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Lewis Howells looking to move to Six Rounder

Middleweight Lewis Howells will be looking to move to six-round fights after this contest at Planet Ice on the 10th of June. The Twenty-six-year-old from Newport Wales was meant to be fighting on the Coventry Tommy Owens Promotions show the week before but has now been moved to the Planet Ice one. Howells has won both of his fights as a pro making his debut as a pro in June of 2022 beating Jordan Grannum on points. His last fight was in March of 2023 where he beat Mitchell Woollard on points.

I caught up with Howells and chatted with him about his four-round contest. We first talked about the change in venue and date and had this affected him, he told me “The date and venue change is only going to benefit me in a positive way”. We then chatted about his training Howells said “My training has been a lot better than the previous fight but I’ve still been struggling with a calf injury which has affected me quite a lot”. Howells finished by saying “After this contest, I’m looking to move up to a 6-round fight and then hopefully start looking at titles next year".


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