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Saturday Book Club - Fear No Foe - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 in my Book Fear No Foe Hope you are enjoying it

Chapter 13

It was just before 9 o’clock, there was a load beeping noise from outside Shay’s house, he went out to see what all the noise was and was shocked to see Kenny and Dexter standing next to a stretch limousine.

Shay asked “Is that for us?”

Dexter replied “Well Shay if you’re going to be fighting for a title, you might as well arrive in style”.

Shay told Kenny that he had weighed himself today and he was bang on the weight.

Kenny said “see I told you not to worry about it now go get your bag”.

Shay went back into his house, he got his bag and told Kelly Kenny was outside. Kelly was shocked when she came out as she thought they were going down to London in Kenny’s bashed up mini bus he used to take the lads to the shows.

There was loads of room in the limo, so Kenny and Dexter were more than happy for Kelly to join them. Samantha was also in the limo and was happy to see another female joining them on the journey down.

They had a nice relaxing journey down there, Kenny had told Dexter and Samantha not to mention Emma or what had happened, so all the chat was very light hearted banter.

They got to the Savoy hotel where they were all staying at about 12 o’clock, they went to check in and drop their bags off before going to the weigh in.

Shay asked the women at the reception “Can I book another room please”

The receptionist looked at the computer and then said “Sorry Sir we have no rooms available, we are fully booked”.

Shay turned to Kelly and said jokingly “There’s no room at the inn love, I think there’s a premier inn down the road”.

Kelly laughed and replied “Well it will save me some money won’t it”.

Kelly asked the receptionist where the nearest hotel was to this one. Before the receptionist could answer Shay jumped in and said “Don’t be silly Kell, you can stop in my room”.

Kelly looked at Shay and said “Are you sure? Don’t you want to focus on the fight tonight?”

Shay replied “Kell I’m more than ready for the fight, but it would be nice to have a friend round me to take my mind off things”.

Kelly smiled and said “O.k I’ll stay in your room”.

Kenny then turned to Shay and said “I don’t want you getting up to any funny business the night before the fight”.

Shay replied “No Ken, there won’t be any funny business, now we going to the weigh in or what?”

Frank had told Kenny he wanted them at the weigh in at 1 o’clock, Frank intended to keep the 2 boxers apart from each other, Bruno’s team were told to turn up at 2 that day.

When they got to Upton Park there was a big press presence and also a lot of fans attending the weigh in, as Shay came in Wilson and Gary Britain had just finished weighting in for their title fight. As Shay walked up to the stage Wilson was just walking off it, as Wilson walked passed Shay Wilson gave him a wink and put his fist out for a knuckle touch. Shay raised his fist to his and they touched in a gesture of respect.

Wilson said “Good luck blud, bus that racist rarse up”.

Shay nodded at him and replied “I’m going to try mate, good luck to you as well mate”.

Shay stepped on to the stage, Gary Britain walked passed him, and Shay said “Good luck tonight Gaz”.

Britain didn’t even look or acknowledge Shay and walked straight passed him down the steps. Shay turned to Kenny and said “What’s up with him?”

Kenny replied “He’s probably focusing on the fight son, now come on let’s get this over with”.

Shay stepped on to the scales with just his track suit bottoms on; the official looked at the scales and shouted “Shay Dempsey 12 stone 3 ounce’s”. Shay looked down at the scales and couldn’t believe he was over the weight limit as he hadn’t had anything to eat since he weighed himself that morning. Shay stepped off the scales and turned and looked at Kenny.

Kenny went over to him put his hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear “There’s only one thing for it Son”.

Shay replied “What half an hour in the steam room?”

Kenny smiled and said “No son, nothing like that, all I need you to do is strip”.

Shay looked at Kenny and said “Are you mad Ken, I ain’t getting naked in front of the press and all these people”.

Kenny replied “Don’t argue with me and just strip, I’ll put a towel in front of you”.

Shay reluctantly took off his track suit bottoms and boxer shorts and with a towel held in front of the scales covering his dignity he weighed in. the official shouted “Shay Dempsey 12 stone” the official paused for a second which felt like a life time for Shay then looked up and said “Dead”.

Shay breathed a sigh of relief and could now enjoy a good feed when he got back to the hotel.

