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Saturday Book Club - Fear No Foe Chapter 4


After Shay had put down the phone, he went and told his Mom and Dad, they were so pleased for him.

Shay’s Dad said “Son we are so proud of you, whatever happens in 2 weeks time”.

Shay just replied “Dad what do you mean whatever happens, I’m going to beat him”.

His Dad then said “I know you will son, just don’t want to tempt faith”.

Shay’s Mom didn’t say much she told him that she was proud of him and gave him a big hug. Shay went straight round to Emma’s house to tell her the news, she seemed quite pleased for him, but seemed to want to asked him something.

Shay asked her what was wrong, and then said “I thought you would have been pleased”.

Emma looked at Shay and said “I am pleased for you Shay, but I was just wondering when you will start getting paid for fighting, we got to start thinking of the future”.

Shay looked at Emma, smiled and said “Em if I win this fight and I do well at the Olympics I will be making loads of money”.

Emma smiled at this, but then said “there are a lot of ifs, what happens if you don’t win?”

Shay paused for a second and replied “I haven’t thought about not winning, but if I don’t win then I’ll just turn pro and take it from there”.

Emma gave him a kiss and said “Well you better win then, I love you, but I don’t want to be skint all my life”.

Shay replied “look I love you too and I’m going to win, but if somehow I don’t we will be far from skint, trust me”.

Emma smiled and said “Oh, Well just make sure you win”.

He left her house and went straight to Case’s Gym to see Kenny. Kenny had got his hands on some of Gary Britain’s fights and he wanted to watch them through with Shay. They started looking through Britain’s fights and they could both see how much Britain had improved from the time Shay beaten him 3 years before. Kenny pointed out a lot of his strengths but couldn’t find many weaknesses; Kenny reckoned the Middleweight division suited Britain well.

Shay just looked at Kenny and said “So I’m fucked then Ken, I’ve got no chance”.

Kenny stood up looked Shay straight in the eye and said “I never, never want to hear you say that again, you have come way too far to think like that, yes Britain has improved, but so have you. You have grown in to a man and you have been hitting like one since you were 14”.

Shay replied “But look how good he is, he’s pure class”.

Kenny said with a stern voice “Yeah he is Shay, but so are you, the final is over 4, 2 minute rounds, hand on heart Shay I don’t think he can cope with you for that long and I know he ain’t going to knock you out”. Kenny put his hands on both sides of the chair Shay was sitting on and leant down to Shay and said in a calm voice “You can do this son, I got no doubts”.

Shay thanked Kenny, but before he could say anything else there was a loud knock at the gyms doors. Ken told Shay to go see who it is and tell them they were closed. Shay opened the front doors, there was a smartly dressed man in his 50’s with a big cigar in his mouth, Shay looked at him and said “Alright mate, were closed”.

The man smiled and replied in a cockney accent “Do I look like I have come here to train son, I’m here to see Kenny Case the owner”. Shay asked him “Who shall I say wants him?”

Shay recognized the man from somewhere but just couldn’t put his finger on where.

The man replied “Tell Kenny that Frank Goldsten wants a word with him”, as soon as Shay heard his name he knew who he was.

Frank Goldsten is the top boxing promoter in Britain and a very big influence in world boxing as well. His company had produced loads of British and even World Champions and at this time had 3 British Champions and 1 world Champion in its stable. Frank had put on some of the biggest events in England and around the world promoting his Light Welter Weight Champion and one of Shay’s boxing hero’s Richie Hatter.

Shay apologized for keeping him at the door and called him in, Shay called Kenny to come out of his office.

Kenny came out saying “I told you to tell them we were closed”.

Kenny stopped in his tracks as he saw who was standing there and said “Fuck me Frank Goldsten”.

Frank replied “How you doing Ken, it’s been a long time”.

Kenny walked over to Frank and said “not fucking long enough Frank, what the fuck do you what”.

Frank looked a bit stunned at how hostile Kenny was and replied “Come on Ken there’s no need to be like that, I’m here to offer your lad Shay a pro contract, win or lose at the finals”.

Kenny laughed and said “Have you ever seen Shay box?”

Frank replied “No, but I have had some of my people look at him and they have told me he is top draw”.

Kenny said “Well why don’t you talk to him then he’s standing next to you”.

Frank just smiled at Kenny and said “I know this is Shay, come on Ken what kind of mug do you think I am”.

Frank turned to Shay and said “You alright Shay how you doing, is there some where we can talk”.

