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Has Sian Got The O'Toole's To Win Her First Title

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hot Female prospect Sian O'Toole has been given a golden opportunity to win her first Professional title in just her third pro contest. The twenty-four-year-old from Droitwich will be taking on the tough Southpaw Beccy Ferguson for the vacant Midlands area Featherweight title scheduled for 10 two-minute rounds. The contest is set to go on in Birmingham on the 20th of December at the Eastside Rooms promoted by Black Country Boxing Promotions and has the potential to be a Fight of the Year contender.

O’Toole had a Stella amateur career winning three national titles and is yet to lose a round in her two professional fights.

The Column caught up with Sian and asked her a few questions about her first pro title fight. My first question to O’Toole was, how did you feel when told about the title fight?

Sian informed me “We asked for the title fight, when they mentioned Beccy we knew she was at that level and could provide me with the fight I need at this level. She’s a tough girl on a three-fight win streak who will also be very confident so this will tell you a lot about myself”.

I then asked the talented fighter, you’re taking on a tough opponent in Ferguson will you be changing anything in your training? O’Toole told me “I train hard and I respect all my opponents the same. My coaching team knows Beccy very well, so I trust their guidance. I try not to worry about my opponent too much leading up to the fight and concentrate on bettering myself”.

My final question to Sian was, “How do you think the contest will go do you win via stoppage or points? Sian told the Column “Beccy is one tough cookie to crack and I’m sure she will keep coming but I know she won’t outbox me; she’s not going to outbox me. I try not to plan all the fine details but make sure I put on my best performance, which will speak for itself”.

Sian finished by saying “But all I can say is that I’m going to do everything I can to make sure my son takes home that belt for Christmas”.


Dexter’s Thoughts

I am really looking forward to this contest and after talking to Sian and hearing that she is looking to be tested I can’t wait for the 20th of December. This is by far not a forgone conclusion for O’Toole as Ferguson will be looking to claim this area title for herself. This is a clash of styles with Ferguson being a no nonsense come forward fighter who is very experienced in the pro game with O’Toole having a great amateur career behind her and being more of a slick fighter but who does not mind mixing it up when the going get tough. Both fighters bring pluses to the ring and this contest could come down to what you like. I really could not predict who is going to win but I can predict that this is going to be a great fight. The Column will be there to report on this great fight.



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