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Keep Right On BcB Promotions

Black Country Promotions roles into Birmingham with there March show called ‘Keep Right On’ at the H-Suite Edgbaston. The show consisted of six fights with two four round three minute round fights a four round exhibition contests and three six three-minute round contests. Fighting out of the home corner in the four rounder’s you had ‘D'Animal’ Andrew Robinson and McCracken's Gym prospect Connor Goodchild. In the home for the exhibition you had the very talented Tion Gibbs who’s opponent gad pulled out the day before which has forced this fight to be deemed an exhibition. In the six rounder’s you had another McCracken’s gym fighter Jarrett Doherty, Walsall’s Lewis Morris and headlining the show you had seven without defeats Tommy Collins. Referee on the night you had Ryan Churchill. The first fight of the night you had Andrew Robinson taking on the heavy-handed Serge Ambomo in a light Heavyweight contest. Robinson (38) from Redditch and had a record of 28 wins with two draws in thirty-six fights. Cameroon born Ambomo (36) now live in Sheffield ha won nine and drawn three out of 54 fights. Robinson weighed in 12 stone 1 with Ambomo coming in 12 stone wit Ryan Churchill reffing.

Nice steady start by Robinson in the first who was using his jab well and getting some nice combinations off, Ambomo let some big shots off but they where one at a time. Ambomo came out swinging in the second with every shot thrown having serous intent behind them, Robinson stood strong and got some good combination off but Ambomo was relentless and won the round. Robinson go on his jab at the start of the third and pushed Ambomo back for most of the round, Ambomo let a lovely right-hand go near the end of the round which put Robinson down. Robinson got to his feet and continued and saw the round out. Robinson showed the heart of a lion as he used his jab to put some good combinations together against a fighter who had knockout intent in each hand, Ambomo won the round finishing the stronger.

Ref Ryan Churchill had it 39 to 37 Ambomo I had it 39 to 36

Ambomo. Next on the card was McCracken’s Gym freighter Connor Goodchild who was taking on Petar Aleksandrov in a gourmet round contest in the Super Welterweight division. Twenty-four-year-old Goodchild from King’s Norton had an unbeaten record of three fights without defeat. Goodchild weighed in 10 stone 10 with Aleksandrov coming in 10 stone-eleven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

A fast start by Goodchild who let some good shots go in the first, Aleksandrov made the round competitive but Goodchild won it with the better work rate. Alexandrov showed some fast hands and some slick movement at the start of the second, Goodchild stuck to his boxing and outworked his opponent with the better shots winning the round. Aleksandrov showed great movement again in the third and made Goodchild miss a lot, Goodchild got some good combinations off but Aleksandrov nicked the round with the more eye-catching combinations. Goodchild stuck to his boxing in the final round and let some great combinations off to win the round and the fight.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored it 40 to 37 Goodchild I had it 39 to 37 Goodchild We then had an exhibition contest with hot prospect Tion Gibbs taking on Connor Down in this four-three-minute round contest.

Both fighters went though the the gears and gave the watching crowd a great exhibition of boxing with both fighters having there hand raised.

The first six rounder of the night was McCracken’s Gym fighter Jarrett Doherty who was taking on Vasif Mamedov in a super Middleweight contest. Doherty (33) from Birmingham has had 5 fight and has won three of them. Mamedov (34) from Southampton won three drew three out of 40 fights. Doherty weighed in 11 stone 10 with Mamedov coming in eleven stone 10 with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Steady start by Doherty who picked his shots well with everything coming off a nice jab. Doherty controlled the second from the start with some explosive combinations with nothing coming back from Mamedov. Doherty continued to let heavy combinations go dropping Mamedov in the third with a cracking right hand, Mamedov got up and saw the round out.

Doherty stayed in control and started off the fourth going through the gears getting some

nice combinations, winning the round. Doherty upped his work rate in the fifth and got some cracking right hands off winning the round with ease. Mamedov was using all the journeyman tricks in the final round as Doherty let great combinations and right hands go at will

Ref Ryan Churchill scored it 60 to 53 Doherty I had it the same.

Next up was Walsall’s Lewis Morris who will be taking on the veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in a super lightweight contest. Twenty-one-year-old Morris has a unbeaten recor winning his firstv5 contest. Richards (36) has notched up 96 fights in a career that spans 14 years. Morris weighed in nine stone 10 with Richards coming in 9 stone 11 with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Morris who had good support behind him showed great movement and picked his shots well while switch-hitting to win the first round. Not much came back from Richards in the second as Morris continued to his shots well and show great movement while getting great combinations off. The third was another round where Morris was in control winning the round with ease.

Richards had a go in the fourth and got some good shots off but Morris came back strong winning the round. Richards tried to mess Morris around in the fifth but Morris still managed to get some good shots off to win the round. Richards used all his journeyman experience to tie Morris up but when Morris let his hands go he landed good combinations to win the round and the fight.

Ref Ryan Churchill Scored it 60 to 54 Morris I had it the same.

The main event was between Tommy Collins and Eduardo Valverde.

The link to the report is below.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This show had it all with shock defeats, shock knockdowns, and journeymen having a real go and asking questions of these home boxers. The shock of the night was Andrew Robinson’s defeat at the start of the night. Robinson started well but his opponent Ambomo was in a Savage mood with every punch he threw a potential knockout shot. This will be a hard one to take for Robinson and at the age of 38 it may time for D’Animal to call it a day. Connor Goodchild took his record to 4 without defeat and looked impressive doing it. He never got drawn into doing anything wrong and stuck to his boxing and won convincingly, he has the potential to go far under the tutelage of Spencer McCracken. It was good to see Tion Gibbs back in the ring but it was just a shame it was an exhibition. He still put a great display on with his opponent Connor Down, I look forward to seeing him fight soon. Jarrett Doherty completed a good six-rounder and showed he is much better than his record suggests. He put his shots together well and got some explosive combinations off dropping his opponent he also has great potential. Lewis Morris brought a big following to the H-Suite and he didn’t disappoint with a great display of boxing, he is only 21 and has already notched up 6 victory’s and is looking like one to watch this year.


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