Before Shay could reply to Frank, Kenny shouted “You 2, my office now”. Shay looked at Frank and said “Kenny’s office would be good”.

They walked into Kenny’s office, Kenny was sitting behind his desk and said to Frank “O.k. sit down Frank and tell me and Shay what you’re offering”.

Frank sat down and started his offer “What am I offering is a dream ticket out of this place and straight to the big time. If Shay wins the finals and goes to the Olympics and does well I can guarantee Shay a 50 grand signing on fee with Goldsten Promotions and 250 grand for his first 10 fights and if he wins his first ten fights I’ll get him a crack at the British title”.

Shay was just sitting there gob smacked, he could not believe the money Frank was talking about.

Kenny went to say something, but before he could Frank jumped in and continued “I know what you’re going to say Ken, what if he wins a medal or even gold, well if Shay does that it will be the same deal with 10 fights but 100 grand signing on fee and a guaranteed 500 grand for his first 10 fights. I can’t say fairer than that can I”

Kenny lent back in his chair in deep thought then replied “So what happens if Shay loses the finals, what you going to offer him then?” Frank smiled a coy smile and replied “You’re a shrude man Ken, very shrude man, if Shay signs before the finals and god forbid somehow loses, I am prepared to offer Shay a 20 grand signing on fee and a 10 fight contract at 5 grand a fight and if he wins them all a title fight”. Kenny pondered for a second and said “So what have you offered the ‘Golden Boy’ Britain then?”

Frank replied exactly the same Ken, you see I’m not bothered which lad wins as I know I can make both of them money”.

Frank turned to Shay who had just been sitting quietly and said “You do like money don’t you Shay?”

Shay still in a state of shock just said “Yes”.

Frank then said “Well sign with me and you’ll have more money than you could ever dream of”.

You could see in Shay’s eyes he wanted to say yes straight away, but Kenny butted in and told Shay to go home and talk to his Mom and Dad about it. Frank agreed with Kenny, but said he needed an answer as soon as he could. Shay promised to let him know by tomorrow, Frank gave Shay his card and said “I’ll look forward to your call” Frank left the gym knowing in his mind that he had already got Shay.

After Frank had left Shay asked Kenny what he thought, Kenny told him “It’s a good offer Son, it’s a good offer”.

Shay could tell there was a but coming and asked Kenny what it was. Kenny looked at the floor then lifted his head and looked Shay straight in the eye and said “The bloke can’t be trusted; I know that for sure, just be careful if you do sign with him”.

Shay smiled at Kenny and said “I will be Ken and you will be with me mate, I want you to be my manager”.

Kenny laughed and said “Frank will want his own people looking after you, so this will be as far as we go, sorry Son”.

Shay then told Kenny “Well Ken if he won’t have you then he won’t get me, we have both worked hard to get me this far and you’re the only person I want instructing me in my corner. I need you Ken more than ever”.

Kenny looked at Shay shook his head in disbelief at what Shay was saying and said “You would, wouldn’t you Son, you’d walk away from the deal if I don’t agree”.

Shay’s reply was swift “To right Ken, I need you in my corner mate”. Kenny replied with “O.k. o.k. Son, I’ll do it if you can get Frank to agree, now get yourself home and talk to your Mom and Dad about it”.

Shay left the gym and went straight home and told his Mom and Dad, they were overjoyed for him; he was going to live his dream of being a professional boxer. They were even happier when they knew Kenny was going to be managing him. Shay had almost made his mind up to sign, so he call Emma to tell her to come round, he had some great news to tell her. Emma told Shay she would be round later as she had something to do first.

Shay told her it was really important to which her reply was “Well tell me on the phone then”.

Shay said “No Em this is something I have to tell you to you face” Emma could hear his Mom and Dad in the background sounding really excited so she told Shay she would be round straight away.

The next person he called was Kelly; she was already at her accommodations on the university’s campus and was chuffed to bits for him.

Kelly said “I’ll look out for you on telly in the Olympics”.

Their conversation was cut short by Emma’s arrival, he didn’t tell her who he was on the phone to, Shay just didn’t need the hassle.

When he told Emma what he had been offered, she screamed and hugged him. Shay was definitely back in Emma’s good books and she was all over him that night, but Shay had to make sure he didn’t go too far with her until after the finals in 2 weeks time. Shay called Goldsten the next day and said he would sign as long as Kenny coached him, Frank wasn’t too happy, but agreed as he wanted Shay to sign with him.

