking to add this title to his English, Commonwealth and WBA continental.

The first round saw both boxers just seem to be feeling each other out, but Edwards edged the round with some fast hands and the cleaner shots. Edwards then started to use great movement, good shot picking and great counter punching to win rounds 2, 3 and 4. Essomba pressed and pressured but just seemed to be a step behind Edwards.

In the fifth Edwards continued to pick his shots well, but Essomba got some good shots off to get a share of the round. In the sixth Essomba continued to press and pressure Edwards who was still moving well and got some good shots off, but Essomba won the round. Edwards turned up the pace in the seventh as he banged in some good shots at the start then picked his shots well on the move to win the round. The eighth was a frustrating round for Essomba as he started to talk to Edwards to try and get him to stand and fight, Edwards answered back with good shots but this was an even round.

In the ninth Edwards got back on his jab and moved well as Essomba continued to press.

Great movement and shot picking in the tenth from Edwards as Essomba chased shadows at the start of the round, Edwards seemed to twisted his ankle near the end of the round but won it with ease. Edwards was still moving pretty well in the eleventh as Essomba continued to press, Edwards stood his ground a bit more and just managed to nicked the round. Essomba threw everything at Edwards in the final round, Edwards just kept away and boxed on the back foot losing the last round but winning the fight.

The 3 judges called it like this, judge Phil Edwards had it 117-112, Marcus McDonnell had it 116- 112 and Terry O’Connor had it 117-111 all in favour of Edwards, myself I had it 118-112 to Edwards.

Dexter’s Thought

Have to say what a great performance from Edwards, he may have entered the ring with a five year olds girls hair style but his boxing was on another level. Essomba is a very talented fighter but was made to look ordinary due to Edwards outstanding display of boxing. Essomba looked a step behind Edwards and was just out boxed for a majority of the fight. I’m sure Essomba and his team will regroup and come again and I’m sure the BcB fighter has still got a few upsets in him.

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