He posed for a few pictures on stage for the press after he had got his clothes back on, Shay then made his way out of the room only stopping to sign autographs for the boxing fans who had came to see the weigh in.

He went back to the hotel with Kelly and Kenny and the first thing he did was order the biggest steak they had on the menu, he piled in the food and also took in loads of water to rehydrate. They all went back up to Shay’s hotel room; Kenny had Shay watching some of Bruno’s fights and went though the plan they had come up with.

Kenny kept saying to Shay “Use your speed, get in then get out and just keep moving”.

Kelly was sitting there very quiet; Shay asked her what she thought? Kelly paused for a second then said “That Bruno looks really good and I think your very brave getting in there with him, but if you look at your fight against Magson and his, you done a lot better against him. I truly think you are going to beat him Shay if you stick to your plan”.

Shay smiled at this and was feeling pretty confident about the fight.

Kenny went back to his room and Shay and Kelly ordered some room service and watched some film’s and chatted about the good old days when they were kids.

Kelly was surprised at how calm Shay was with less than 24 hours to his fight. Shay ended up falling asleep while watching one of Kelly’s chick flicks. Shay woke up early the next day feeling pretty confident; having Kelly round him had really taken his mind off Emma and all the crap that had gone on in the last week.

The live show didn’t start till 9 o’clock on the night and Shay’s fight was scheduled to go on at 10pm and be the main event of the night. Shay, Kenny and Kelly met up with Dexter and Samantha in the hotel lobby, they had breakfast there then to kill time went with Dexter to see some clubs he was thinking of purchasing in London. Dexter then took them to a posh restaurant for lunch and they headed off back to the hotel.

Kenny and Shay were heading off to Upton Park at about 7pm so they could get settled into their changing room and get a look at the layout of the place. Kelly was going to arrive later with Dexter and Samantha as she thought she would be in the way otherwise. When they got to the stadium, there were a few people just starting to enter the event that kicked off at half 7.

They met up with Frank in the reception.

He asked Shay “You alright son? You ready to put a good show on?” Shay replied “Frank I’m not here to put a good show on, I’m here to win the title and that’s what I intend to do”.

Frank smiled and said “Well I’m sure it will be a classic fight, follow me and I’ll show you to your changing room”.

Frank led them to West Hams away dressing room.

Shay looked at Kenny then asked Frank “How many of us are sharing this then Frank?”

Frank replied “Just you and Wilson, Gary and Bruno are in the home dressing room as they are both West Ham supporters, I’ve got security outside the dressing rooms so don’t worry about Bruno trying it on before you get into the ring”.

Shay laughed at this and said “Do you really think I’m that worried about Bruno? He’s getting put in his place tonight”.

Frank smiled and said “Well good luck Shay, I’ll talk to you about a new contract after the show”.

Shay grinned at Frank and replied “Yeah Frank sure thing”.

There was a good under card for the show, there were a couple of London lads fighting on the bill, but 2 of the boxer’s names caught Shay’s eye. Two of Shay’s old adversary’s from when he was an amateur were fighting on the show, Ronnie Docker and Danny O’dyer were both fighting, they had both had ten fights, but both had lost a few. Shay had some time to kill before he had to start getting ready, Danny and Ronnie were in the same changing room and Shay went up there to wish them good luck in there fights. They both thanked him and wished him luck in his title fight.

Shay went back down to his changing room and when he opened the door he was shocked to see Richie Hatter and Sam Magson in there chatting to Kenny. A shocked Shay said hello to Richie and Sam and asked if they were here to watch the show? Richie told him he was a pundit on the live show for Sky Sports and would be watching from the make shift studio Sky had made in one of the executive suites. Before Sam could say anything Kenny said “Shay, Sam will be helping me in the corner”.

Shay smiled at this as he had nothing but respect for Sam and all he had done in the run up to the fight.

The under cards had already started and Richie stayed for a while and had a chat with them. Richie left just before Ronnie Docker entered the ring, Shay watched on in his changing room as Docker won a good points victory against one of the tough London lads.

Kenny started taping Shay’s hands up as Shay watched Danny O’dyer fight, Danny won with a very impressive 3rd round knockout. Shay had now got changed and was just loosening up. The live show was about to start. Shay had given an interview earlier in the day as Kenny didn’t want them bothering him before the fight.