From then on Kenny took over all the talking with Frank and told him he wanted a copy of the contract so he could let a solicitor look at it before they signed. Frank agreed and said to Kenny “Don’t you trust me Ken?”

Kenny replied straight away with “No I don’t Frank, so don’t try and fuck us over”.

Frank had the contract sent over to Shay, and Kenny gave them to his solicitor to look at. The solicitor gave the contract the thumbs up. Kenny called Frank to tell him they would sign.

Frank said “That’s great Kenny, I’ll tell you what, we will do the signing on the day of the finals. I’ll see you down there”.

Shay trained hard that week, he had a few articles wrote about him in the local papers saying they thought he was going to win the British title and the Olympic spot. Emma even managed to have her own interview with one of the local papers talking mostly about herself and how proud she was of Shay. Emma was trying to break into the modeling industry, so getting a few pictures in the paper wasn’t going to do Emma any harm.

The week of the fight Shay took it easy on the training, just some light pad work and some short jogs. Kenny had been working on the strategy Shay was going to use for the fight, he told Shay he had got a plan to beat Gary Britain, Shay was all ears on the master plan Kenny had came up with.

Kenny started to tell him his plan “It’s quite simple, if you try and out box Britain, and don’t knock him out you won’t get the decision, we both know he’s the ‘Golden Boy’ and the one they would like to go to the Olympics”.

Shay shrugged his shoulders and said “Yeah I know Ken, so what’s the plan”.

Kenny smiled and said “You go out there from the start of the first round and smash fuck out of him and you don’t stop throwing bombs until you stop him”.

Shay looked a bit shocked and said “But Britain’s a proper slick boxer, if I do that he will just make me look stupid”.

Kenny shook his head and replied “No he won’t Shay he’ll expect you to try and out box him, if you catch him cold at the start, trust me he won’t know what hit him”.

Shay said “Well if you think that will work, I trust you ken”.

There was 2 days to go before the final; Kenny got a call off Frank saying to come down the day before the fight as he had booked them in to a hotel near the York Hall. Kenny told Shay and said he would pick him up at midday before the fight. Kenny picked Shay and Emma up from his house and they set off to London. Kenny wasn’t too pleased to see that Emma was coming down with them, but she wasn’t going to miss a night in a hotel in London. They got to the hotel around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and Mr Goldsten was waiting at the hotel to meet them. They were staying at the 5 star Town Hall Hotel; it was less than 5 minutes away from the York Hall where the fight was being held.

Frank was standing next to the entrance to welcome them, “Well Ken, what do you think?”

Kenny smiled and said “Yeah it looks nice Frank”.

Frank then said to Shay “You all ready for tomorrow Son”.

Then Frank clocked Emma getting out of the car and said “And who is this lovely lady with you?”

Shay replied “This is my girlfriend Emma and yeah I’m more than ready”.

Frank smiled and said “That’s what I like to hear and you’re a very lucky man she a stunner, now let’s get you booked in to your rooms”.

The porter took their bags and showed them to their rooms, the rooms were pure luxury. Emma and Shay were sharing one room and Kenny was in the room next to them. Emma was well impressed when they got into the room.

She hugged Shay and gave him a very loving kiss and said “This is how we will be living from now on, you’ve done it Babe”.

Shay just said “Let’s not count our chickens yet, I still got to win this fight”.

Emma smiled and replied “Well even if you don’t we’ll still have money”.

Shay nodded his head and said “Yeah I suppose we will”.

Frank had invited them all to dinner in the restraint in the hotel at 7 o’clock. Kenny and Shay met in the bar just before 7.

Kenny asked Shay “Where’s Emma?”

Shay replied “She is still getting ready; she said she’ll be down in a while”.

Shay and Kenny were all suited and booted in their best suits, well there only suits. Frank saw them and called them over to the table. As they walked to the table Shay could see there were a few people at the table already, as they got closer Shay recognized who one of them was.

Shay knocked Kenny’s arm and said “Fuck me Ken what the fuck is Gary Britain doing here?”

Kenny replied “Just keep your cool Son, from the look on his face I don’t think he knew you were coming either”.

Kenny and Shay got to the table and Frank stood up to welcome them, he shook Kenny’s hand and said “You o.k. Ken”.

Then shook Shay’s hand and said “You alright Shay?”

Shay replied “Yeah I’m fine”.

