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  • Dexter Hastings

Ring wars 2 TOP Boxing 

Tommy Owens Promotions held there first show of 2020 ‘Ring Wars 2’ at the Holte suite Villa park (8,2,20). There where 7 cracking fights on the card with 5 being over 4 three minute rounds, one being over 4 two minute rounds and topping the bill we had a six rounder to look forward to. In the home corner for 4 two minute round fights was Harry Fiaz, this was over two minute rounds due to his opponent taking it on very short notice. Doing the three minute 4 rounders’ you had Umar Anjum making his debut, the talented Ashlee Eales having his second fight and Shaun Cooper with his new coach Martin Gethin. Also doing 4 rounders’ you had two of the Bbcolumn’s ‘Boxers to Watch' in Lewis Coley having his third fight and Tommy ‘Gun' Collins having his second bout of boxing. Headlining the show we had Coventry’s ‘Tommy Hearns’ the unbeaten River Wilson-Bent who was having fight number 7 of his professional career. Refereeing tonight you had Shaun Messer comparing was David Nikolich and the ring girls tonight where the stunning Lauren and Katie from CP Agency.

Fight 1

Umar Anjum v Andy Bishop


Super Middleweight

Steady start to the first round by Anjum who controlled the centre of the ring and banged out some cracking body shots. The second was another round controlled by Anjum who banged in shots at will, Bishop fought back but it was Anjum's round. Anjum controlled the third round with some heavy combinations, Bishop came back hard at the end but it was still Anjum's round. In the final round Bishop showed some balls putting it on Anjum but Anjum was in total control winning the round and the fight.


Dexter – 40 – 36

Ref – 40 – 36

Anjum wins on points

Fight 2

Ashlee Eales v Jordan Grannum



Quality first round by Eales with some fast hands and good movement, Grannum had a go back but it was Eales round all day long. The second was another good round for Eales who got some nice combinations off from his southpaw stance. Grannum put some good pressure on Eales in the third, but Eales still got off some good shots to edge the round. Hard fought final round with Grannum really putting it on Eales, Eales came back with big shots of his own to get a share of the round.


Dexter – 40 – 37

Ref – 40 – 37

Eales wins on points.

Fight 3

Shaun Cooper v Jamie Quinn



Very good first round by Cooper as he put together some cracking combinations with some heavy body shots. Cooper picked his shots well in the second and controlled the centre of the ring with quality shots. Quinn turned up the pressure in the third and got some good shots off, Cooper replied with good shots of his own winning the round. In the final round Cooper stuck to his boxing with some great combinations and body shots, Quinn kept it interesting battling back but Cooper had this round and the fight.


Dexter – 40 – 36

Ref 40 - 36

Cooper wins on points.

Fight 4

Harry Fiaz v Jevgenijs Andrejevs



Fiaz hit Andrejevs with a sweet upper cut at the start of the first round which you could see shook Andrejevs. Andrejevs tried to stay away and then was caught with a low blow with ref Shaun Messer warning Fiaz, some how Andrejevs saw the round out. In the second Fiaz was in control with Andrejevs just looking to survive, easy round for Fiaz. In the third Fiaz just took his time as he picked his shots well and looked like he could stop Andrejevs at will. Fiaz banged in some heavy shots from the bell, but in the final round, Andrejevs just covered up and ran and again managed to see the final bell.


Dexter - 40-36

Ref 40-36

Fiaz wins on points

Fight 5

Lewis Coley v Edward Bjorkland


Super Featherweight