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Saturday Book Club - No Foe -Chapter 14


Dexter, Kelly and Samantha rushed over to see if Shay was o.k, but the security kept them back. Kenny told them he would call them and let them know what was going on as soon as he knew anything.

As they were leaving the arena Emma came up to Kelly with a look of concern on her face and said “Is Shay alright? Do you know anything?”

Kelly looked at Emma in complete disgust and replied “No Shay isn’t fine, no thanks to you, why the fuck did you have to come here” Emma pointed at Gary and replied “To see my man win the title”. Kelly shook her head her face had gone bright red with anger, Kelly said “Your new man?” Didn’t you think Shay might not want you here? Emma I have been dying to say this since we were kids”.

Emma squared up to Kelly and replied “Oh yeah what’s that then” Kelly said “I’ve always wanted to tell you that you’re a self-centered, self important, gold digging, money hungry slag”.

Emma then pushed Kelly, Kelly reacted by shooting out a right hand to Emma’s jaw knocking her back into the arms of her new man Gary Britain. Gary caught Emma and sat her down on a seat, he moved towards Kelly with a nasty look in his eyes.

Before he could say anything to her Dexter, taped Kelly on the shoulder and told her Shay had been taken to hospital and she could come with them if she wanted.

Dexter looked at Gary standing there and said “What the fuck do you want Britain don’t you think you have done enough damage?”

Britain who was obviously on a big ego boost after winning the title replied “Who do you think you are talking to you old cunt?

Dexter looked at Kelly smiled and said “I haven’t got time for this”. Dexter then turned towards Gary Britain and before Britain could say anything else Dexter head butted him straight on the nose spreading it all over his face and blood all over Emma’s expensive dress. Britain went straight down into the seat next to Emma.

Dexter looked down at Gary and said “You’re not in the fucking ring now Son”.

He then snarled at Emma and said “Send me the dry cleaning bill for your dress you slag”.

Dexter grabbed Kelly by the arm and led her outside before the security knew what had happened to a car waiting for them to take them to the hospital Shay had been taken to.

It took them over an hour and a half to make the short journey to the East Ham Memorial Hospital in the busy London traffic.

When they got there Kenny was outside on the phone sounding very distressed. Kenny was talking to Shay’s Mom and from the tone in his voice it wasn’t good news, Kelly ran over to Kenny and asked if Shay was alright.

Kenny put his hand up to stop Kelly talking while he talked to Shay’s very distort Mom.

Kenny said “Brenda. Kelly, Dexter and the rest have just arrived at the hospital, I’ll tell Shay the news as soon as he comes round and I’m so sorry Brenda, I’m truly sorry”.

Kenny put the phone away and looked at Kelly and Dexter with a very morbid look on his face.

Kelly asked again “How is Shay? Is he alright?”

Kenny looked at Kelly and said in a very soft voice “Yeah Shay is going to be fine Kell, he came round in the ambulance, but they had to sedate him again because of his injuries, there running tests on him now, but apart from his physical injuries the doctors reckon he will be fine”.

Kelly and the rest of them looked relieved.

Dexter then asked “So what was that about on the phone with Shay’s Mom, what’s happened Ken?”

Kenny looked down at the floor hardly able to speak.

Kelly asked again “What’s happened Ken?”

Kenny led them into the hospital and went and talked to one of the nurses who then led them to a private waiting room.

Kenny told them all to sit down as he had some bad news for them, Kelly said “But you said Shay was alright?”

Kenny paced the room and answered “Yes Kell Shay is going to be fine”.

Kenny then paused, his head bowed low; Kelly, Dexter and the rest looked at him waiting for him to tell them this bad news.

Kenny looked up, took a deep breath and said “I called Shay’s Mom as soon as he came round to let her and Shay’s Dad know he was o.k.”

Kenny paused some more lowering his head again then he continued “Brenda answered distraught, she couldn’t get her words out, I tried to calm her down telling her Shay was going to be fine, but then she told me some bad news”.

Kenny paused again, Kelly asked really concerned now “What’s happened Ken, What’s happened”.

Kenny looked at her and Dexter and said “Shay’s Dad Mickey has died”.

Kelly and Dexter were stunned by the news.

Kelly asked Kenny with tears in her eyes “Does Shay know?”

Kenny shook his head and replied “No Kell they had put him back under before I found out”.

Kelly burst into tears; she had grown up next-door to Shay’s house and was always around there, and loved Shay’s Dad like her own. Dexter comforted her and said to Kenny “What happened Ken, how did he go?”