Shay was still looked pissed off that Gary Britain was there. Frank then introduced the rest of his guests to them, he said “Kenny, Shay I would like you to meet Henry and Dianna Britain”.

They stood up and shook hands with Ken and Shay and said “Hello”. Then Frank said “And I think you all know this young man, Kenny, Shay you remember Gary Britain?”

Gary stood up and shook Kenny’s hand first and said “Very nice to meet you Mr Case, I have heard a lot about you and it’s an honor to meet you”.

Kenny just smiled and replied “It’s nice to meet you as well Gary”. Gary then grabbed Shay’s hand and squeezed it as hard as he could and said “Alright Shay, it’s been a long time, how’s the hand mate?” Shay just squeezed back and said “Yeah the hands fine, thanks Gary”. You could feel the tension between them, but the tension was broken when Frank came out with “Hey Shay is that your girlfriend?”

The whole table looked round to see Emma walking down the steps; she had a long black designer dress on and looked absolutely stunning. Even Shay had to look twice to make sure it was her, she looked like a model straight out of the pages of Vogue Magazine. Emma walked up to Shay gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “Sorry I’m late”.

Shay with a big smile on his face just said “No problem Em, you look gorgeous”.

He introduced Emma to everyone and they sat down to eat.

The night went pretty well only with the odd rant by Kenny about the A.B.A to Gary’s Dad and Chairman of the A.B.A. even Shay and Gary didn’t really have a cross word over dinner, it was a very pleasant night. Emma got on with everyone and was being the perfect lady; she was charming to everyone and had made a real big impression especially on Gary Britain. Gary couldn’t take his eyes off her and was giving her all his attention, Shay didn’t seem to bothered about this. He kind of thought to himself, dream on Gary she’s my girl, but it did seem that Emma was enjoying Gary’s attentions.

It was about 10 o’clock on the night when Kenny said to Shay he should get an early night. Everyone seemed to agree and they all said there goodnights and made their way to their rooms.

Gary made sure he said good night to Emma, and then said to Shay “Your one lucky man Shay to have such a gorgeous girlfriend”.

Shay thanked him and went to get into the lift with Emma. Gary called Shay back; Emma got into the lift and held it while Shay went back to see what Gary wanted. Gary smiled at Shay and in his cockney voice said “Good luck tomorrow, but don’t think for one second it’s going to be anything like 3 years ago”.

Shay replied “Well we’ll find out tomorrow won’t we”.

Gary lent forward and whispered in Shay’s ear “You got no chance, first I’m taking the British title and the Olympic spot, and then I’m going to take your bird”.

Shay looked Gary straight in the eye his blood was boiling and said “Well we will see how ‘Great’ Britain is tomorrow won’t we”.

But all Shay really wanted to do was smash him all over the posh foyer of the hotel, but kept his temper and turned and walked into the lift.

Gary gave Emma a cheeky wink and said “Good night Emma” as the lift doors closed. Shay was fuming and couldn’t wait to get him in the ring tomorrow. It didn’t help Shay’s mood that all Emma went on about was how nice Gary was. Shay just nodded and smiled and agreed with her he knew he had to keep his cool and control his temper in the ring tomorrow.

It took Shay ages to get to sleep, but he did manage to drop off.

He was up early and went down for breakfast and then to meet his Mom and Dad who were meeting him at the York Hall. He met them there with Kenny about 12 o’clock and weighed in for the fight, Shay then took them back to the hotel to relax before the show started. Shay’s fight was top of the bill on a 10 fight British title show, so he was going to have a long wait before he got it on with Britain.

Shays Mom and Dad were well impressed with the hotel Frank had put Shay up in. Emma came down from there room and was chatting with Shay’s Mom and Dad. Shay was very quiet, he was still stewing over what Gary had said to him last night and couldn’t wait to get him in the ring.

The show started at 7 o’clock and they all got there just before. Emma and Shay’s Mom and Dad were on a table with Gary Britain’s Mom and Dad, Frank Goldsten and Gary Southan the owner of Brumsdale and Chef Sponsor of Case’s Gym. Shay was in the changing room with Kenny, he already had his kit on, hands taped up, the only thing he didn’t have on was his gloves.

Frank came into the dressing room with Shay’s Professional contract for him to sign. Kenny had already had the contract looked over so Shay signed it straight away. Frank got a photographer to take some pictures of this memorable occasion, they had a few of him and Frank shaking hands on the deal, Frank wished him good luck and went to walk out of the room.