They interviewed Bruno live just before the Wilson, Britain fight started; Bruno told the Sky audience that he was going to punish Dempsey for everything he had said.

Shay watched on as he warmed up with Kenny for the fight.

Wilson who had been pretty quite was already warmed up and ready for his title defense. Shay watched Gary Britain’s entrance on the monitor, the place was packed out and the boxing fans at Upton Park went mental on this warm summer night as Gary walked down towards the ring. Britain had come out to I’m forever blowing bubbles by Max Bygraves West Hams signature tune. Upton Park was rocking to the sound of the music and the roar from the West Ham faithful who had came in there droves to see the show.

They called Wilson to come out, Shay, Kenny and Magson all wished him luck as he walked out with his precious Lonsdale belt around his waist.

Shay couldn’t believe the reception the champion got as he entered the stadium; Wilson got booed all the way to the ring.

Shay looked at Kenny and said “I hope I don’t get a reception like that”.

Kenny laughed and replied “You might do Son, but I don’t think it will be as bad as this”

The title fight started and Shay watched while he moved round shadow boxing just to keep himself warm.

It was a hard drawn out fight, but by round 5 Britain looked like he was just starting to get the better of Wilson. As the fight continued Kenny could hear a commotion outside the changing room door, he went out to see what was going on.

When he got outside he saw Dexter there arguing with the security that wouldn’t let him into the changing room.

Kenny asked Dexter what was up? Dexter took him to one side saying he needed a word.

Kenny said “What’s up Dext? Why anit you watching the fight?” Dexter looked at Kenny with a serious face and said “Ken, you are not going to believe who’s at ringside”.

Kenny replied “Who Dext come on I ain’t got all day”.

Dexter looked down at the floor rubbed his hand across his mouth looked up and said “Shay’s ex Emma is ringside mate, Samantha noticed her on the other side of the ring”.

Kenny looked shocked; he brought his hand to his face trying to think what to do. He said to Dexter “How the fuck has she got a ringside seat?”

Dexter replied “Well I don’t know Ken, but she’s in the seats allocated for Bruno and Britain’s guests. Are you going to tell Shay?” Kenny stood there thinking what he should do, he then said “I ain’t going to stress him out just before he gets in to the ring, hopefully he won’t notice her”.

Dexter replied “Well if you think that’s the right thing to do Ken. Just thought I’d let you know”.

Kenny told Dexter to go back to his seat and he would sort Shay out. Kenny went back into the changing room, Shay asked Kenny what was up outside?

Kenny just replied “Ahh it was just Dexter wanting to wish you luck, the security wouldn’t let him in”.

Shay laughed and said “Well his missing a cracking fight here Ken, Britain’s won this easy”.

Kenny sat down next to Shay and just watched the end of the fight; Britain won a unanimous point’s decision victory and was crowned the new British Middle Weight champion. The camera followed Britain around the ring as he celebrated with the cheering crowd. Britain then lent over the ropes to talk to his parents who were ringside. Kenny clocked that Emma was seated next to them and before Shay could notice his ex girlfriend on telly, Kenny distracted Shay by telling him to do some pad work with Sam.

Shay went to warm up and Kenny switched off the telly, Wilson came back to the changing room, his face was a mess.

He looked completely gutted he had lost his title, but still took the time to wish Shay luck before he went out for his fight.

One of the security came in and told Shay to get ready, they walked into the tunnel waiting to be announced into the stadium.

Kenny went though the plan with Shay, Shay seemed really calm and very composed. They were announced into the stadium his music started and so did the booing, there were some people cheering for Shay, but they were drowned out by the pro London crowd. None of it seemed to faze Shay; he was in great shape and even with all the stress of the last week was in the best shape he had ever been in. Shay got into the ring and looked over to Dexter, Kelly and the rest of his supporters that were at ringside.

Shay circled the ring and straight away saw Emma sitting ring side; he virtually stopped in his tracks and just stared at her. Emma was sitting there like she didn’t have a care in the world, chatting to Britain’s parents.

Kenny went over to him and led him back to the corner.

Shay said “Did you see her? What the fuck is she doing here? Who the fuck gave her a ringside seat”?