Kenny rubbed his face and started to tell them what Shay’s Mom had told him on the phone. He told them that Mickey was fine, laughing and joking as he watched the boxing, but clocked Emma on the telly when Britain won the title and it really got him going shouting things at the telly.

When Shay came out his Dad could see how upset he was at her being there, which Brenda could see was making him angry. He was already having to take deep long breaths because of the distress he was feeling and when Shay knocked Bruno down the first time he jumped out of his chair. Brenda told me she told him to sit down and calm himself, but as he sat back down he felt faint and slumped into the chair unconscious and very short of breath, Brenda called an ambulance, but by the time she came back to him he was gone.

Dexter shook his head not knowing what to say to Kenny or Kelly, Dexter had only ever seen Mickey at a few of the shows so really didn’t know him, but could see by how upset Kenny and especially Kelly were what a good man he must have been.

Kelly turned to Kenny and said “Can I go and see Shay now?”

Kenny replied “No Kell sorry, he’s not allowed anyone in there, they reckon he may be kept under sedation for a few days, I’ll bring you back tomorrow and see what they say then”.

Dexter led Kelly back to the car and Kenny accompanied them.

The following day Kelly and Kenny went straight back to the hospital, the doctor told them that Shay was fine he had broken 3 ribs on both sides of his body, his nose was broken and he had broken his hand. He continued by telling them that the facial damage was miners and after stitching the cut above his eye, it would heal on its own. The doctor then told them that he was going to keep Shay sedated for a few more days, but all in all he was a lucky lad. Kenny told the doctor what had happened to Shay’s Dad and asked him when would be the best time to tell him?

The doctor replied “Well I’m really sorry to hear that, but I couldn’t really tell you when the best time would be. All I can say that if it was me I would want to know as soon as I could”.

Kenny thanked the Doctor and he and Kelly went into see Shay.

Kelly stayed by Shay’s bed side for the next 3 days as he slept, Richie Hatter, Sam Magson, Ronnie Docker and Danny O’dyer all came in to see how he was doing over that period of time. Kenny was keeping Shay’s Mom informed on how Shay was doing as she was dealing with all the arrangements she was having to make, she couldn’t get down to see her son. The one person Kenny was surprised didn’t come to see Shay was Frank Goldsten.

Kenny had called Frank a few times and he had never answered or returned his calls, which just confirmed to Kenny that they had made the right decision going with Dexter.

On the fourth day of being in hospital Shay came round.

Kelly was the only one at his bed side when he did.

He looked up at her smiled and said jokingly “Did I win Kell?”

Kelly looked down at him, her eyes filling with tears and replied “Shay I have some bad news for you”.

Before she could say anymore Shay said “I know Kell, I lost, it was my own fault, I let that bitch distract me and didn’t stick to the plan. Don’t cry mate I’ll get him next time”.

Kelly put her hand on Shay still swollen face and said “No Shay it not that something has happened at home”.

Kelly didn’t need to say anything else to Shay, the look in her eyes said it all.

Shay replied still numb from all the painkillers they had pumped into him “Is it my Dad, is he o.k.?”

Kelly replied tears streaming down her face “No Shay he’s not alright, he passed away while you were unconscious”.

Shay looked at Kelly his eyes looked dead; he had so many painkillers in him he couldn’t show any emotion.

Shay asked “How did it happen? Is my Mom alright?”

Kelly told him she didn’t know the details and that his Mom was upset, but o.k.”.

Shay tried to get out of bed and even with all the painkillers in him he reeled back in pain. Kelly told him to lie still and concentrate on getting better.

Shay replied “My fucking Dad’s dead, how can I just lie here. I need to see my Mom”.

Kelly tried to tell him the best thing he could do for his Mom now was to get better, Shay’s swollen eyes welled up with tears as Kenny and the doctor walked into the private room.

Shay said to Kenny “I need to get out of here Ken”.

Kenny looked at the Doctor who then answered Shay.

The doctor said “Mr Dempsey you have six’s broken ribs there is no way you can leave yet, you need to rest”.

Kenny looked down at Shay his eyes full of tears and said “You need to listen to the Doctor son; you need to be strong for your Mom”.

The doctor could see how distraught Shay was and that all his attempts to get out of bed weren’t going to do his recovery any good and sedated him again.

Shay slipped back into a deep sleep mumbling the words “I want my Mom, I want my Mom”.

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