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Pikire Looking to Put on Show at Planet Ice

DnA's Samuel Pikire will be looking to give his fans their money's worth as he returns to the ring at Planet Ice Solihull (10.6.23). His opponent is yet to be named but the thirty-year-old from Longbridge looks to take his record to three wins in four contests.

I managed to catch up with the exciting stylish fighter and asked him how his training has gone for this fight. He told me “Training has been very good so far; I’m pushing myself to the limits”. Pikire continued “I’ve changed my training for this fight by working on my weaknesses rather than my strengths because that's how you become a better competitor, everything is getting done to the textbook. In this game you can't cut corners you lose your edge if you do. When I get this fight out of the way it's business as usual I’ll go home shag the misses then I’m back in the gym on the Monday”.

I mentioned to the man known as ‘The Big Ego’ that I had talked to his trainer Anthony Hull about his future and said he had told me you are looking at taking some risks and taking some away fights. Sam replied, “Yes, myself and my trainer have discussed taking away fights, to me it makes no difference a ring is a ring”. He continued by saying “You mean to tell me they will give me someone my weight? Give me time to train. And if I hurt him police ain't coming to arrest me! On top of that they are going to pay me! Sign me up baby! I’m married to fighting and I will never break up a happy home”.

Pikire finished by saying “As for the fight, lets just say I’m going to give the fans their money’s worth I’m the last of the realist proper showmen and good fighter left! To anyone that’s coming if the fight doesn’t live up to the hype and you’re not entertained I’ll personally refund you”.

I also got to chat to his trainer Anthony Hull would in formed me Sam is now working part time at the gym so is be able to train two, three  times a day and really focus on his boxing career. He informed me that he had talked to Sam about taking some risks and taking some prospects from the away corner. Anthony said “Time waits for no man and he is ready to take a few chances, he has the Heart of the Lion and the blood of a slave and is not shy and is an entertaining fighter and now he works at the gym he can concentrate on his pro career.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Sam has always been a stylish and confident fighter, which has definitely not changed. He lost almost a year ago to Stu Greener but this has not deterred the DnA fighter or dented his confidence going on to win in March of this year. I think his decision to take some risks and fight out of the away corner could well pay off, if he beats a few hot prospects on the road, he could well get himself into title contention quick and maybe even bigger titles than just an area one. Pikire has all the attributes to be a top prospect but at the age of thirty time is not on his side, but with his DnA team behind him and his skills and confidence he could well be challenging for area or even English titles in the next year or do. Pikire is an exciting fighter who has the potential to win titles.



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