As he walked to the door another person came walking in, Frank stopped in his tracks and looked shocked to see this person standing there. “Hello Frank, hello Ken, thought I’d surprise you and wish your boy good luck”.

Frank was lost for words and didn’t know what to say, Kenny with a big smile on his face said “Fuck me Dexter Hastings, this is a surprise, I thought you were living it up in New York”.

Dexter replied “Yeah I was Ken, but I’m back in England now and coming back to Brum”.

Dexter looked round at Frank who looked like he had seen a ghost “Well aint you going to say hello Frank? It’s been a long time”.

Frank just said nervously “Yeah Dext it been a long time really nice to see you” and got out of the changing room as quickly as he could.

Dexter walked over to Kenny and gave him a big hug.

Kenny said “I can’t believe your back, you look great Son”.

Dexter smiled and replied “Yeah Ken I’m back mate and coming back to Brum”.

Dexter looked over at Shay and said “So your Newtown’s great Olympic hope, nice to meet you Son”.

Shay was a bit confused, he was thinking, who is this bloke standing in the changing room in a 1,000 pound Armarni suit?

Dexter Hastings was one of Kenny’s first boxers to make it as a pro over 20 years ago; this was when Case’s gym was strictly a Professional gym and Dexter was the top boy there. Over a 4 year career Dexter had 15 fights and got a crack at the British Cruiser Weight title. Kenny was his manager and Frank Goldsten was the promoter, but the problems started when the Cruiser Weight Champ at the time Danny Adams was also promoted by Frank. In their title fight Dexter completely out boxed Danny, but lost the fight on a unanimous decision by the judges, it was a complete stitch up and Dexter and Kenny went mental at Frank in the ring, but he wasn’t bothered as he celebrated with his other boxer Danny who had been given the decision.

After this fight Dexter never put on the pro gloves again, retiring from boxing at the young age of 23. Kenny turned Case’s gym into an Amateur gym after this as he had, had enough of the pro game. Dexter took the money he had made from boxing and headed to New York in America and invested his money in a few bars around the meat packing district of Manhattan. He made a fortune with his bars and by the time he had came back to England he was a multi millionaire and owned 4 of the biggest night clubs in New York.

Kenny introduced Dexter to Shay and explained who he was; Shay asked Kenny how come he has never mentioned Dexter before. Kenny just replied “I just wanted to leave it in the past and concentrate on the amateur boxing, that’s why”.

Kenny asked Dexter “So what you going to be doing over in England?”

Dexter explained he was bored with New York and missed Birmingham and he had brought a club in the city centre of Birmingham and was moving back. Dexter invited both of them to the opening night, he wished Shay all the luck in the world on his fight and boxing career and that if Shay ever needed some advice to come and see him. Shay thanked him and Dexter left the changing room and went and took his seat in the main room.

The York Hall, Bethnal Green was buzzing, the people who were lucky enough to get tickets had already witnessed a great night of Amateur boxing with championships won and lost. There were about 300 people from Birmingham to see Shay’s title fight and were making themselves heard in the famous hall.

The stage was set, no more talk, no more hype, it was all down to the next 4 , 2 minute rounds of the senor British Amateur Middleweight Title and the precious Olympic spot on the line, it had all came down to this. Shay came out and the crowd roared, especially the Birmingham lot, Shay looked pumped up and ready to fight, he slipped though the ropes and acknowledged his supporters from Birmingham. He saw Emma, his Mom and Dad at ringside and gave Emma a wink.

Gary Britain came to the ring to a cheer that nearly took the roof off the York Hall, he looked in great shape and really, really confident, he stepped into the ring and gave Shay a look of contempt as he walked up to him in the ring.

The Ref gave then there instructions in the centre of the ring, they both went back to their corners. Kenny put Shay’s gum shield in and said “Remember get on him from the start and don’t stop, he won’t be able to cope with you”.

Shay nodded his head and got ready for the first round.

The bell rang for the first round and Shay nearly sprinted to the other side of the ring, Britain hadn’t even got out of his corner and Shay was on him. Shay threw left hook after right hook to Gary’s head and body, Britain tried to grab on to Shay, but he was relentless. Eventually Britain managed to grab on to Shay near enough round the waist to stop the onslaught. The Ref told them to stop boxing and called Shay to the centre of the ring, he gave Shay a caution for holding. Shay just looked at the Ref in disbelief at the caution, but just went straight back into it as soon as the Ref told them to box on. Britain hadn’t got himself together and Shay went straight back at him. Shay got Britain on the ropes and went to work again with hooks to the body and head. Britain grabbed on again, but Shay pushed him off. The Ref told them to stop boxing again, and called Shay to the centre of the ring. The Ref gave Shay another caution for holding, Shay looked at the Ref and though his gum shield said “For fuck sake Ref he’s holding me”!

