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Sen & Virgo Hennessy Sports Live on Channel 5

There were two Midlands fighters appearing on the Hennessy Sports show live on channel 5 (5,9,20). On this show we had Love Islands ‘The One and Only' Idris Virgo (27) from Birmingham taking on Scott Williams (31) in a 4 rounder and ‘The Slugger’ Matt Sen (33) from Wolverhampton taking on the very highly rated Isaac Chamberlain (26) in a 8 round contest.

Unbeaten Virgo who has won 6 fights and drew 1 started fast against Williams who was yet to get a victory in 7 fights. Virgo banged in heavy shots to Williams body and head putting together some nice combinations, Williams stood strong and got some good shots of his own in. Virgo dominated the 2nd and 3rd rounds and you could see Williams was feeling the high pace Virgo had set. In the forth Virgo continued to bang in heavy shots but was getting caught with the odd shot that gave him a bloody nose. Williams was also bleeding from the nose and looked tired but managed to see the round out and the final bell.

The ref and myself scored the fight 40 to 36 to Virgo.

Isaac Chamberlain made fast work of Matt Sen in this eight round fight stopping him in just 50 seconds of the first round. Sen came out fast and banged in some good shots, Chamberlain stayed composed and let a crackin hook off that rocked Sen. Sen covered up but Chamberlain picked his shots well and got 3 devastating uppercuts off with the ref jumping into stop the fight.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Matt Sen rolled the dice taking on Isaac Chamberlain at very short notice and got caught simple as that. He came out strong but Chamberlain showed his class and unleashed some cracking shots to end the fight quick. How Sen stayed on his feet after some of the shots he took showed how much he wanted to win. This was a big jump up in class for Sen and he did all he could, Matt can come again, of that I have no doubt, he is set to fight Anthony Woolery for the cruiserweight midlands area title which will be a great local fight. I look forward to that fight.

Great performance by Virgo but yet again against an opponent with a negative record, his actions at the press conference were disrespectful and embarrassing and honestly uncalled for. I have spoke to Idris a number of times before and after the start of his pro career and he always came across to me as a decent person so I have been surprised by his antics. He is trying to make a name for himself by being brash and outspoken about his opponents which would be great if his opponents were not just journeymen. He is now 8 fights in and should really be looking to be tested. Boxing pundit Dan Hewitt has suggested that Virgo should take on the unbeaten IBO continental super Middleweight champ Nathan Heaney (10-0) which on paper looks like a good fight but in my opinion Virgo is not ready for Heaney. Virgo has had 8 fights yes but has not fought more than a 4 rounder so really is still a novice pro fighter, Heaney has only had 10 fights but has fought at a much higher level and has won a Midlands area and the IBO continental title so has done 10 rounds a few times. You only have to look on the box rec rankings to see the gap between the two fighters where Heaney is ranked 15th in the UK and Virgo is ranked 48th. Virgo’s next fight definitely needs to be a six rounder or more and against a fighter with a winning record so he can back up his mouth and his water games.

It was also great to see newly crowned British Light Heavyweight champ Shakan Pitters commentating and giving his views on the fights on the show.

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