The Ref told him to shut up and box on. Britain still looked in shock at how Shay had came out, Gary tried to move round the ring and get his jab working, but Shay moved in slipped under Britain’s jab and caught him with the Case’s Gym Special, left hook to the body, then left hook to the head and then a straight right hand. This said sent Britain back to the ropes and Shay went to work on Gary’s body. Shay pounded away as Britain tried to tie him up again, Shay was just letting his shots go and caught Britain just under the belt. The Ref stopped the fight again, Shay thought fair enough he was going to caution him for a low blow, the Ref called Shay to the centre and gave Shay his 3rd caution for holding then disqualified Shay from the fight.

Shay couldn’t believe it; he looked at Kenny who was already getting in the ring into the ring.

Kenny grabbed the Ref and said “Why have you disqualified him? You’re a cheat, you’re a disgrace”.

The Ref just pulled away from Kenny and went and raised Gary Britain’s hand. Britain didn’t really know he had won at that time but celebrated like he had knocked Shay out. The crowd was going mad, booing the Ref and shouting fix’s and cheat. It wasn’t just fans from Birmingham that were shouting this; a lot of the other people there were disgusted about this decision. Kenny told Shay to get out of the ring as he could see Shay was losing his temper. Kenny said to Shay “Look there’s nothing we can do just keep your cool” Shay nodded and headed out of the ring.

Just as they got to the dressing room, Ben Meadings Birmingham’s A.B.A Chairman came up to them and said to Kenny “Bet you wished you had of took my offer now”.

Kenny didn’t say anything, he turn round and hit Ben with a lethal right hook to the jaw knocking Mr Meadings spark out.

Shay looked at Ken and said “I thought you said to be cool”.

Kenny smiled and replied “That was cool, now let’s get you changed”.

When they got in the changing room Shay went to Ken “What the fuck was that Ken, Britain was the one holding, I didn’t stop throwing punches?”

Kenny just replied “You have been stitched up proper Shay; Britain was always going to win this fight”. Kenny put his hand on Shay’s Shoulder and said “Look kid get dressed and let’s get out of here”.

As Shay was getting dressed, Frank came into see how Shay was; he said “Fuck me kid, you got done over proper there, what a stitch up”. Kenny grabbed Frank and said “Did you know the stitch was on” Frank replied “No I fucking didn’t, now take your fucking hands off me”.

Kenny let Frank go and he said “Hard luck Shay, but at least you got a pro contract, your get your signing fee in the next few days and I’ll be in touch soon”.

Frank left the dressing room just as Shays Mom, Dad and Emma came in. Shay’s Mom asked him if he was o.k.

Shay just replied “Yeah I’m great for someone who has just got fucked over”.

Shay’s Dad jumped in then and said “Don’t you dare talk to your mother like that, show some respect”.

Shay looked at his Mom and said “I’m sorry Mom I’m just a bit upset”.

His Mom smiled and just replied “I know Son, I know”.

Emma then went up to Shay, she gave him a hug told him she loved him and told him how proud she was of him.

Shay looked at her and replied “I love you to Em, but think of the money they have done me out of”.

Emma smiled at Shay and said “Well you still got you pro contract and a big signing on fee, we’ll be fine”.

This did seem a bit strange for Emma, but it did seem like she was looking at the long game now.

Shay, Emma and Kenny went back to the hotel, they were booked in for one more night, but they were just going to get back to Birmingham as soon as they could. They got back in the early hours of the next morning, Shay didn’t say much, and he just went up to bed and went to sleep.

Shay got up the next morning still in shock about being disqualified, he went down stairs and his Mom had cooked him a big fry up to try and cheer him up. He sat down at the table with his Dad who was reading the Sunday paper. Shay asked him was there anything in the papers about the fight?

His Dad replied “No son it will probably be in tomorrows”

Shay’s Mom and Dad didn’t say much to Shay that day; they just didn’t want to upset him.

Shay was quiet and spent most of the day in his room; he had called Emma and told her he wanted to be alone tonight.

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